June 23, 2016

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. Today I'll talking about a video that I recently came across on Youtube which is the Covering My Birthmark: Power Of Makeup video by clawdeena9.

The Power of Makeup is actually a video tag that a lot of beauty YouTubers have been doing ever since NikkieTutorials started it. 

Original POM video by NikkieTutorials:

I've watched a few POM videos before like PatrickStarrr's one and I really enjoyed seeing the comparisons. I also really liked how every one of these people used make as an art and as a way to express themselves. 

PatrickStarrr's POM video:

Last night I came across clawdeena9's POM video and it caught my eye because of the thumbnail.

Clawdeena9's POM video:

The name of the woman in the thumbnail is Joanne, and she's the mother of Matt (the owner of the channel clawdeena9). Joanne had these birthmarks since she was young but also something called the Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome. I'm not exactly sure about the specifics, but basically her marks swelled after falling on ice when she was about 40 years old, making her birthmarks swell and resulting to how she looks like right now.

I watched a few more videos by clawdeena9 and his mom, and I really admire how positive and happy Joanne is. Through her deformity, she maintains an optimistic mindset. She mentioned in the video below that she doesn't feel the need for cosmetic surgery anymore, just because she feels like she has lived her life, has a great family & support. Also, doing surgery would be useless because doctors said her lips would swell again even if she did them.

Joanne has decided NOT to do surgery just for the sake of others not looking at her weird or judging her, and I commend her for that. I feel like my generation, myself included, is very vain and self-centered. I have nothing physically wrong with my face or my body, but because of the time I grew up in and the images that media and society show, I see myself as someone who "needs" a nose job or v-line surgery. To be honest, if I tripped on something tomorrow and ended up looking like Joanne without any means to revert to my old self, I probably wouldn't be as optimistic as her and I wouldn't know how to deal with it.

Bottom line is: I watched her videos and suddenly appreciated what I have. I respect people who have had cosmetic surgery before, and like them, I neither encourage or discourage people from doing it. Everyone is different and if going through it make you feel more yourself or it helps you overcome a serious complex you've had since you were young, then by all means. If you decide to just leave your flaws be and not care about other people's opinions lie Joanne, then that's fine too. To each her own, so do whatever makes you happy.

That's it for this random train of thought. Just thought I'd share her videos with you all before I went to bed~

PS. On a side note, these videos kinda made me miss my mum :(

PPS. I thought I'd share another inspirational video from a while back, which is this video by Em Ford!

Thanks for reading! 


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