January 23, 2015

hello everybody! today's post will be all about my *quite uneventful* sem break and the start of my second sem in college! this post has been waaaay overdue, so let's get started ^^

before my first semester in college ended, i had *of course* my finals week. i was kinda nervous and freaked out a bit @.@ might sound a bit asian but all that was running through my head was "i can't get bad grades!". i heard that getting a 3.5 entitled a student to a scholarship and i really wanted to help my parents with my tuition in any way that i can :)

Bella, Gerald and I on the last day of our exams~
this photo was taken with our classmate Guangyao/Mr President's Vivo phone.
the quality is quite good but according to him the phone sucks :o

it rained almost each day of my stay back in Ipoh and i loved it ^^ it was like the place was welcoming me back. i'm not a sun person and i really love rain, so having almost a whole month of cold weather was very relaxing ^^

one of my besties Sammi/SAMMEH came back from Singapore and it was so good meeting up with her ^^ one thing that sucks about college life is that we're all in different places studying different stuff, and the time we have with each other is very limited. although i enjoyed her visit, I can't wait for our chinese new year reunion when our whole gang of friends will be together again!

i got to make 汤圆 (tang yuan/glutinous balls for the winter solstice) at Sammi's place and it was nice experience making them myself. i usually just eat them lol

we skyped with Naomi on that day and i kinda feel bad for her because she was eating white tangyuans she got from her canteen while we had colourful homecooked ones. kinda sucks to stay so far away from home :|

on that very day of the winter solstice, Sammi, Caryn and I met up with Yokemun, Sydney and Hoyyan at Kbox and sang karaoke. i kinda felt a bit bad because Sydney, Sammi and Caryn only got to sing a few songs *Yokemun, Hoyyan and I kinda got carried away singing our korean songs*~

and on that night, i got to take a selfie with my mum! omg i was sooooo happy hahaha. i won't be posting it here tho :O my face was quite cacat XD

Sammi and I also met up with a few friends from high school in Aeon~

my hair colour tho *o*

and had dimsum with my family that night

we also hung out at Caryn's house with Chaichai and i learned how to play mahjong hahaha XD

it was the first time Caryn drove us :D

Christmas this year was quite uneventful and i didn't really expecting anything, so it just came and went~ my uncle Mike (mum's oppa) from the States spent Christmas with us and he was fun ^^ we brought him around KL and other places so that was kinda the best part of my holidays~

(insert a random selfie that i don't even know when i took)

i really need to start taking more selfies of me and my siblings :O we hardly have any pictures together T.T

one the bad things about breaks/holidays *yes there are bad things too* is that sometimes you have nothing to do and you get sooooo bored. i tried to be useful and did some stuff but most days i just ended up going through Instagram on my bed. i did manage to get a few nice shots of random stuff in my room, the lovely Etude house products that Sammi got me and FOOD XD i figured my Instagram feed could use pictured that DIDN'T have my face in them, so on a particularly creative day i took these shots~

a few days before sem 2 started, my family and I went to the nearby park to get some exercise. my mum and grandma especially wanted to get some exercise and i learned later on that while i was in Penang they continued going for exercise which is quite good ^^ i hope everyone stays healthy this year!

one of my dilemmas right now is HOW AM I GONNA DYE MY HAIR THE SAME COLOUR. i for those of you who don't know, i actually spent a week with flamin red hair and put a layer of brown on top, which got me this wonderful shade of maroon. i really really REALLY like this hair colour but i don't know if i'll get the result that i want if i dye my hair with a maroon dye. #firstworldproblems

speaking of my red hair, i recently "commissioned" my sister to draw me and so far she's only given me a rough sketch, but once she's free imma pester her to draw me with her computer-pen-thingamajig XD

the first day of sem 2 back in Penang wasn't really bad. the only thing i got annoyed with was that the slippers and mirror that i accidentally left in my dorm disappeared after spring cleaning -,- other than that it felt great to be back ^^

my hard work paid off and i got a GPA of 3.5! i heard that if you get a 3.5 you're entitled to something, but it turns out that it was actually 3.8. they also told me that since i already used my O-level results to get a small discount, no matter how well i did in the next semesters i wouldn't be able to get any more scholarships T.T unfair much. i was kinda looking forward to the scholarship motivating me, but i guess i'll just have to motivate myself~

to all the EXO fans out there, you've probably heard of the 2nd EXO tour. if so, how do you feel about it? i haven't even had the time to save money for my own stuff and they're out and about it again T.T does this mean that i'll never get to go to their concert??/ T.T

on a happier note, Kai and D.O just had their birthdays! which also means that the day between their birthdays is? KAISOO DAY! XD its one of those days that i look forward to because everyone on twitter, tumbler and aff is alive XD

for example, i found this hot picture of jongin on twitter

Fufy has been bringing breakfast to college and i kinda like the idea of bringing food to school like in high school, so imma start bringing my own overnight oats to class soon ^^ also, hanging around Fufy makes me want to actually EAT and MAKE food because taking pictured of food is just so fun XD a recent discovery of mine is foodgym on tumblr and ughhhh can i have everything there pls /.\

i think i mentioned Yuna in a post before, but just in case you didn't know, she was one of my classmates from last sem and is KOREAN *homagash*. we don't have any classes together this sem but she still gave everyone from last sem stuff she got back from Korea ^^ the gesture was greatly appreciated. while i was eating them the only thing going through my mind was "this thing has korean air inside it omg should i open it omg what will korean air be like omgomgomg" XD #kindadesperatetogothere

one of my recent kpop obsessions is GFriend, which i was expecting to hate but ended up loving so much >< i just CANNOT stop listening to Glass Bead + their choreo is to die for!

we recently went to the cinema and watched Into the Woods and the money i spent on that movie ticket was worth every cent. i loved every second of it! ^^ while it's still out, go check it out! i promise you won't regret it.

i recently posted about my trip to the beach so click here to check it out!

i woke up feeling really good one day and just decided to take a picture *like the vain and self centred person that i am lol*. my skin's gotten loads better and i'm just in an overall good mood most of the time ^^

this monday was particularly cold and i loved it. i wish i'd worn a sweater tho :O the lighting in class was good though, so here's another photo for you:

classes have been really interesting *especially advertising* but ever since sem started i feel like everyone's tired as hell :O on tuesday everyone was so done with life/had something going on for them /.\ i hope the rest of the sem/year isn't the same...

on wednesday this week i decided that it was sweater day and decided to wear to layers of clothing. i failed quite miserably lol. read about everything that happened on that day on my next post (click here)

i'm also really loving Garnier's Sakura White line! i'm working on making a review post but it probably won't be anytime soon. i got the day cream and the night cream last week and i just got the face wash today. i might buy the serum a little later cos im running out of cash *i totally need to get a job*, but please do look forward to it! ^^

i'm having my mid-terms next next week like omg why so fast? and my group hasn't even started on our group project like TIME PLS SLOW DOWN.

i'm currently back in Ipoh for the weekend~ Bella helped me draw some stuff on my hands with henna and i'm loving it ^^ can you guess why i have a star and a square? ^^ (hint: one of them lives in a pineapple under the sea)

right now i'm relaxing and trying to detox ^^ thanks for taking time to read this long blog/diary post! i hope you enjoyed it and please look forward to my next post!


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