Llao Llao Gurney Plaza

February 5, 2016

Yes, it's finally here! If you read my Singapore trip post from last Christmas, you'd have seen that my friend Sammi introduced me to the perfection that is Llao Llao frozen yogurt! An outlet finally opened here in Penang at Gurney Plaza a few days ago and I'll be sharing about that with you guys today!

The outlet is located beside Boost Juice in the Lower Ground level. It replaced the macaron shop and I couldn't be happier.

Llao Llao is actually from Spain and they serve frozen yogurt and smoothies. They have AN assortment of crunches, fruits and sauces. It's kinda similar to J.co and to be honest J.co has more toppings, but Llao Llao wins with their cookie sauce! This sauce is so heavenly!

Their froyo comes in 5 sizes, Petitllao, Small, Medium, Large and their specialty: Sanum. When my friend Sammi first said Sanum I was like what fancy language is this? Is Sanum some fancy word in Latin for large or??? XD

The Sanum contains froyo, 3 fresh fruits, 2 crunches and 1 sauce. As I mentioned they have a cookie sauce, but they also have the chocorock sauce, mango sauce, Lotus caramelized biscuit sauce and the raffalao sauce.

They currently have 8 fruits (mangoes, honeydew, grapes, kiwi, dragonfruit, etc). I was kind of disappointed that they didn't have strawberries, but oh well.

As for toppings they have some berry/date looking toppings and Oreo crumbs! I recommend the Filipino white chocolate biscuit (not because I'm Filipino, ahem) because it goes really well with the cookie sauce.

The Sanum costs RM17.90 and I shared with Fufy ^^ I forgot how much the Sanum in Singapore cost and just assumed it was $15, but after asking Sammi I found out that it was only $6.80 XD. The Malaysian one is still cheaper though! 

If you're in Gurney Plaza I definitely recommend heading to Llao Llao and trying their stuff out!


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