April 11, 2015

After almost two weeks of waiting, I finally got my hands on EXO's 2nd studio album EXODUS! ^^ kinda ironic how I preordered them 6 months before they were even announced but I still got them late -,- oh well. Here I am today to make an unboxing of sorts!

So a little background info, SM released 20 versions of this album, 10 gold versions (Korean) and 10 silver versions (Chinese). I was seriously bummed there were so many versions and unlike SNSD's I Got A Boy, there was NO GROUP VERSION. So if I wanted a copy, I had to choose a member T.T this was hard for me because as you may or may not know, my bias in EXO was Kris. If Kris was still in EXO and they released 24 versions, I would have happily bought both of Kris' versions. Alas, there are only 10 now so I had to choose. In the end I trusted my OTPs and was left with eithe Kaisoo (Kai + D.O) or Baekyeol (Baekhyun + Chanyeol). I eventually chose Kaisoo

When I came to collect my albums however, I found out that the music shop ordered a silver D.O and a SILVER KAI. I wanted the gold Kai T.T she let me choose from the remaining gold versions available (Chen, Tao and Suho). She kept on urging me to get Chen's, so I did. After 10 minutes I came back to the shop and exchanged Chen's version for Tao's XD I AM A HAILANG SO DONT JUDGE MEEEE

so long story short, I have silver D.O and gold Tao!

for the gold version I got Chanyeol's card and for the silver I got Xiumin's card ^^

Without further ado, here are some more photos of the albums! ^^ first we'll be doing Tao's golden version:

next up we have D.O silver version!

as for the posters I thought that they were random but you get the poster of the member whose album you got, so I got Tao and DO as well. 

In the music shop that i bought this from, each album costs RM95 *together with the poster*, but since i preordered them I got them fro RM89 each.

so that's all from me, thanks for reading this post and please look forward to my future posts! ^^


  1. They look so pretty omg. Which shop did you buy it from?

    1. i bought it from a CD shop called Cheerful Lifestyle in Ipoh Parade :)
      *sorry for the late reply ><*


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