The Lawn Cafe by Eco World, Paya Terubong, Penang

May 6, 2016

Hello everyone! Today I'll be sharing about a recent visit my friends and I made at The Lawn Cafe by Eco World located in Paya Terubong.

So one afternoon, Bella came back from KL and Kevin thought of bringing her to The Lawn Cafe. Being the good friend that he was, he jio-ed me as well, and since I had nothing but sleeping to do back at home, I decided to join them. Not lying, I did feel like kind of a 3rd wheeler, but I helped them snap a few pics so in the end I guess I was useful and I didn't feel too bad hahaha.

Anyway, The Lawn Cafe is supposedly inspired by Jay Chou's Handwritten Past/手写的从前  MV. 

Its a project launched in conjunction with Eco Terraces, a 12.7 hectare project by Eco World. I don't know most of the details but I thought that having a cafe on a lawn near your property showroom was a smart PR move, especially for brand awareness and image making (I sound boring, don't I?)

  We arrived at around 6pm and although there was parking available, it was very limited. Its a short walk up to the lawn, where at the end of the road you'll be greeted by the picturesque cafe and a wide lawn open to the public.

Opening Hours
10am to 8pm
Open everyday

Similar to the parking spaces outside, seats inside were quite limited as well. There were only 3-4 tables available inside, as well as the bar/kitchen/cashier.

More seats are available under a pagoda outside. There are also beanbags available on the lawn.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Compared to other cafes in Penang, The Lawn Cafe's menu is very limited. I suggest coming here for a snack or for a quick bite, not for a full course meal. They have a selection of drinks to choose from, three sandwiches and three pastas in total. I unfortunately forgot to take a photo of the menu, so here's one taken by the authority on Penang cafes, KenHuntFood. (Click here to read his more detailed post on this cafe)
We ordered two Caffe Lattes (Rose and Roasted Hazelnut), Premium Picked Tea, Napoli Al Funghi (Mushroom) and Spiced Herbs Marinara (Seafood).

I was surprised again when the pasta came out in paper cups. The portion was definitely for 1 person and I felt like RM9.90 for the mushroom pasta was very worth it. The taste of mushrooms were really savoury and they weren't stingy with the fresh mushrooms as well.

As for the seafood pasta, I would say that RM19.90 was a bit over priced for the same amount of pasta. I tried it and although it was nice, I wouldn't recommend it solely because of the price-portion ration.

The drinks were okay, nothing special but definitely refreshing and relaxing when paired with the view over the lawn.

As I mentioned above, the lawn has beanbags available for the public to just chill on. As the sun was starting to set, we decided to move outside to enjoy the lawn and the sunset.

To be honest, the thought of being under the sun on a lawn wasn't really appealing to me, because hello, we're in Malaysia and it's 100 degrees outside. It was surprisingly windy and quite chill around 6-7pm though, so I recommend coming in the evening instead of the morning/afternoon.

Just look at the pretty sunset sky we managed to catch!

And that's it for this mini review! After that quick meal we headed back to Gurney to watch Captain America and it was a great ending to a very chill afternoon. Definitely drop by with your friends for tea and take a few pictures if you're free!

As always, if you'd like to read more of my cafe hopping posts, please click here!

Thanks for reading!


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