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April 5, 2015

hello my awesome readers! i actually did the personality test/Jung topology test on humanmetrics.com and found my personality a few weeks back. Bella and Kevin were talking about their personalities earlier and their descriptions were pretty spot on, so i decided to make a blog post about mine ^^

i took the test and got ENTP, or as 16personalities.com calls, "The Debater". it's said that "clever" is the word that describes me best *ahem* so true *ahem*. verbally and cerebrally quick, I'm described to be one who like to argue for the sake of it and has a perverse sense of humor. about the humor i agree, but about the arguing...not so much? i mean in my mind i do contradict a lot of things and i tend to question people a lot, but most times i wouldn't express my arguments verbally :O in personally question people a lot but i do it inside my head.

ENTPs are described as optimistic, which I am! i would say that i'm generally a very optimistic person and i do try to see the good in every situation. whenever things don't go the way i planned it to go, the first thing that i usually think is "oh, that probably happened for a reason" and i just let it go. it was mentioned that ENTPs get petulant or childishly angry at minor setbacks and inconveniences, which is so true omg. whenever i plan for something i usually get/achieve it, but if i don't i'll be upset for a while but then it just goes away~ 

ENTPs are described to sometimes give an impression of being largely oblivious to the rest of humanity except as an audience. i don't really know what this means, but in terms of attention span, if its a very large group of people i might not be able to catch on to small details, but if it's my friend or someone quite close to me, i tend to be a great listener. now that i think about it, i listen to a lot of my friends and give them feedback. i'm more of a listener than a talker.

the best way to approach an ENTP is to be straightforward, which i totally agree in. if you're going to say something why bother going around in circles? -,- if ever i wanna say something which isn't exactly easy to say, i try to say it in a nice way or not say it at all. i'm not really good at going around in circles lol.

ENTPs are described as unique, which i totally agree. they're also described as always changing. this, i find a bit inaccurate. i don't change very often and i feel that change is something that i have difficulty in implementing in my life. i know that change is necessary to advance and to grow, but i tend to hold on to things and habits and shy away from change.

ENTPs are described as loyal to their friends but are very vulnerable and feel judgement. i have to say that i am nothing if not loyal. i may talk trash sometimes about people i don't really like (or people my friends don't like, we do it together lol), but if you're my friend, i surely won't talk trash about you. in the end of the day i stay very loyal to my small, close group of friends because i feel that that's the way it should be.

ENTPs are known to have a need to have areas of expertise/excellence and homagash this is so true. in my interests i usually think that if anyone else does it too, i'm surely better and and that everybody else does it worse XD i tend to think of myself a bit higher than other people too, but i don't look down on people, just ability wise i guess?

Strengths of ENTPs are:
1. Knowledgeable
2. Quick thinkers
3. Original 
4. Excellent brainstormers
5. Charismatic
6. Energetic

Weaknesses of ENTPs are:
1. Very argumentative
2. Insensitive
3. Intolerant
4. Find it difficult to focus
5. Dislike practical matters

overall except for the change part everything that i read was very spot on if i do say so myself. i encourage anyone who wants to learn more about their personalities to go and take the test ^^ it may not be 100% correct but you'll definitely find it interesting to read ^^

thanks for reading this post, i hope you liked it!

ps. its currently 2.12 am as i finish typing this post lol.

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