March 10, 2016

Hey guys! Today was the last day of my finals and I'm so glad to get all that stuff over with. I had two papers today (Creative Strategy & Media Planning) which involved a lot of calculations, theories and common sense. Basically my brain juice quota is exhausted now. As a mini celebration, Kevin, Bella, Sharmathi and I watched Zootopia!

I made a post a few days ago about The Danish Girl (click here to read that!). Although this is a completely different genre, I thought, hey, why not share my thoughts about this movie as well? I still have some exam writing spirit in me, so might as well hahaha.

Basically Zootopia is about an alternate universe where only animals exist. Animals were once separated into prey and predators but as time progressed, they evolved eventually lived in peace. The first city in which they all lived in harmony was Zootopia!

First of all, this movie's idea was really well thought out, and the sets/districts in Zootopia was creatively made to cater to every animal. The brains that came up with the idea of this city need a huge pat on the back because their detail and complex settings really made me enjoy the city so much more!

Anyways, there were two main themes that I kind of got from the movie: prejudice and stereotyping.

First off, the titular character Judy Hopps is a rabbit that wants to be a police officer. Rabbits are often depicted as cute, docile animals and because of this stereotype she faced a lot of challenges achieving her goal as everyone around her (including her parents) didn't believe in her. Her parents suggested that she should just continue the family carrot business and not strive for her dreams. Even when she achieved her goal of getting into the police force, the police department also looked down on her and assigned her only to give illegal parking tickets instead of pursuing real crime cases.

This kinda relates to how people today are expected to go for certain fields and are usually stopped from pursuing what they really want. My sister's actually really talented in art and I think that she has some real potential, but the usual prompts from my parents are that she should take something "worthwhile" and "stable".

The second kind of prejudice was towards the predators. Nick Wilde, one of the main characters and a fox, received discrimination from other animals ever since he was young just because he was a wolf. Other predators were also viewed in negative light just because they're a certain species. This is kinda similar to how we today have racism about certain races and nationalities. The flashback scene with Nick being nuzzled really got to me and made me think that it was an accurate depiction of how kids today may be facing discrimination because of their skin colour or their background.

Also (SPOILER ALERT), in the end the bad guy was the assistant mayor sheep. I think this was to show that everyone is capable of good and bad, and that you shouldn't stereotype.

This posts sounds like a rushed assignment hahaha. But yeah, those are my two cents on the movie. I think this is a great movie, and because it's a cartoon, I feel like it will influence kids (and adults alike) to be more open minded about diversity and each person's uniqueness.

Have you watched Zootopia yet? If you have, do leave your thoughts down below! If you haven't, I strongly recommend it! You'll love the characters and their world!

Watch the trailer!

So that's it from me, thanks for reading and I hope to see you in the next post!


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