TIFFANY + JESSICA Solo Albums [Review/Download]

May 21, 2016

Hello everyone! I feel like its been such a long time since I posted anything K-pop related on my blog. It may seem that I've grown out of K-pop, but that's certainly not the case! I still listen to Korean songs on a daily basis and I still get updated on all things K-pop via social media. I have grown in the sense that I've realized that there's more to this world and music in general than K-pop, and I may not be as crazy as before, but I still am an avid K-pop fan! :)

So with that out of the way, two members (I don't care what you say, Jess is still a member to me) of K-pop's greatest girl group Girls' Generation released their debut solo albums and I thought I'd share my thoughts about them here!

First off, Tiffany's I Just Wanna Dance! This was released a few days before Jessica's was, and to be honest, I thought it was shady move on SM's part. When I first heard of Jessica's album announcement, I thought "What could SM do to spoil her comeback", and like many other fans, I thought of an SNSD comeback. Although it did kinda happen in the form of Tiffany, I'd say that it didn't really affect both debuts...

Conspiracy theories, aside, Tiffany's I Just Wanna Dance album was a gem!

I was expecting a ballad, a pop song or something R&B-ish reminiscent of Ariana Grande (because let's face it, Fany has a penchant for all things AG), but surprisingly IJWD was a synthy/electrony/trippy/aesthetic kinda song! 

At first I was like "...this is unique", but after a few more listens, it became so addicting! The hook was catchy and the MV was just #aestheticgoals (though the MV reminded me a bit of EXO's Love Me Right color scheme and trippiness)

The synth feel of IJWD continued throughout the albums save for a few songs. I really liked Talk, Fool and the English version of What Do I Do. Yellow Light was so-so and Once In A Lifetime was a for me. Not that I didn't like it, just that I felt that it...wasn't really there?

Feast your eyes on Fany's album photos my god she's so pretty!

After Fany came Sica's solo debut album, With Love, J! When the MV for Fly was released, I had to wait for an hour to load the MV in HD because:

1. I maxed my data
2. Ain't no way I'm watching Sica in low quality

Fly was such a good song, I almost cried after first listen! It's been so long since I last saw Jessica in an MV, singing, dancing and just EXISTING!

Her vocals were showcased well and she was even dancing like JESSICA. DANCING. I know she danced in SNSD also la, but usually during choruses and main dance parts she goes to the back, but she was in the center for the whole time mygoshhhh. The rap part unexpectedly matched the song as well! Fabolous or whoever he is did a great job, and the rap lyrics fit well with the song and her whole situation as well.

An MV for Love Me The Same was also released and the emotion omg. I cannot. It was just perfection!

Aside from these two songs, I also really really really liked Mini Big World, and Falling Crazy In Love was really sweet. Golden Sky was so-so and Dear Diary pulled at my feels a bit. Most of the songs are emotional ballads and MUCH VOCALS MUCH PERFECTION.

I can't wait for the English version of her album to be released! I read her interview with Billboard and how this was her first time actually participating in the making of a song/album compared to just coming in the studio and just recording her parts. While waiting for the English album to drop, here's some glorious album photos!

I don't like one over the other, and I think both of the solo debuts are good and special in their own way. The only thing I was disappointed with was that Tiffany didn't include Bittersweet & Crazy in her album! She performed it on Sketchbook and I've played it over a hundred times (no joke). Also, Fly was banned on KBS? I smell SM. She did perform Dear Diary live on the V app tho:

So that was it for my thoughts on Tiffany's I Just Wanna Dance and Jessica's With Love, J. To download the albums, click below!

Thanks for reading!


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