April 17, 2015

Hello my readers! I've recently moved into a new apartment and finally left my hostel! After 2 semesters of inconveniences and not-so-clean bathrooms, I'm finally in a place where I feel comfortable. More about that later ^^ today's post will be all about the past few weeks~

So Kevin got an S5 and the first thing Fufy and I did was to take selfies with it XD. Fufy was trying out the beauty feature of the camera and just started taking pictures of me. I made these weird faces, but that aside the camera actually made my skin look flawless *o* I only collaged and added filter, but i skipped my usual photoshop step for this set of picture. Samsung, you are doing something right for your cameras


I needed to submit a couple of passport sized photos and I only had one, so i decided to get my picture taken. I was so ready, like for the whole morning I tried my best to stay sweat free although I was wearing a sweater. My hair was perfect but in the end I wasted money because my smile came out really awkward. Like I needed to shit so bad hahaha. Kinda ironic how I take so many pictures of myself but when others take photos of me I become an awkward potato. Oh well.

Speaking of hair, I'm still considering my reddish brown hair. I kinda wanna let my hair heal because right now it is just coarse and rough and RATCHET. Need to get myself some hair serum soon T.T

I recently made a mini Daiso haul post so if you'd like to check that out, click here!

Plus I also reviewed a couple of snail masks, so to read that, click here!

EXO had their 3rd anniversary on the 8th and shoooo much OT12 feels. I don't really wanna write a lot about it anymore because I feel like I'm just gonna say the same words. I'll keep the faith and just support all 12 of them wholeheartedly ^^

One day during lunch I decided to buy nasi lemak from the canteen and found SNSD hahahaha

I was in 1st Avenue one day and I discovered heaven on Earth. The sushi sold at Empire Sushi is so damn cheap, I CANNOT. 

This semester I'm also taking Radio. I expected it to be really fun, and it is! We were split into groups and before recording officially started my group was allowed into the studio, so we kinda have one extra session more than everybody else muahahahaha.

I went back to Ipoh at the end of week 2 and I was just pooped. I woke up late and I wanted to just sleep, but I still had to go back to Ipoh. Reason why? Because I needed to pick up my EXO albums XD After waiting for so long I finally got my hands on Exodus! I did an unboxing post, so if you're interested in reading that, click here!

When I got back to Ipoh my mum went grocery shopping. I managed to convince her to buy sushi and it was shoooo good. Why isn't sushi sold everywhere, life would be so much better *o*

My brother went for a photoshoot and I got to pei him and actually saw how studio photographers worked~

When I got back to Penang, classes just resumed like normal. It's been pretty slow I admit. Fufy's been makes awesome food and she always shares, so if you is reading this Fufy, ZANK YOU FOR SHARING!

 *this was during one breakfast-in-class session*

*this was during brunch, and it was fun because it was like a workshop with me assembling my own toast hahaha*

There's also Empire Sushi in Paragon and Bella, Kevin, Jane and I decided to have sushi for dinner one night. SUSHI IS LIFE! MENTAI TAMAGO IS LIFEEEEEEE!

BTW did i mention that I cut my hair again? Its so weird whenever I see myself with short hair~

I've only recently gotten to using the mask from Etude House that Sammi gave me, so after I finish going through all of them, I'll be making a review so please look forward to that!

There aren't any cherry blossoms here in Penang *or none that I'm aware of* but there are these yellow flowers that are just falling everywhere around college and it was quite pretty one day~

Bella, Jane and I started moving in on the 14th and it took me 4 trips back and fro to actually move all of my stuff. I didn't know I had so many things in the hostel! I was glad to finally move out of the hostel because:

1. No more bothersome guard
2. No more staying with random people
3. No more dirty bathroom
4. No more dirty floors
5. No more smelly living rooms

I'm really looking forward to living in this new place ^^

bye hostel~

Radio recording sessions officially started this week and like the previous week it was fun ^^ Fufy and I are interviewing one of Kevin's friends Phillip, and I don't really open that quick to people whom I don't know so well. Wish me luck!

Yesterday I felt like I wanted to spoil myself a little, so I went to Caffe Bene to try their Bingsu. Their strawberry bingsu was so good! I can't believe that it's only my first time trying Caffe Bene >< I also tried their caramel banana waffle and it was great as well ^^ here are some food porn shots!

We've come to the end of yet another diary post! I've recently been loving Jimin's Puss and I just can't stop listening to it!

Thanks for reading and please look forward to my future posts! In the meantime, check out my other recent updates!

ps. today is Jessica's birthday, so happy birthday Sica noona! ^^

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