January 17, 2015

so i know that i havent been posting that much and it's all because i'm lazy *as always*. i actually have a few posts lined up and started but unfinished lol. so one of my new year's resolutions this year is to actually blog more often ^^ *kinda ironic how one of the posts lined up is my new year's resolutions hahaha*

as i'm typing this post it's currently 12.40am~ i felt tired a few hours ago but now i just feel alive XD


today's post will be all about my recent trip to the beach! it's not actually my first time going to the beaches here in Penang. i've gone a few times with my family and once after starting college. i think i can say that by far i enjoyed this one the best, mainly because i had an awesome time playing volleyball *plus i got to take a lot of selfies hahahaha*

to start this post off, here are some photos with filters, because really, who can live without filters? XD #teamVSCO

me + Denise + Bella +Jane! :D
fun fact: i actually dyed all of their hair! ^^ unexpectedly, one of the stuff i've been enjoying since college started is dyeing people's hair. you can't really see it here but Jane's hair is actually blue + purple~ too bad Val wasn't in this picture :O i dye her hair red too~

camwhoring at its best lol

first thing i thought of when i saw denise's new volleyball was OMG MIKASAAAAA. for those who don't know, she's a character from Attack on Titan #geekingout

on with the post! woke up at about 11 feeling lazy and thinking that today was gonna be a slow day. at about 12 i went out for lunch with Gerald, Jane and Bella at Harvest Inn. being super hungry it didn't really occur to me to take photos -,- another one of my resolutions for this year is to try and take more photos~

afterwards Jane, Bella and I met up with Val and went to Prangin to get Val's hair dye. imma be bleaching her hair soon and i can't wait ^^

the sun was actually very hot so i was kinda worried that it would be scorching once we got to the beach...


luckily it wasn't THAT hot. it was a bit hot at first but it was all good afterwards~


first thing i did was camwhoring hahahahaha. it's been too longgggg~

the sun was really bright that time tho, so my asian eyes were struggling XD here we are all squinting: 

and here i am trying to pass it off as winking hahaha my face is malfunctioning lol

the lighting was just so nice and i couldn't stop pressing the button! i've been avoiding the sun a lot since i don't really wanna get darker, but i guess getting some sun once in a while isn't that bad~ it was really warm and nice and just asdfghjl

here we have me taking selfies in ALMOST the exact positions XD

my acne's gotten LOADS better and my scar fading has been going well so far ^^ happy skin = happy me!


here's some photos of me and fufy ^^ now i kinda wish that i took selfies with everybody there :O

i didn't go into the water but Jane and Fufy did~ i was too busy taking photos~

and i guess one of the perks of studying and living on an island is getting to go to nice beaches ^^

at one point i was just so into taking photos that i took photos of everything lol. i had to delete a lot when i got home. here's one of Fufy:

and here's some of Jane:

one of the things we wanted to do on the beach was to play beach volleyball, but while i was taking photos + jane and denise went into the water, some guys came over and played first. they were all good players *from what i could see* and they made me want to play vb more lol

i went to the gym with my friend Farhan on thursday so i was really looking forward to more exercise ^^ compared to our first time playing, i actually enjoyed this time way better. Val brought some of her friends and they were all friendly :D we actually met one of the guys, Brandon, before but he was waaaaay more sociable today. i guess everyone was getting good vibes ^^

after playing volleyball we all just chilled on the beach. Bella played her guitar and the atmosphere was quite nice ^^ i'm really bad with names, but the one in white is Brandon, navy blue is Loki *hope i spelled that right*, black is Fabian and red is Wayson

after that we separated and Jane, Bella, Denise and met up with Kevin and had dinner at Viva. again, i was too hungry that i didn't take photos -,-

overall, today was an enjoyable day~ if Gerald didn't jio me for lunch i would have just been dead on my bed till 4pm, and if we didn't go to the beach i would have missed the sun and the perfect weather. i gotta be more active and get out more lol

right now it's currently 2.05 am *wow why so zhun* and i'm still wide awake :O i should probably get some sleep...

thanks for reading! i hope you enjoyed this post~ i'll try to get more up as soon as possible so stay tuned! ^^

good night :)

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