one fourth

March 26, 2015

can you believe that March is almost over? one fourth of the year just passed in the blink of an eye :O

i actually started typing this diary post up when i had my finals XD i don't think i did very well this sem...anyway, here's another blog update about what's been happening ^^

i don't know why but recently i've been loving taking square selfies. not as in taking a normal photo and cropping it into a square, but 直接 going into square mode :O do i make sense?

these selfies were taken at the end of January sometime after class~

me in all my unedited glory lol. this year i want to wear more sweaters, mainly because i wanna stay out of the sun. i watched the making of SNSD's Las Vegas photobook and when they were on the way to the desert to take photos, Tiffany was wearing a sweater. she said she would rather sweat that burn, which kinda makes sense. i would rather sweat than get darker. i remember i had a junior back in high school who always wore a jacket over her uniform no matter the weather. now that i look back that's probably why she had such white skin~

Henna was one of our addictions and we couldn't stop drawing on ourselves XD one night it just dawned on me that i could draw Avatar stuff on my legs, so i did

the day after, my friends and i went to the beach. it was cloudy so i thought that it would be okay to swim, but...

i fucking got stung by a jellyfish! and not just once, three times! first i felt an itchy/tingly feeling on my left leg, and i immediately thought of jellyfish. Fufy told me that it wasn't jellyfish season and that i was probably just imagining it. i went back into the ocean and felt the same tingly sensation on my right leg. i kept on complaining to Fufy that i think i got stung but she just brushed me off. the third time i stepped on the frickin jellyfish! and i felt one of its tentacles actually touch my left leg and sting me. i ran to the shore to look at it, and behold:

do you see the swelling that was starting to appear? T.T it turns out that it was actually jellyfish season T.T i had to get sprayed with vinegar and pee on mahself to stop the swelling T.T disgusting as it sounds it actually worked~

here i am not giving a fuck and still taking a selfie with le sunset XD

i've also been more colour coordinated these days and i realized that i have a lot of red stuff. i realized that i actually prefer maroon over bright red, so maroon stuff are now on my list of must-buy clothes.

my tomyum addiction still isn't over. i even have instant tumyum noodles now XD

i picked up this Kit Kat ice cream one day and as much as i like chocolate, kitkat and ice cream, i didn't really LOVE this product :O it was just okay~ it was kinda too sweet *even for me*

i also helped Jane dye her hair purple *plus helped bella add a bit of purple to her pink hair too*.

since Jane had black hair i had to bleach her hair first. i thought of bleaching my hair too so i bought Gatsby's bleach from Watson's in Ipoh.

i though my hair was gonna turn white but i bought the wrong bleach and my hair just turned light brown like Chanyeol's hair now T.T

it's not bad, but i feel...bored with this caramel colour. i want my reddish brown hair back, so i'm probably gonna dye it back to that colour a few months later.

i've been eating nutella both in Penang and Ipoh and i'm getting fat :O i need to exercise but...

by commission, i asked my sis to draw me and here's what she doodled one day

cute right ^^

krishan recently reunited and i couldn't have been more happier ^^

my midterms were okay~ i got 70s mostly and i think if i studied more i could have gotten more. i'm kinda unsatisfied with my results because the questions where i lost marks were so easy. and i don't know why i left some questions blank T.T

i crammed for midterms so i was lucky that i got decent results. i hope i do better for my finals~

*this selfie was taken after my Copywriting midterm paper~ if only my skin condition was really this nice T.T* 

one day i woke up with really messy hair, and although i did wash it, i decided "why not make today a beanie day?". so i finally got to use the beanie i bought from Daiso! :D

some background story about this beanie, i actually saw a maroon beanie in Vans for RM69 and i wanted it soooooo bad. i'm kinda thankful that my friends talked me out of it and got one from Daiso for RM5 instead. IMPULSE BUYING IS DANGEROUS omg, i can't believe i actually considered buying a RM69 BEANIE. i shouldn't be left alone to shop omg.

Gerald and I discovered these seaweed things in the canteen and they are heaven *v*

my friends and i watched Jupiter Ascending *it was a great movie* and on the way inside guess who i saw *o*

my fanboy heart homg. Somewhere Only We Know was screening in GSC for a week and i decided to watch when I went back to Ipoh~

btw im super hyped for Red Velvet's comeback! have you seen their hair? *v* Joy and her blonde hair homagashhhhhhh

before our CNY holiday i was just so dead /.\ i was sho lazy in class that i wasn't even paying attention *hence the selfies*. kinda judging my expressions now -,-

on that very same day, there was this gym that was offering a free body analysis in college, and i found out that i'm...normals *gasps*

and after that i just died on Bella's sofa lol

Jane went back to KL the same day I went to Ipoh, so we took the bus together~ i was so sleepy that i almost left one of my bags at the bus stop O.O luckily Jane was there XD

on Valentines Eve i had a date with pizza *v*


on Valentines Day i met up with Naomi *who just got back from China* and Caryn to watch Somewhere Only We Know! ^^

i heard a lot of good feedback from people who watched the movie but i personally didn't expect it to be so good! embarrassing as this may sound, i was actually just gonna watch the movie because i wanter to support Kris, but it was so good that i wanted to rewatch it again and again and againnnnn. *but of course i'm poor so i didn't*. the whole cinema was screaming during Kris' first scene XD it was just his back and people were like "homghomghomghomghomg*. there were a lot of amc students and all of them were squealing so much -,- i had my fanboy moments *a LOT in fact* but at the same time i wanted to enjoy the movie in peace. there was one scene where Kris was sitting on a sofa with his arms behind his head, so his armpit hair was kinda showing. i actually saw it as soon as he sat down, and i was like *lol* in my head. the girls on the other hand... -,- after a while one girls noticed and started LAUGHING and the whole two rows of girls followed -,- but overall the movie was great HOMG IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THIS MOVIE GO LOOK FOR IT IN THE INTERNET NOW.

*i so totally didn't illegally take photos in the cinema*

as you guys probably already know, i use a lot of filter and edit my selfies a lot. one day i took this set of photos:

and apparently it was so believable that an ex-classmate of mine actually asked me what i used to whiten my skin XD i didn't know how to reply him! err, if ever you read this, i am an edited bitch :*

we had a week long holiday for Chinese New Year, and Sammeh and I actually got back to Ipoh on the same day! ^^

she kept on convincing me to go to Singapore on the 28th! i actually got an email from SM Entertainment a few weeks back inviting me to come to their Singapore auditions. i sent in a video and some photos a looooong time back and i was actually quite shocked to get a reply :O but since its in Singapore...its gonna be expensive *for me anyways* and i was starting my 3rd semester on the 30th so...not possible T.T as much as i wanted to go, the odds weren't really in my favour...

on a happier mode, i'm totally addicted to Black Butler! i made a separate post about it that you can read here. i've finished watching all the episodes and omg its so damn good. on to the manga! ^^

CNY was really fun because TRF attendance was 6/7 like last CNY! kinda funny because last year chaichai wasn't with us and this year tzeshi isn't. here's to hoping next year all seven of us can come! ^^

we all have this new found addiction with mahjong lol

i also made Naomi a fabulous wallpaper XD

Naomi, Sammi, Caryn and I chilled in Caryn's foyer while waiting for Xzeyan and Chaichai~ as always i bombed their phones with selcas XD i usually just use Sammi & Caryn's iphone5s, i was quite surprised with the quality of Naomi's HTC's front camera :O 蛮不错一下~

not bad right? i didn't edit or add any filters~ maybe it was the lighting but my skin condition looks really good right?

alas all good things must come to an end. i had to go back to Penang the very next day for classes T.T

btw i found this checkered shirt that i rarely use :O i think it was okay? i rarely experiment with clothes -,-

my friends and i watched Kingsman and it was hella good! definitely worth a rewatch! i'm waiting for the dvd to be released this june so i can finally stream the movie online in hd XD Eggsy好帅啊! if only i could dress that good *o*

one fine morning while waiting for Belaa to finish getting ready, i decided to be the camwhore that i am and take selfies XD recently i've been trying to get into the habit of wearing watched. i've never really liked the feeling of wearing a watch ever since i was young, but nowadays i find that i don'n mind it that much~

i came across Key's photos for Maps and ohmyballs he looks so good! his light hair and those lenses...definitely and inspiration for future selfies XD but seriously, i've been saying again and again that i wanna go back to darker brown hair but all these celebs suddenly all go blonde or light brown and are making me shooo jelly! *o*

i've also recently discovered BANANA LEAF! where has this been all my life??! recently i've been eating a lot of malay?/indian? *not really sure what they're classified as* food like in Nasi Kandar and i'm loving it. i guess its because of my environment? last time i was around people who didn't really eat malay food so i didn't really try it, but now dare i say that i'm addicted? *o*

finals were quite stressful but overall it was okay...

pre finals

post finals

pre finals jane. for her painting she did van gogh's starry night! isn't it pretty?

and that's the end of sem 2! i headed back to Ipoh very early one day and something quite scary happened :O my mum always books an 8.30 bus for me, so i usually leave my hostel at 6. after travelling by several buses i should reach at 8+ at Sungai Nibong where i take the bus going to Ipoh. i couldn't really sleep so i decided to leave my hostel at 5. as i was sitting in the bus stop, i noticed that there wasn't a single car or person out yet. i took out my phone and started playing flappy bird *lol* when i heard the sound of an approaching vehicle. i thought it was the bus but it turned out to be a white van with a thai plate number and thai writing all over it. i didn't think anything of it, but it suddenly stopped in the middle of the road and reversed back to me! i panicked homg. the driver rolled down the window, stared at me from head to toe, then left. i thought it was over but after 2 minutes he came back asked from inside his car "wanna sit in my car?". i just shook my head and played with my phone. I WAS SO SCARED. i didn't know if i should call my mum, my friend or post about it on fb or what. i was panicking so much but as soon as he left the bus came. i was so positive that if i stayed any longer that van would have come back for me and kidnapped me or something. IT WAS SO FRICKIN SCARY!

so i've kinda dragged this post for too long XD expect new posts soon about what i'm currently listening to, what's been happening in kpop and my life so far. thanks for reading this super long post! byeeeee! ^^

ps. i've been eating fruits with greek yogurt and it is heaven! its so good!


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