January 4, 2015

so a little update on what i've been watching! before sem break i found out that a classmate of mine was watching Avatar: The Legend of Korra and i decided to watch it too. to those who aren't familiar with it, its the second installment in the Avatar series. i watched the first when i was still in high school and i LOVED it, but i never got the chance to watch Korra...i only knew that it was set in a more futuristic world than that of Aang's~


overall i loved Korra ^^ her character's totally different from Aang but i love her all the more. all the bad buys were annoying but the plots were so good! it had less bending action but the story makes up for it. its kinda sad that Korra's the last avatar T.T i'm hoping that one day a third installment is announced~ *although i can't imagine how that would be*. the ending also deserves to be mentioned! it was so unexpected but expected at the same time ^^ i don't wanna seem weird or anything, but as a kpop fan i've shipped my idols together even though they're in the same group. avatar wasn't any different and i shipped Korra and Asami, so it was just AMAZING that *SPOILER ALERT* they ended up together ^^ since this series has a large following among young adults/thewholeworld but is aimed at children, i hope that people become more accepting and open minded ^^ *plus Verrick and Zhuli getting married i just asdfghjklsdususdussb*


i started watching when Book 4 just came out, so i kinda got to catch on with everyone else who was tuned in. i watched the final as soon as it came out ^^ it's all available on http://www.legendofkorra.tv/ so go watch it right now!


also available on the site is the first season! so after watching Korra i decided to rewatch Aang XD 

as i said, Aang's season is better that Korra's in terms of bending and powerful benders. i got goosebumps by the end when Aang was battling Sozen/Zuko vs. Azula. i just...ahhhh. i spazzed so much XD can't believe how much of a fanboy i've been these past few days XD i seriously have this thing for Zuko and i NEED Zuko/Roku's crown!


the world would be so much awesomer if bending really existed~ right now i'm reading The Last Airbender comics ^^ i'm reading The Promise on Mangahere but i don't think all of them are there, so i might have to go somewhere else...

to end this post, here's an ultra large hd map of the avatar's world! ^^

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