Kiehl's Mural, Jonker Walk, Melaka (+PMC OOTD)

March 22, 2016 Malacca, Malaysia

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing with you guys a recent find of mine: the Kiehl's Mural in Jonker Walk, Melaka!

So if you guys remember, I while back a Kiehls's pop-up truck dropped by KDU and I got a chance to get lots of goodies. If you're interested in reading that, do click here:

Anyways, I forgot that Melaka was actually part of their "My Heritage Trail" campaign, and what sets Melaka apart is that Kiehl's actually made their own mural in Jonker Street! How cool is that?

After a quick Instagram search, I found the location and decided to check it out and take some pictures myself!

Kiehl's is one of my ultimate fave skincare brands and the fact that they made an Instagrammable wall just waiting for me to come and take pictures was just too good to be true.

A little background info about this wall: it was built in 2015 in collaboration with an artist called Fritilldea. 

Its located near Jonker Street beside the shop Bikini Toppings and the Orangutan house. The whole heritage vibe of this part of Melaka kinda reminds me of Georgetown (I kinda miss Penang T.T)

Fun fact, it was a Saturday afternoon when my brother and I came to take pictures, and we actually forgot to bring tissues. Malaysia's weather is so frickin hot right now that our measly umbrellas couldn't really help much with the sweating. Plus, we didn't bring any cash out! Luckily, the aunty at the counter in Bikini Toppings was kind enough to give us tissue. Aunty, you the real MVP!

Anyway, it's walkable and quite near from the Melaka 0-mile. If you take the river cruise you'll actually spot it by the side.

The walls is actually very simple: just a wall with two doors and a few windows, but the vibrant mural definitely added some flavour to it!

To my fellow social media users, this place needs to be on your "OOTD-spots-I-have-to-take-a-picture-in-so-I-can-post-on-SNS" list when you come to Melaka.

Candid shot and I kinda look crazy, but I love how my brother captured my laugh out loud smile!

As I mentioned above, if you take the river cruise, you'll see the mural on the left side of the river. However, there's another (smaller) mural on the right side of the river as well.

And also, my OOTD! I decided to wear one of my ultimate go-to outfits, my green/dark teal PMC shirt, brown shorts and my classic PMC Mechanic Tote Bag!

This shirt is the only colored shirt I have aside from black, maroon and white hahaha. I use the tote bag literally everywhere I go: college, shopping, pasar malam, etc.

Also, I'm still loving my S6's new silicone case! Its Brown from Line! ^^ I got it in Times Square and I cannot. I've had my S6 since September and I finally found a cute case! IF ONLY THAT SHOP HAD THE MOSCHINO FRENCH FRIES CASE T.T i cri.

And that's all for this post! If you're in Melaka, definitely visit the wall/mural!

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PS. I was recently featured on Hermo! Check my blog post out here and the feature post on their website here!

Thanks for reading!


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