January 15, 2016

Helllo everybody! School is finally in session and so far it feels great to be back in Penang after such a long holiday! This semester for me is a short one (January to March), followed by a long one (March to August) and then I'm off for my Internship! My time at KDU just flew by so fast! I can't believe I'm almost done with my diploma in Mass Comm when it seems like it was only a few months ago when I enrolled.

Anyway! Today I thought I'd share some of the essential stuff that I bring to college on a daily basis! Whether you're a freshman/new student on your first sem or you're coming back from your sem break, here's some stuff that you NEED to have in your bag (at least most of them hahaha). So without further ado, let's go!

1. Phone
Although its not in the photo (because I''m currently DSLR-less), my smart phone is my most essential companion everywhere I go. Especially on the first day of class, its easier to find out which room my class will be and to be able to contact my friends/classmates/department admin. Who doesn't leave their house without their phone anyways?

A smart phone is very important because even without a pen and paper you can have your timetable, take notes, and even if you want: record classes! I have a classmate who has a separate voice recorder that she uses in class, so for people who do want to record your lectures, a phone is a must have (again, it's not like you don't already have one hahaha). AND SELFIE-ING OF COURSE HOW WOULD I SELFIE WITHOUT A PHONE?


2. Notebook
Yes, you can take notes with your phone and even take pictures, but in the end when you sit for your exams your phone won't be with you. Your notebook won't be as well, but using a notebook to take down notes during class will help keep things planted in your brain, thus, less cramming! Note that I emphasized on the word during above, because if you do make notes last minute, it's not going to help you that much. I've experienced firsthand the difference of taking exams with notes I made a few days prior. Notes during class make the whole exam process easier for you since you already remember some stuff and don't have to cram everything inside. Bottom line: take notes!

3. Pencil case + Pens + USB Pendrive
I'm still using my pencil case from when I was in high school and to be honest, I only actually use a few things: a black pen, a mechanical pencil. Its the basics and I don't really find the need to splurge on fancy stationery. I also keep my pendrive inside for when I have assignments to print and files to copy from lecturers and classmates.

4. Wallet
Another essential! I have my money, ATM card and my student ID card all inside my wallet along with other things. Keeping it in my wallet is actually more efficient that wearing it around my neck because: 1. I can use it for discounts when I go out for movies 2. Easy scanning to enter the library. My wallets actually 3 years old this year and I was thinking of buying a new one from Fossil or anywhere fancy that sells leather wallets really. Hmm.

5. Loose change
I take the bus to college and I'm constantly looking for change to pay for the ticket since they only accept exact payment. I've had the habit of keeping coins everywhere like my bags, wallet and Cath Kidston pouch for ease.

6. Water bottle
It is important to keep hydrated at all times! I actually tried drinking more water one sem and I found that my skin condition was better and even a bit more defined! After so much eating at home, I'm planning to take that up as well as working out more often to get back in shape. Drink water people, it makes your brain work! The weather has also been very hot (year of the Fire Monkey ugh) so everyone should try to bring water  everywhere.

7. Tissue (and preferably oil blotting sheets)
Speaking of the weather, sweat is inevitable and having tissues on hand will come in really handy. My friends and I always struggle with tissue after meals and when we sweat. We usually go to Fufy for tissue but it's good to have your own tissue for emergency situations.

8. Keys
Of course I can't leave my keys at home, how am I going to enter my building right? My face looks constipated in my tenant card but oh well.

9. Bracelets + Watch (or other Accesories)
I've recently been having a thing for bracelets. I keep them in my bag because in the morning I'm too busy to even remember to wear them, so I just wear them in class or on the bus.

A few months back I got really annoyed because I realized that  I had to press my phone every time I wanted to know the time. Technically this watch is on my arm, but since I have two I keep one in my bag just in case I forgot to wear one.

10. Modem
I do have mobile data on my phone, but I also have my Maxis modem to use when I haven't reloaded or have maxed my data. I'm actually thinking of switching to Yes 4G because they charge just RM2 more that what I'm already paying for and provide more than TWICE the amount of data.

11. Powerbank
My Samsung S6 has great battery power, but sometimes I do work it down till its almost dying. My powerbank is really handy because not only does it have 2.1A charging, it also has two ports!

12. iPod + Earphones
Music is always good to have around everywhere you go. Recently I've downloaded all of Lady Gaga's albums and I've been listening to her on nonstop. I only had Artpop and a few songs from Born This Way, so all the songs from The Fame and The Fame Monster gave me major throwback feels!

13. Perfume
Having a perfume in your bag can be really helpful because a spritz can leave you smelling and feeling fresh and expensive hahaha


14. Beanie + Jacket
For days when I'm having a bad hair day or need props for a selfie, a beanie comes in real handy. For when it's cold, a jacket will be useful as well. When it's raining, more often than not I actually use my jacket to cover my bag because I am not getting my leather bag wet!

15. Shades + Glasses
Last but not least, shades and glasses! I usually borrow Fufy's sunnies when I'm in her car, but I recently got a pair when I was in Singapore.

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Plus, I got me some fake glasses when I was in Ipoh! XD Fake glasses are good props for selfies, OOTDs and flatlays, so definitely get a pair if you're in to being a fake-ass social media selfie addict like me!

And that's it! I hope you found this post useful! I hope everyone reading this has a great term/semester! Do talk to me by commenting here or by finding me in any of my social media accounts!



Thanks for reading! 

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