November 6, 2015

Hello everyone! Today I'm here to update my blog after such a long time. I'm forcing myself to type this and to make an update (I'm legit sitting at Forever 21 and typing this on my phone while Fufy's trying out clothes). I've been really busy recently because of college and work. Yes, work! I finally found a job but that didn't really end up well for me! I overspent (what with all the filming and eating that's been going on) and really need the money. More about that later. A lot of review posts are piled up and I don't wan't to post quick and inaccurate reviews, so until I'm free (which will be around the start of December) those will just have to wait.

First thing's first, I got a new phone! After two long years, I've finally said goodbye to my S3 and welcomed my new S6 with open arms. 

The camera is just amazing and so far I haven't had any laggy moments! The only bad thing would be that I can't find any nice covers around since the S6 is quite new. Other than that it's just amazing!

I've been pretty busy with college work recently. For my Film Studies class we had to make a 15 minute film and it's not as easy as it sounds. For Photo Comm we have to take a lot of photos and as for Org Comm and Consumer Behaviour we have presentations quite often. I definitely want to get them all over with so I can get back to lazing around, watching my dramas and having a stress free lifestyle.

I just realized that I wear my Uniqlo Perrier shirt a lot hahaha.

Through Photo Comm we got to talk more with our senior Laureen. She's doing her degree in PR now and she's nice and approachable. Talking to her really got me thinking about what I want to do for my internship and what I want to pursue after that.

Speaking of filming, my group mates and i filmed for one week and I have to say, although it's hectic it was fun. I learned a lot about filming and stuff! We also employed the help of our junior Ferlyn and Kevin's friend Azerel to be the main characters of our film. We're currently in post production and I'll see if I'm allowed to post the finished workup here on my blog later.

Gerald and Fufy made this dinner from scratch like much wow
Taken on the last day of filming!

As you can see from the first picture, my siblings came to visit! My siblings came to Penang for one week and they got to meet Bella, Kevin, Gerald and Fufy. They had so much cash from their work salary to spend that I was so jelly. I ALSO WANNA GO SHOPPING T.T There was this one instance where I was so pissed at my sister because she chi bai like that, but I decided to be the bigger person, ignore her and just let it go.
We were kinda at the end of our filming when they came so we had to drag them along. I kinda multi tasked a lot that week, doing assignments and brought them around at the same time. We visited Black Kettle as well and I have a whole blog post on that, so if you're interested in reading that, click here!

We also went to DCOVA a few weeks back, click here to read my post about that! ^^

I brought my siblings to Little India one day and we had banana leaf as well (though I was disappointed because Passions of Kerala wasn't serving tofu that day T.T)

My mum's been pretty busy too. My family's relocating to Melaka and the move will be done by the end of Octover. With all the moving, my whole family's kinda toxic right now.

I didn't get to go back to Ipoh for the last time like I planned, so my unintentional last (fancy) meal in Ipoh was a pizza from Michaelangelo's. I'll miss their heavenly pizzas T.T

As I packed my stuff into boxes, I just couldn't help but feel a twinge of nostalgia while packing my albums. After chasing after idols for so long, I feel like a phase of my life is over. I still like Kpop and SNSD, EXO and everyone, but compared to last time, I think I've outgrown my obsessed fanboy days.

As I mentioned above, I got a part-time job! After much pain job searching all around Gurney, Bonia called me back! If you don't already know, Bonia is a Singaporean company which makes bags/shoes/leather goods, similar to Coach. A lot of people ask me "Ew why Bonia", but the people there are quite nice and the products they sell are quite good and high class-ish okays. Not really sure why so many people have a negative impression of Bonia. Hmm. The job is pretty simple: just standing and helping around. The thing I hate about it the most is looking for stock in the stockroom. I'm also a bit worried with my studies, because I overspent (a bit) and I have to work to make up for it. My work hours are usually after class and after that I'm too stressed and tired to do anything else. I hope it doesn't affect my grades and that I do well on my assignments. There's so many things I want to buy that I have no choice but to work.

But as of last week I got fired! Its a long story but after some confusing shiz with this Indonesian staff/customer and investigators, I got fired. I'm still a bit confused about what happened so I'll just leave it as Bonia sucks cuz I was planning to have RM400+ for November and now I'm short on cash again T.T Being the optimist that I am, I actually take this as a sign that I have to stop and focus more on my studies. Plus, working after classes was quite tiring, both physically and mentally.

For recent events, my friends and I went to the opening of Pestle & Mortar's Penang Chapter. Click here to read my post on that!

I also just found out that Forever 21 has guy stuff! Although they don't have that much selection, their stuff isn't half bad.

I really liked this oversized red shirt, but for the price of it, I didn't think it was that worth it.

I've been looking for bucket hats everywhere and I found this nice plain black one for only RM30! I still don't know if I want it because although it looks nice, I doubt I'll wear it a lot.

There's also this nice knitted outer that I'll be getting soon as a mini birthday treat to myself ^^ I forgot to take photos so I'll be sure to upload ones next time.

Gerald has been having his McD sprees for the past few Thursdays because of the nanoblock Happy Meals. Can't deny that they're cute, but the lengths that people go to to buy these things...people even line up in the middle of the night like really?

With all the stuff that's been happening, I've been feeling tired almost everyday. I can't wait for my sem break! I'm so done with life that one day I just gave trying to coordinate an OOTD and just went full on black.

I recently had a good hair day and I really want my hair to stay this length T.T only thing I hate about my hair right now is the black roots coming out. I might dye it soon since I'm not working anymore, but I don't have any definite plans yet.

Like look at my mum she has frickin purple hair, I'm losing T.T

By the way, have I already mentioned here on my blog that Hermo sent me free stuff? They gave me Innisfree's Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, so I'll be posting a review of that product some time in the future.

P A R T Y!

Before I end this post, some food porn shots!

I was recently introduced to Ah Lai and their curry cheese noodles are shoooo nice, but to me the best thing about them is their kopi special!

Tom yum game was strongggggg. I also brought my siblings here and Euri especially enjoyed the tumyum. He's having that I want tumyum all day errday phase and in my head I was like "I've been there homg give the boy all the tumyum he wants" XD

Bella, Fufy and I went out a few days back and just went here and there.

Frank Laurent's Berry Waffle

PIK NIK's Salmon pizza and some fries.

Its been a while since I had some froyo and John introduced me to J.CO's one and compared to Moo Cow I guess J.CO wins, just cuz they have toppings.

We've been visiting Constant Gardener quite often and I'd like to go even more because its really quite chill inside. The only down side is that they don't have wifi and the line there is very bad. Sigh. Where are you, oh perfect cafe that I shall live in.

And some random food court table shots:

And that's all folks! Since my birthday's coming up I expect another post to be up next week. if it isn't then I probably got caught up with college stuff again. My friends and I have plans and I can't wait for next week to come hohoho.

As part of my many mini birthday treats for myself (which totally isn't burning a hole into my already nonexistent wallet), I've decided to purchase a new blog theme from Designer Blogs! I've had this theme for quite some time now and although I love it, I feel like its time for a change. Changes are always interesting for me because I don't like change. Anyway, my card is being annoying and I still can't purchase it. Hopefully my new theme will be up by the next post, so please do look forward to that! (Yes the theme is another mini birthday treat for myself, there ain't anyone who's buying me gifts so might as well I buy them for myself T.T)

Thanks for reading!
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