February 4, 2016

Hi guys! I feel like its been so long since I last did a monthly recap/diary post. What with all the reviews I've been posting. I made a queue and I made a promise to myself that I was going to stick to my schedule. Although it wasn't exactly as I planned it, but I managed to post all that I needed to post! I'm here today to share with everyone what's been happening these past few weeks!

This being a short semester, I have class from Monday to Friday and I cannot believe how much I'm struggling. How did I manage to wake up and go to school before 8 when I was in high school?! I find waking up a struggle because I feel mentally tired most of the time...Anyways, college has been so-so. There's assignments to deal with and everything seems interesting, its just that I'm not as inspired this semester.

On a totally unrelated note, here's me wearing my Harry Potter glasses that I've been absolutely loving these past few weeks. 

Page (a classmate of ours who recently came back from...where ever he went) was like "Eh, since when was Harry Potter in our class?" XD

I went to a music event at China House with Fufy and Amylia one day and it was...okay okay also I guess. The music was nice but the atmosphere wasn't as great as the other music events I went to in the past. Probably cause the place was cramped.

Two of the classes I'm taking this semester are Creative Strategy and Media Planning. For these two subjects we have to come up with a promotional campaign for a cafe in Georgetown's heritage area and at first we chose 2F+ because we didn't know that it had to be in Georgetown.

We ended up selecting Eataliano instead. A post about 2F+ shall be up after CNY and my friends and I will be visiting Eataliano soon as well, so two cafe posts are coming your way real soon!

I played with my hair and ended up with this funky crazy scientist look XD

But after a while it flattened down to this Korean-ish hairstyle~

My skin's been looking great for some time now, but I still have marks here and there. One day Fufy was at the house and decided to play with her new makeup on me and this is how I looked like. MUCH DEFINITION. Her foundation is obviously lighter than me and I look like a kabuki but still: my skin looks so nice I cannot T.T

There was also an event the other day at Hin Bus Depot but again, it wasn't as great as people marketed it to be. Just a bunch of bloggers selling stuff. No one looked friendly at all and everyone was just busy taking pictures of themselves. I mean, I took pictures of myself also la but the people who had stalls weren't as engaging as I thought they would be. I got to see Kelvin Teoh though (who tbh looks real skinny irl). I sneakily tried to get him in my snap hahaha.

My hair was on fleek that day! Can my hair be on point everyday like this please T.T
(Yes I edited my face, don't I look nice)

The photos below are 100% without a doubt no filter and I'm very happy with how far I've come with my acne and my scars. I recently reviewed a Laneige sunblock (which gave me the healthy dewy glow I have here). If you're interested in reading that review, click here!

There was a mini Biotherm event in college a few weeks back too, click here if you'r interested in reading about that.

I also managed to watch the 5th Wave! It's a great movie (although a bit similar to Maze Runner/predictable).

As I said above, I've been very lethargic these past few days and there was this one day where I was so done with life. The weather was perfect for sleeping and I just really didn't wanna go out.

I somehow got revived by these awesome custard cream puffs that I had in the afternoon though!

And can we talk about the current weather please? It's the year of the Fire Monkey and at first people were bracing themselves for the ultra headache inducing heat of 2016, but news spread that Malaysia was actually going to experience cold weather as low as 16 degrees! So far the weather has been messing with me. It's super windy some days and it's hot af on some days. Mother Nature please make up your mind!

One unfortunate Saturday, Bella, Gerald and I had to got to college because we had a replacement class. It was quite annoying, but we got to have dimsum for breakfast so it was all good. The aircon in college was especially cold that day so for once me wearing a sweater was actually appropriate!

Gerald got another tattoo the other day and instead of going to the shop like the other times, he invited the artists to come over to our place. It was my first time witnessing a tattoo session and...tbh I expected more blood hahaha. It was just a simple tattoo so it was nothing too wild.

I've been having Korean noodles for dinner and I NEED MORE JJAJJANGMEON IN MY LIFE.

Fufy took Bella and I to the Korean mart near Straits Quay and there's such a variety of Korean noodles/snacks/food! I finally found the Honey Butter Chips that's been super popular in Korea, but I didn't buy it because it was RM10. I shall come back for you, chips!

As I mentioned, I've been helping Fufy take photos for her blog and one Wednesday, after submitting my group's research paper we went around town taking her pictures.

My KDU shirt's a size S and I really should have gotten an M because its too short, but oh well~

I found this mamak stall near Komtar/Hin Bus Depot that sells humongous curry puffs for only RM1! They were delish and I'll definitely be coming back.

After taking photos we also had coconuts to quench our thirst. It was fun trying to scoop out the flesh without using any cutlery~

As always, here are some food pictures/flatlays that I've taken over the past few weeks:

This was from when Bella, Fufy and I went to the pasar malam in Farlim! The mushrooms were amazeballs and so were the yam cakes!

This one is from the time I had lok lok in Pulau Tikus. It was so awkward because we had to share a table with other people and the guy who sat beside me was this hong ren who I knew from Facebook like I didn't know how to react~

This was at a food court in BSP Waterfron Food Court in Jelutong. I had their laksa and popiah and it was alright. The Vietnamese spring rolls weren't very good...

This was taken when we all had dinner at Viva Food Court in Tanjong Tokong! There was seriously a lot of food that night (oyster omelette, sashimi, loh bak, chee cheong fun, etc)

This was when Kevin, Bella and I had burgers at Gunners Burger near the Penang prison. The presentation was interesting because their burgers were colourful and their menu/selection was pretty good too! I highly recommend this place!

And this was on a certain Friday when we decided to eat banana leaf rice at Passions of Kerala. We decided to eat here because there's usually Payasam during Friday lunch, but sadly the Payasam ran out and we couldn't get any. This is like the 100th time that we're missing the Payasam like pls banana leaf rice gods pls let us have Payasam

And that's it! I'm really excited for CNY next week. I bought a new sweater and a "uniform" kind of outfit last week ^^

Can't wait to go back to Ipoh and meet up with my friends! (And collect me some of them ang paus too XD)

Llao Llao will also be opening in Gurney Plaza and I couldn't be happier ^^

I'm currently in the computer lab in college as I'm finishing this post. I can't wait to pass up my group's Media Planning assignment and to finally be done with assignments! (CNY MODE ON!)

If you're at this point of the post, thanks for reading! I don't think this post is that interesting because it consists mostly of my face~ As thanks, here's an Eros cat for you!

I've been super active on Snapchat these past few days, so do add me @fishmeatdie!

PS. An amazing opportunity has presented itself and it may really boost my blog to more people! Here's to hoping that it all goes well! *being secretive is hard when you're this excited about something*

Thanks for reading!


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