February 5, 2016

Hi everyone! Welcome to my very first OOTD post! A lot of bloggers (well at least those I've seen in Malaysia and Singapore) post details of their outfits on their blogs and I've always thought "Wow these people are damn fashionable".  I had a presentation the other day and I quite liked my whole look, so I thought why not give style blogging a try as well?

PS. My outfit is simple af so please don't judge hahaha

Although I like shopping for clothes, can you believe that almost nothing in this photo was actually bought by myself? I realized after taking the photos that almost everything was a gift/handed down! Kinda embarrassing, but it just makes me appreciate everyone around me more ^^ Without them I would be unfab right now hahaha.

Top: H&M 
This shirt was a Secret Santa gift from Fufy that I got last year. I love the whole foresty/flowery print! I actually saw this in H&M before I got it and thought that it was very reminiscent of Givenchy's floral prints (like the birds of paradise shirt, but a green/white version).

Pants: Jusco
These pair of pants cost RM20 and you can't even tell that they're not branded! I was looking for a pair of black skinny jeans and I was originally going to buy a pair from H&M since the denim jeans which I love and wear on an almost daily basis are from H&M. I came across this sale while in Ipoh and boom: I just saved a hundred bucks.

Belt: Daniel Hetcher
I got this belt from my Dad's humongous collection of belts. I needed one and he was kind enough to give me one of his. He even let me choose and I buay paiseh chose this dark brown one over his black Calvin Klein one because the logo looks like an E. Now that I think about it I should have taken both. Guess I know what's I'm taking the next time I'm back home hahaha. Thanks Dad!

Shoes: Bonia
Also from my Dad's shoe collection. This is one of his old pairs that he rarely uses that somehow found its way to me. I like how his nice stuff all go to me (like his G2000 shirt which I don't really know if he gave me or I just stole). Kinda ironic as well, because I worked at Bonia and kinda have a bit of a grudge against them because I got fired...

The pictures above were taken after class/my presentation. In the morning I actually wore my watch as well.

Watch: Casio
This is a very basic and classy watch I got as a Christmas present from my Mum a few years back. The battery actually needed to be replaced since June last year but ya 'know, ain't nobody got time for that. I still wear it from time to time just for aesthetic purposes tho hahaha.

Presentation went really well and TBC (aka my friends and I) all wore green except for Gerald (because apparently you HAVE to wear blue on a Monday because Monday = Monday Blues = blue)

Kinda regret not getting a selfie with Gerald and Kevin T.T

Fufy, Gerald and I have a secret wall in KDU where we've been to a few times to take OOTDs. To our surprise the wall was illuminated by the reflection of the red building beside college so the wall had a sort of red to blue gradient thing going on. It was so pretty! The pictures can't really show it that properly but the lighting looked so ethereal!

I couldn't stop taking pictures of myself lol but I thought to myself since this is an OOTD post I'll try to limit the amount of my faces that I upload. So instead of my face, here's all of our faces:

And that's all for this post! I'll come up with more OOTDs that are more interesting so please do look forward to that!

After presentation I went around with Fufy helping her take photos for her blog as well ^^ blogging has been taking up a lot of my time these past few days and I feel so inspired, yet limited by my laziness. I have to somehow get rid of this lazy mindset and get myself back on track!

Thanks for reading!

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