Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Review

February 24, 2016

Hello everyone! Today's post will be a review of Missha's Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence with Zyosys! 

This product is very popular and has many rave reviews all over the Internet. A lot of beauty bloggers and skincare enthusiasts also consider this to be the dupe for the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Without further ado, on with the review!

*Disclaimer: This is my honest review of this product. I bought this with my own money and was not paid to make this post*


First things first, what is an essence? An essence is a product which is more lightweight and has a thinner consistency than a serum. Its considered to be the most important step in Korean skincare as it affects the skin on a cellular level and helps with the skin's elasticity and firmness. One of the most famous essences around is the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence which is famous for a reason. Essences also helps with hydration and helping the products that you layer on after to absorb better.

If you're from Asia (or maybe even from somewhere else), you've probably heard of the SK-II brand. It's considered to be one of the best products out there. I remember being in high-school and people always referenced the SK-II whenever they were talking about skincare or beauty. Among all of SK-II's products (none of which I've tried - yet), I would say their most popular product is the Facial Treatment Essence. 

Although widely popular and considered to be the best, people started looking for cheaper alternatives that work just as good. Missha, a Korean skincare company then developed a similar product that they claim works as well and even better than the SK-II FTE.

South Korea is considered to be one of the pioneers of Asian skincare. They try to "duplicate" famous and foreign brands and make their own better versions. This sounds fishy and bad, but their way of "duplicating" products actually helped them better their skincare as they try to achieve top notch effects and enhance these products some more.

This product claims to be able to:

1. Define
2. Lift
3. Hydrate
4. Rejuvenate 
5. Anti wrinkle
6. Balance skin tone
7. Restore
8. Make skin radiant

This product contains 80% yeast extract and the product can only be used for 9 months upon opening the bottle.

Like SK-II, Missha's FTP has also released different versions of the essence. One example is the FTP for Men.

The Urban Soul edition was also endorsed before by my ultimate idol Yutaki! (I literally look up to this guy so much like you have no idea YUTAKI IS GOALS)

Since the Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence was a well known dupe for the SK-II FTE, I decided to give it a try.


The downside of the SK-II FTE is its price. A full sized bottle of 330ml costs SGD321 (~MYR900/RM3 per ml) and the smallest bottle in 75ml costs SGD99 (~MYR280/RM3.7 per ml) and that is a LOT of money. I'm personally interested in skincare and I do know that some products are not so pocket-friendly, especially for students and young people. I consider RM100 still okay and RM200 a bit too heavy, but RM900 for a bottle of essence is just way too expensive!

Missha's Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence (that is a long ass name), retails its 150ml bottle at KRW37,800 (~RM128/RM0.85 per ml). SK-II's FTE 150ml bottle retails at SGD191 (~RM533/RM3.6 per ml). That means the Missha's FTE costs about RM400 less than the SK-II FTE!

I haven't seen any Missha shops in Malaysia so far but Missha FTE is available on Hermo.my. I managed to get myself a bottle for only RM130 when they had a sale!

Although the price of Missha's FTE is more affordable, the more important question is: does it really work?  Continue reading to find out more!


I quite like the shiny box that the bottle comes out of. The bottle itself is frosted, similar to the SK-II bottle, and it gives a very luxurious feel. The only difference is that this bottle is oval. To be honest I got scared when I first started using it because its's made of glass and what if I just drop it homagash. Other than that I really like the bottle because it looks so luxurious!

Date manufactured

The nozzle comes sealed with a plastic cap



Source: http://www.misshaus.com/time-revolution-the-first-treatment-essence-150ml.html


The texture is light like a lotion and can be applied during both day and night. It doesn't smell like anything if you apply only 3-4 drops but at around 8-9 drops you will smell a very faint smell. I've read from other bloggers that its actually the yeast smell.


On the box it says that it recommends you to apply it in this order:

Essence - Eye cream -  Lotion - cream

But on the website and the pamphlet that it came with, the whole skincare routine order that recommend is

Toner - Essence - Toner - Ampoule - Serum - Eye/Lip cream - Lotion - Moisturizer - Mask - Mist

As for me, I incorporated this product into my skincare routine as follows:

Cleanser - Toner - Essence/Lotion - Acne Products - Serum - Moisturizer - Mask

I wash my face, use toner and then use the essence on clean skin. I pat the essence onto my face with my palms. After the essence has absorbed, I then apply all my other products. One of an essence's functions is to amplify the effects of the products applied after it, so be sure to apply your essence before your serums and moisturizers!

If your confused with all the sequences and orders that were mentioned above, just remember, Korean skincare is all about layering your products; that is, start from the thinnest and lightest consistency to the thickest and heaviest.

This essence can also be used as a mask! If you really want to give your skin a boost, make a mask with just your essence and some square cotton pads!

Step 1 
Soak the cotton pad with the essence (about 10-12 drops)

Step 2 
Peel the cotton pad into 2-3 layers (depends on how thick your cotton pad is)

Step 3 
Apply to your face and leave for 15-20 minutes 


I really love this product! I used to have these little bumps on my jaw area (they weren't pimples, just bumps) and a week after using this they disappeared completely!

I also feel that after using this, my skin feels more radiant. That may sound cheesy, but I honestly can't find another word for it. My skin isn't perfect (still), but this product has indeed helped my skin's overall texture and condition.

As for the promised results:

1. Define
I don't feel that my face is more defined, but I do feel like my skin is plumper/very hydrated after application.

2. Lift
I don't have any saggy skin/wrinkles, but I do feel like my skin became tighter and firmer

3. Hydrate
Yes! My skin feels fresh after application and since the product consistency is thin, it doesn't feel too heavy.

4. Rejuvenate 
I would say yes!

5. Anti wrinkle
No comment again.

6. Balance skin tone
Yes! My overall skin tone and condition improved after using this for just one week. After a month my skin tone felt more even and after two months I felt like I will never stop using this product hahaha.

7. Restore
For this, I take that their saying restoring skin condition? If its condition then yes, but if its with scarring it doesn't have a dramatic/visible effect, though it does balance skin tone.

8. Make skin radiant


I definitely see why so many people rave about this product! It fulfills almost all of its promises! The results are great and you don't have to wait for too long to see results. Its now a staple product in my routine! I don't know how the SKII Essence is like, but for the meantime I shall stick with this bottle.


For such a big bottle and such great results, of course yes! The bottle is humongous and after a few months of religious nightly use, I have barely used a fourth of the bottle. I'm thinking of making masks with the essence more often for better results! I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a boost for their skin!

That's it for this review! If you're interested in reading more of my product reviews, click here!

As always, thanks for reading!


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