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April 5, 2015

More often times than not I'll ask myself "Do I need this or do I want this?". Believe me, whenever i see something i always pick it up and put it back down calmly. I usually think that i look like Rebecca in Confessions of a Shopaholic when she put down those pink boots XD. This post however will be focused on the things that i kinda want at the moment! Due to some very good circumstances, I'll be getting some extra cash and although I'll most probably just save it and not spend it, i still fantasized about all the things that I wanna buy. The temptation is real omggggg. You know that feeling when you have cash and just want to spend it? I'm actually the type of person that whenever I get cash i can't wait to spend it. Although I categorize myself as a saver I'm also a very heaver spender *#1 reason why even though I save like mad I still end up with less than what i planned to have*

So without further ado, here's a very shameless list of all the things that I currently want!

Number 1 on this list would be Versace Eros. Yes, it has the same name as me. Yes, it smells fantastic. Yes, the bottle looks frickin awesome. Yes, I will be getting it, sometime in the future. I guess. Maybe. I don't know. I've actually known about this perfume since it came out because I stumbled upon an ad on Youtube! Funnily enough, I also stumbled upon displays in KL and Damansara. I watched a review a long time ago and the only thing I can remember is that it smells a bit vanilla-ish? I didn't really try it out even though I've been seeing it around everywhere, that was until my friends and I went to Sasa one day and I tried it. Two words: INSTANT HEAVEN. I don't know about the vanillaness but I do know that it smells awesome *o* 50ml costs RM218 and 100ml cost RM289 *i think*. If ever I do get this perfume I'll take the 100ml one because hello, for twice the amount, I think the price is very reasonable. In the meantime I'll just spray myself whenever I pass by Sasa/Sephora because I'm cheap like that XD

My friend Fufy has been seeing this facial consultant who's a representative of Mary Kay. Bella and I tagged along during one of her appointments and I got to meet her. Fanny, the lady, was very nice and informative about the Mary Kay products. We'll be meeting her soon too, but one product that caught my eye was their Skinvigorate cleansing brush. Unlike the Clarisonic, it only cost Rm190! it already comes with 2 brushes and replacement brushes cost RM48 for 2 brushes. the Clarisonics in Sephora cost around RM500-800, so Mary Kay's Skinvigorate is really a fraction of the price. I know that a lot of people and dermatologists consider the Clarisonic to be the best, but I can't really afford it, so why not try with Mary Kay's brush? From what Fanny told me it's pretty good, and I've also read a few blog reviews about it that were all positive. hmmmmm. This product is worth consideration... click here to read more about it and here to read a blog review i read. I've also hear of the Olay Pro-X brush and they're about the same price, but so far the Mary Kay Skinvigorate seems better...hmmmmm....

I've been craving sushi A LOT these days, and for this I probably will spend. There's this nice sushi place in Paragon that sells cheap sushi, so maybe one of these days I'll buy a lot, buy a few props from Daiso and take Instagrammable photos XD I don't know why but I keep seeing sushi on Insta -,- stop tempting meeeeeeeee

This next one isn't really a want but a NEED. At least, i keep telling myself that. I've been using my Samsung Galaxy S3 for quite a while now, and I'm planning on upgrading and getting a new one by November *aka my birthday*. It's getting very laggy and annoying and I just cannot T.T my S3's still great though, but...I need to move on to greener pastures if you know what I mean.

Next on my list is black clothes homg. My black phase still isn't over! I still want black shirts, black pants and black errthanggggggg. Maybe one of these days I'll go to Pragin and buy a couple of shirts. I might even come across some pants/shorts. I saw these nice black shorts in Uniqlo the other day and I want them T.T

As you may or may not know, EXO just released their 2nd full length album EXODUS and I'm getting Kai's Korean version and D.O's Chinese version this Friday! SNSD's gonna have their comeback soon, I can just smell it, so that's another album that I shall be buying. If there's a Korean physical album that is. I don't really buy their Japanese albums because they're so expensive compared to their Korean ones  T.T and what if EXO releases a repackage album??! SM's a bitch about repackages and versions, so I'm just preparing myself. All the money I spend somehow all goes to buying Kpop albums and although I know that its a bit useless and in the future I'll probably end up questioning myself, at the moment I still cannot stop T.T

Last but not least, I'll be moving into a new house soon! My friends and I managed to get this awesome apartment in Gurney Park and we'll start moving in on the 16th! Fingers crossed, I hope its a smooth move and nothing else goes wrong *goodness knows how many things happened this month related to this place. so much drama and effort! house, you better be worth it*. I was scrolling down Yutaki's blog to get inspired the other day and I came across his Little Blue Room post! Its just so pretty and now I kinda want to decorate the room too so I can take load of pictures! Let's not jinx it or anything tho, hows about I move in first and I start planning on customizing it. Here's some of the photos on Yutaki's blog *all taken by him of course*. Btw if you don't know Yutaki he's a Singaporean blogger and I love him to bits. He's one of the few people that I really look up to, respect and aspire to be like! ^^

click here to see the original blog post with more details and pictures!

So that's all from little old me. I hope I didn't bore you with this post. Today's actually Easter Sunday, so Happy Easter everyone! I went out for service with Fufy and Bella at Val's church and it was different from usual mass. In a good way though. It was fun and lively~ Bella's currently out with her relatives, Jane's in KL and Fufy went out with her friends *i think* so I'm currently alone chilling ^^ actually enjoying my alone time~ anyhoo, thanks again for reading and please do look forward to my future posts! ^^


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