Mini Daiso Haul

April 17, 2015

Is it still considered a haul even if I didn't buy them all at the same time? XD I'm a very big fan of Daiso and whenever I go in I always get the urge to buy something even if I don't really need it. I mean, who doesn't? Out of all the stuff that I've bought over the past few weeks, I've decided to make a short post about three skincare products that I've purchased ^^

First on this short list is this facial massage plate:

I first heard about this tool from one of Bubzbeauty's videos. I always wanted one but I only came across it when I was browsing through Daiso one day. 

Another YouTuber who also does facial massages is Wengie. Before buying this i actually tried facial massage with a traditional Chinese spoon but although the size of the spoon was perfect for my face, it was inconvenient and quite painful :O So I was quite happy to come across the real deal to see if facial massage really worked.

This tool massages your face and kind of flushes the toxins out of your face. It also helps slim down your face and improves blood circulation. Recently I've been using this tool and drinking a lot of water, and I've found that my face has slimmed down a bit! And my face doesn't have that much acne anymore! The only bad thing about facial massage that I've found so far is the neck acne T.T A lot of manuals and tutorials will show that you have to massage the toxins downwards, away from your face. Unfortunately, this caused the toxins to be stuck in my neck, therefore neck acne -,- just when I thought I already had acne everywhere, more pop up. It annoys me to deathhhhh. But other than that, I love this product ^^

Next is this compressed facial mask. 

I've mentioned before that I incorporate Chizu Saeki's mask technique in my routine and I've found that sometimes it gets messy and I sometimes become lazy. So to shorten the whole process and make it less of a mess, I wanted to try compressed masks. I came a cross a pack with 5 in Daiso and bought it without really thinking. It worked quite well~ My only problem with this is that I usually use undiluted lemon juice for fading purposes. The mask touches my eye area and I'm not so sure if that's safe...but other than that compressed mask sheets make life so much easier *o* I'm gonna try it on my Hada Labo Lotion too~

Later I found out that there's a pack with 10 pieces for the same price -,- and that Watsons was selling one for a similar price with 10 pieces too. I guess that's what I get for impulse buying~

Lastly, this woolen face washing brush!

One of my ultimate goals in life is to buy a facial cleansing brush. When I save up enough money I'll probably buy a Clarisonic one, but until that fateful day comes, I'm stuck with my hands *not really complaining that much*. I came across this brush and though "Will a manual brush be useful?". I was quite apprehensive because the brush didn't seem too soft...

After trying it, I found myself 50/50 liking/not liking it. The brush foamed up my cleanser quite well, but it felt a bit rough on the skin. My skin felt clean after using it, but my arm was so tired. It didn't break me out, but I feel like I have to disinfect it more often than I would an electronic one with plastic bristles. Overall...a 50% I guess.

So we've come to the end of yet another post! Thanks for reading through and I hope you found this list interesting! I'll be sure to buy a shit load of things from Daiso, so if ever I find something interesting, I'll be sure to share it here ^^ Please look forward to my future posts and thanks for reading again! ^^

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