November 12, 2015

It's that time of year again when I get a little older and come up with more plans on how to trick people into believing that I'm younger that what I really am XD. It's my birthday!

First off, the title of this post is a reference to Sex and The City (one of my ultimate fave movies) when Carrie gets a Vogue spread for her wedding titled "The Last Bride". 

*Everybody needs a little Carrie Bradshaw in their life.*

Being 19 this year, this is my last teen year. One year from now I shall be 20 and that sounds so old, so far and so scary. Having exactly 365 days left till my teenage days are over, I think I'll need to reevaluate my current life and do more stuff before I hit 20. I decide on my age every year, and since I was 17 last year, I've decided that I shall be 16 this year! XD Anyways, enough of my age denial! On with my birthday week post!

This year I decided to get myself mini gifts instead of splurging on one big one (I originally thought of going on a shopping spree in H&M), but even before November started, I was somehow forced to buy a 1TB hard disk. My laptop's on the verge of dying and a more logical purchase would be a new laptop, but since I only recently got a new phone, I don't think my parents will be buying me anything past the RM500 mark. On the day that I bought my hard disk, I was also fired from my part time job. Thanks Bonia.

This purchase also marked the end of my plan for a shopping spree and my mini gift hunting as well. Sigh.

On the first day of November, I got a message from Kiehl's telling me that I could come to a store and claim a free birthday gift. It wasn't anything fancy, just some travel sized stuff, but it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless.

I mentioned in my past post that I wanted Pestle & Mortar's Tote Bag and I finally got it! Gerald wanted to buy his shirt and I wanted to buy my bag, so we went together and used our 15% discount voucher that we got from the launch party.

On the 7th, Fufy took me out to buy this knitted black and white cardigan that I've been eyeing for some time in Forever 21 and I was annoyed to find out that it was sold out. I proceeded to look for the bucket hat that I didn't buy before because of budget issues, but lo and behold, it was out of stock as well. I was not very happy that day. But I was thankful that Fufy drove me all the way to Queensbay.

On the 8th it was my brother Euri's 18th birthday! If you didn't already know, he was born on November 8 1997 and I was born on November 12 1996, so we're not even one year apart, just 361 days. Every year for four days, we'll be the same age!

In between his birthday and mine I just felt so tired and lethargic. I slept very long hours and even after then I was still tired. I guess its because my friends and I were quite busy the past few weeks, so my body automatically decided to get back it hours of sleep.

On the 10th, my friends and I decided to celebrate my birthday early as it was Deepavali/Public Holiday. So instead of having #EROSDAY on the 12th, it kind of started early on the 10th and continued all the way to the 12th.

PS. This post shall also serve as EP6 in the Cafe Hopping with Fufy & Eros series!

# E R O S D A Y

The first thing on my to do list on the 10th was to buy myself helium balloons! I've never had helium balloons for my birthday, and although balloons may seem childish, I'm only 19 once and I wanted to get myself balloons before I turned 20. I'll probably still buy balloons every year from now on onward, but that's not the point! They're just so big and instagrammable and fancy, no?

Aren't they pretty? They're 40 inches long and it cost me RM80 for both of the balloons including the helium inside. I searched for so many balloon shops and finally found affordable ones at a shop called One Image Balloon Deco. They responded quickly through Facebook and their service/quality was good as well. If you're in Penang and want balloons, I'd definitely recommend them!

After picking up my balloons, Fufy and I headed to Straits Quay for high tea, but before that, some fab photos of me and my balloons! ^^

*I named number 1 Miranda and number 9 Belinda. No I'm not crazy, stop judging.*

Fufy and I had high tea at Winter Warmers. I've seen a lot of Instagram posts and I always wanted to have a fancy high tea session, and since it was my birthday, I decided why not right?

We ordered their Deluxcious Afternoon Tea set, and at RM76 for so many things, I'd definitely say that it was very worth it.

The set included 4 pots of tea (of your own selection), bruchetta, chicken pies, sandwiches, tuna crackers, biscuits, tarts, scones, pudding (I think it was pudding) and a cake of your choice. Fufy and I calculated and if you actually assembled this set yourself it would cost you around RM140-150, so again, the set was really worth our money.

I hadn't eaten lunch and expected to be hungry after tea but I was surprisingly very full. I enjoyed everything, and the ambiance of the place was very nice for chatting as well.

For, dinner, we met up with Bevin (Bella + Kevin). Being the indecisive person that I am, after weeks of searching I still couldn't decide on a place. Luckily Fufy found this nice restaurant called Il Bacaro in Campbell House.

The place serves up Italian cuisine, and the place is really posh and fancy. The owner was there, although I'm not sure if she's British or Australian~

The food was DIVINE. As a starter, the four of us shared a Mushroom & Garlic Pizza, followed by our main courses.

Bella's order:
Mixed Salad with Grilled Vegetables (with Chicken)

My order:
Duck Bacon Spaghetti Carbonara

Fufy's order:

Spaghetti Prawns and Pesto

Kevin's order:

Fettuccine Mushroom & Garlic, Touch of Cream

They also have wine, so I decided to get myself a glass of Chardonnay.

The dinner was enjoyable and the only thing missing was Gerald. He had work and wasn't able to join us :(

After dinner, we headed to China House for dessert. I can't remember the names, but one was a brownie table cake, a caramel cheese cake and their famous tiramisu cake with rum.

I was super full by the end of the day I was thankful to my friends for spending the day with me. Nothing beats good food and good company. I really enjoyed myself and I wish everyday was just as relaxing and pampering.

On the 11th it was slower and more chill. In the evening we decided to watch a movie. We watched Vin Diesel's The Last Witch Hunter, and the story was definitely interesting. It made me see the world of witches in another way aside from the mainstream Harry Potter angle.

Fun thing was that the European Film Fest was happening at the same time and before entering the cinema Lim Guan Eng, Penang's minister walked by with a few VIPs~

On the 12th we had class and I really didn't want to go. I had to because of attendance obviously, so I dragged myself outta bed. When I looked at myself in the mirror I looked alive and better than how I usually looked like in the morning though, hahaha (probably cuz my eyebrows are freshly plucked).

And that about sums up my birthday week! I didn't have any special plans for the 12th because we already celebrated, and I actually enjoyed the slow/chill time I had to myself. I had Tom Yum for lunch at Pranngin and Kuttu Pratha at Ananda for dinner. 

I also scouted for affordable salons to do my hair and I've found a pretty strong candidate. Time to save money if I wanna be blonde next month, sigh.

If you're at this point, thanks for reading through my birthday post!

If you've greeted me through social media, thank you too!

Thanks for reading!

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