January 23, 2015

first of all look at these pictures, don't they look niceeeeee? :D

super vain i know XD before my first sem in collage ended, i decided to do a bit of clothes shopping to reward myself and lo and behold, Padini had this three day sale where everything was half price or 70% off. i ain't even kidding, i wanted to buy soooooo many stuff but i ended up choosing this sweater and shirt ^^

i'm a sucker for sweaters and although you can't really see it, the checkered shirt is actually quite nice. i decided to buy it because there's this senior in my department who dresses so nice @.@ YOU IS MY FASHION ICON. in total i got two pieces worth RM200+ for only RM80 ^^ 


fast forwarding, monday morning this week was unexpectedly cold and windy, and so was tuesday, so i decided that wednesday should be my sweater weather day. malaysia really needs more cold days in my opinion~ i woke up wednesday morning and saw that the sky was a bit dark and thought "YES THE WEATHER IS COOPERATING TODAY, I CAN WEAR A SWEATER!". i was in a good mood all through my morning routine and i kinda wish i had more happy/positive mornings instead of being a zombie. 

i paired the sweater with a white shirt i got from Padini (again lol) and i felt so preppy XD kinda regret that i didn't ask anyone to take a full body photo :( i took a million selfies but none of them turned out nice T.T

I usually dress very casually (aka just shirts+pants) but im trying this new thing this year where i try to experiment with clothes and combinations. when i got to college i was KINDA insecure and nervous about people thinking that what i was wearing was a bit too much~ a good thing though is that Johann complimented me and said that i look very korean-ish XD even Gerald said i looked nice so i guess it wasn't too bad? for lunch, Bella, Kevin, Gerald and i decided to eat at Spade's Burger. i've posted about it before and i still love it just as much as the first time we went omg *Denise wasn't with us cos she was sick~ too bad because we could have had sweater weather together*

the food was just asdfghjl so good. i highly recommend this burger place


after eating i got to selfie with Gerald's iPhone 6~ may i just say, as a Samsung user this is the first time i've totally liked and wanted to get an Apple phone. the design is just so nice and the camera ughhhh selfie die meeeee. 

Bella also has a set of cool clip-on lenses that make selfies look...well cool lol 

unfortunately as the day progressed, it got hotter and hotter /.\ we arrived an hour early for class so we just chilled by the foyer. guess who took more selfies XD the camera is just sooooo good! 

i've edited away my hideous pimples/scars but aside from that, don't i look damn nice? *ahem vain ahem*. i'm saving up money but i wanna buy so many things that i should probably find a job o.o 

after class we headed to Paragon to fix Bella's watch and i got to grab a cone of froyo! Moo Cow is my new guilty pleasure @.@ IMMA COME FOR YOU AGAIN FROYO! 

so that's all for this post! thanks for reading through this random mind vomit on the day i decided to try and be fashionable and kinda failed but not so much~ to end this post, EDITED SELFIES! at this point i'm so vain that i'm probably gonna end up marrying myself lol. still not confident so i still rely on filter and stuff so yeah :X

 sorry for so much sarcasm and again, thanks for reading! ^^


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