Laneige Sun Block Aqua+ SPF 35 PA++ Sunblock Review

February 2, 2016

Hello everyone! Today's post will be on a product which I've unexpectedly loved for the past few weeks! I will be reviewing Laneige's Sun Block Aqua+ SPF35 PA++ Sunblock!

My Biore sunblock was almost out and to my delight, one of my besties Sammi got me this sunblock! She handed it to me when I was in Singapore and I'm really thankful to her for being so nice and generous ^^ (buy me more skincare stuff kay XD)


Laneige is a really popular Korean skincare and makeup brand that is mostly sold in department stores. Its quite high-end (at least its marketed that way) and I was really excited to try out their sunblock, especially since being back in college means going out for outdoor events and walking.

A sunblock is a must for everybody's morning routine to protect the skin from harmful UV rays! This sunblock provides daily sun protection that supplies moisture to retain suppleness of the skin promises to protect the skin at all times of the year. It also has a unique technology for retaining moisture and suppleness. It contains water infused with six herbs as well.

The word "Aqua+" in the packaging intrigued me, as well as the claim "for all skin types"

Laneige has three types of sunblocks in their Sun Line range, the Aqua+ SPF35 PA++, the Supreme SPF50+ PA+++ and the Sensitive SPF30 PA++. If it were up to me I would definitely have chosen the SPF50 one (like the previous sunblocks I have reviewed) but since this was given to me, It'll do ^^

When I revisited the Laneige counter in Gurney Paragon, the salesgirl was nice enough to inform me more about the product :) she gave me a pamphlet as well!


As I mentioned, I got this product from a friend, but on it costs RM70 and in a Laneige counter in Parkson I visited it costs 79. Its quite pricey compared to sunblocks by other Korean skincare brands (like Etude House, Nature Republic and The Face Shop) and drugstore Japanese skincare brands (Biore & Hada Labo), but I guess that's because it's Laneige (aka high class brand).


I actually don't know if this is the current packaging or if there is a new one because I searched it up in Google and pictures of a different packaging came out on reviews and I've seen the packaging that I have in Parkson so I'm not sure.

Anyway, the product comes packaged in a 50ml hard oval tube and I find it to be nice and convenient. 

The opening is quite small and I love how easy it is to control how much product can come out


Laneige sun care is dermatologist tested and contains six herbs and mineral water to supply ample moisture to dry skin/prevent dryness. The herbs infused include:

- Lavender extracts: soothes rough skin and supplies ample moisture
- Chamomile extracts: soothes skin and protects it from external aggresors
- Lemon Verbena Leaf extracts: tones and soothes skin
- Aloe Vera extracts: beauty ingredient loved for a long time, forms a barrier to retain moisture
- Asiatic Pennywort extracts: revitalizes and keeps skin helthy
- Marshmallow Root extracts: provides supple moisture to prevent dryness

As you can see, most of the extracts work to soothe and moisturize the skin!


When I first squirted the product out I thought it was cream, but its actually a mix between gel and cream. Its not as thick as a cream and is light enough that it can work for oily skin types as well. I have a thing against cream sunblocks because I find them too heavy and make my skin more oilier. This one is just right.

The product is white in colour and it has a pleasant smell (kinda smells like a citrusy sunblock). It leaves a nice dewy finish to the skin leaving it feeling fresh and hydrated. At first it left a kind of white cast on the skin like other sunblocks, but it eventually just fades naturally into a dewy glow.

I don't like my face looking oily, but I do like it looking dewy. As you can see from the photos below, my skin looked really nice and dewy. Its all thanks to this sunblock! I'm being 100% in saying that the photos below are #nofilter! (You have no idea how nice it is to say that)

My scars are there but whatever! My skin looks dewy and fabulous! PS. The selfie/snaps are from when I went to an event in Hin Bus Depot. I got to see Kelvin Teoh and tbh he looks so much thinner in real life! (You can see him on the snap on the right lol I was trying to be sneaky)



On the mini manual included in the box, it said to apply it as the last step of your skincare routine and it can be used on the body as well. I encorporate it into my morning skincare routine as follows:

Cleanser - Toner - Acne - Moisturizer - Sunblock

A little goes a long way and I can cover my face with just a bit of product!


I love love love the scent of this product and so far the final look it has (lol its not makeup also, but yeah). It leaves an awesome dewy glow to the skin and hydrates it very well.

I feel like having sunblock on is always better than having no sunblock. SPF35 is a decent amount of SPF to have as protection against the hot Malaysian sun, but I would prefer to have a higher SPF like SPF50 to be honest.



I super love love love this product! I find that it works well for my skin type (oily) and does all that it promises to. Do I love it more than my previous Biore sunblock? Hmm. I'm not sure if I like it more but I definitely like it as much.



More like "will I purchase?" XD. I would definitely repurchase this product, but I think I would go for the SPF50 one just for maximum protection. For 50ml of product its a bit pricey, but I guess that's because its Laneige. If I have extra cash I wouldn't mind buying this.

So that's it for my review of this product! If you're interested in reading the reviews for the sunblocks I reviewed before, please click on the links below!


Thanks for reading!


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