April 3, 2015

hello my readers, here's how my sem break and the first week of my third sem went!

so as usual i took the bus from Penang to Ipoh and as funny enough i didn't fall asleep for the whole trip. maybe it was because i was almost kidnapped a few hours ago? :O

my mum picked me up as usual and after a bath i met up with Caryn ^^ we had high tea at this new place called Petit Mary Patisserie. the atmosphere and the place itself was nice, but the cakes...not so much :O we both shared their Blueberry Opera *i think that was the name* but it was very...dry and the blueberry filling tasted very artificial. so on a scale of 10...maybe 5?

afterwards Caryn wanted to look for a monopod so we headed to De Garden where we met up with Chai! ^^

and after that we hung out and chatted at Caryn's house ^^

i also got this Prague shirt from Caryn and homg i love it *o* Kris' movie was set in Prague so this shirt will always remind me of his movie lol

Ipoh was super hot. i'm not exaggerating, as soon as i got out of the shower, 2 minutes later i was drenched in my sweat again. i don't know why Ipoh decided to be hot, but since i didn't really do anything...i guess sweating was good? like a sauna? *trying to think positive*

since it was so hot, my mum and i bought drinks and chilled at Espresso Lab a few times and i have to say i liked just spending time and hanging out with my mum ^^

Red Velvet released their first mini album and i LOVED it. the music video, every song and and the packaging. i actually made a post all about it so click here to check that out! i wanna buy their album but...EXO T.T

because of Red Velvet i actually wanted to make my own red velvet cake! but somehow i ended up buying from Secret Recipe XD

as the weather was so hot, my hair was in an eternal messy state so i somehow ended up with my hair raised most of the time. i actually think i should start putting my hair up and experiment with it more but you know me, i don't really like change @.@ i guess i might try one day...

i found an old ID photo when i had my caramel hair and i must say my hair looked sho niceeeeee. i also felt like taking new ID photos, so when i get extra money i probably will~

i've added a lot of new songs to my ipod like Gain's hawwah album, Infinite H and Shannon's Eighteen album. also among my new songs are Disney songs! Disney songs are just so nice and theatrical, i can't believe i only just thought of downloading them -,-

i also have Donghae and Eunhyuk's full Korean album and it is heaven! i especially love Sweater and Jeans ^^ Can You Feel It is catchy too! SM recently released a video of SM artists dancing and i died at EXO dancing XD

speaking of EXO, they've already dropped their 2nd full album EXOLOGY! i have a post all about it here so please do check it out! my fave songs in the album would have to be Call Me Baby, Exodus, My Answer and El Dorado ^^ the only thing that sucks about this album is the 20 versions! and there's no group version at all! the struggle T.T i guess i'll buy Kai's version for the Korean versions and D.O's for the Chinese ver. (because #KAISOO4LIfe). if i can choose the posters i'll choose Chanyeol's and Baekhyun's ^^ (#BAEKYEOL)

i have a mini review post about the songs in the album so click here to check that out! i'll be doing an unboxing post like always when i get the physical albums themselves, so stay tuned! ^^

i basically had movie marathons and gained weight during my sem break. i had this whole plan of baking, working out, making stuff and going places the end my bed seemed like it missed me so i decided to be a bed potato and stay there all day long ^^ it was so bad that i even had peanut butter sandwiches at 1am on my bed T.T among the stuff that i watched was an anime called Shounen Hollywood! i made a post about here so please check that out too ^^

before my third sem started i went out with Caryn and Chai one more time and this time we went to Patisserie Boutique and had one of the best desserts i've ever had! i forgot what it's called but it was basically vanilla cake with butterscotch ice cream, almonds, blueberries, strawberries and nutella. it sounds so simple that i think'll i'll attempt to make it when i get back to Ipoh ^^ in the meantime, some food porn shots!

we also had mee after that lol food hunting ftw!

my sister's birthday was on the 28th and we had a simple family dinner out and had ice cream at McDonald's for dessert ^^

my parents came to send me back to my hostel on the 29th and all that i could think about was "sem break's already over?" T.T at least on that day i managed to get two shoes from Bata, normal black sneakers and a high cut one. i still want a pair of Dr. Martens ughhh. 

before my parents went back to Ipoh we had an early dinner in Chilli's and I tried the Mushroom Swiss burger. it was okay~

for my third sem i'm taking 5 subjects and an additional mpu subject. i have a lot lined up but so far everything's been enjoyable and the subject i'm looking forward to the most is radio production! we get to be in a studio and record and all that fun stuff ^^

on friday we were supposed to go to a pool party but we found out that swimming wasn't allowed :O so we ended up swimming at Fufy's place instead! ^^

i also made granola with Fufy's help and i had it today for breakfast ^^ IT WAS SHO GOOD

Bella, Jane and I found this awesome new place just beside Gurney Plaza and we're moving in! its so unbelievably convenient and so much cheaper than what KDU charges. i just can't wait to move in! that's another blog post, so stay tuned!

thanks for reading this post and stay tuned for my upcoming blog posts! ^^

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