Black Butler | 黒執事

February 17, 2015

Black Butler is a manga that was adapted to anime (2 seasons, a few OVAs and a movie i think?). as most of you know, i'm not THAT a big fan of anime but i have read and watched a few shows. Black Butler is one of those famous titles that i kept on hearing of but never bothered with. all i knew was that there was a kid and a butler in black lol. as fate would have it, one day i searched it up on Wikipedia. i remember seeing about "Victorian-era", "Faust" and "revenge" and was like I NEED TO WATCH THIS WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE AIYOOOO

the plot revolves around Ciel Phantomhive and his demon butler Sebastian Michaelis. the story is REALLY good. i cannot stress that enough. after watching season 1, i think i'm going to read the manga while watching season 2. i'm kinda disappointed that Ciel and Sebastian aren't going to be in season 2, but who knows i might like the new characters :D

the things that i found interesting in this anime are:

1. the plot twists/interesting progression of story
I'm the kind of person that actually trusts characters, so whenever someone turns out different from how they were first introduced i'm like "WHATTTTTT??" my face for most of the anime was

i'm not even kidding. *spoiler alert* i thought Madam Red and Lau were trustable but noooo, and Meirin's past homg i though she was just a normal otaku maid! i thought Ash was good but i have to say he DID have this weird feeling about him, the Queen was psycho and Angela...i don't even know what to say. i feel like i have to read the manga to really understand the progression of stuff ><

2. the dishes that Sebastian prepares
this anime will legit make you hungry. in the first few episodes i wanted cake and in the curry episodes i wanted curry so bad T.T can i have a butler too plsssss

3. Ciel's outfits
i haven't posted about this here but i have ranted a bit on twitter that i am currently obsessing on expensive designer stuff, especially Saint Laurent/YSL stuff *darn you wyf*. Ciel's outfits are just so Victorian-y and nice and classy and ughhhhhhhh why can't people nowadays wear stuff like that? my favourites are this green one:

the one with the cape(outfit number 1):

and this black one:

i also have this recent obsession with black shirts, shorts and oxford shoes so please forgive me while i cry bc i really want Ciel's shoes T.T Sebastian's trench coat in the last few episodes looked quite nice too~

why can't i have more than just burning sun and flood inducing rain T.T

4. the setting (London)
the setting of the story was very nice, and i loved how Ciel was an earl who had rich kid benefits. more stuff for me to be jealous of lol. the Queen is also here, and at one point i was curious if this anime/manga made British people angry/irked them? don't they really respect and love their queen?

so those were my two cents on Black Butler ^^ if you would want to watch season one click here to watch!

book of circus (still about Ciel/currently watching):

and season two!

i found a separate site with the OVAs too *which i have yet to watch*

happy watching! ^^

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