June 11, 2016

Hi guys! I recently traded my icy silver hair and dyed my mop blue! It was actually supposed to be purple, but it came out blue instead. Fortunately, the color turned out great, and I think it kinda suits me!

I've always been safe with my hair colours, unlike my brother Euri. He's always trying out new hair colours like blue, green and pink. I thought, since my internship/work life starts in a couple of months, why not YOLO and dye my hair something fun? One thing led to another and here I am now with blue hair!

If you follow me on social media, you'd have already seen it a few weeks back. I've been busy with life and college work, and I'm planning to post quite a bit this month as a payback.

I uploaded my Acne Scar Products/Tips video last week, so if you haven't watched it yet, please do check it out! And remember to like and subscribe!

 The blue is kind of fading into a turquoise/aquamarine tint now, and hopefully before going back to black/brown, I get to try another colour out. To anyone planning to give coloured hair like blue a try, a warning: prepare to not wash your hair that often or else the colour will fade faster! Nowadays I just wash my head twice every 3-4 days to let the natural oils of my hair come out, as well as to let my roots heal from all the bleaching and the dyeing that it's gone through these past few weeks..

Obviously my snapchat puppy vaining days are not over hahaha.

I was going to have a full on blue themed selfie fest/photoshoot, but ain't nobody got time for that. My college life seems like it's passing through a bit too fast, and dyeing my hair blue is just one of the perks of student life that I'm planning to make full use of until the kinda dreaded, kinda anticipated first day of internship starts.

Sooooooo anyway, that's it for this short post! I just wanted to update you guys on the current status of my wonderful hair. As always, thanks for reading and do look forward to more posts coming your way!


PS. My sis sent me this on Snapchat. Isn't it cool?

PPS. I recently posted about Laneige's new boutique in Queensbay, go check it out!

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