November 9, 2014

one day i woke up feeling so freshhhhh that i just had to selfie XD

forgive the vain-ness XD

so i'm back in Penang and although i have homework piled up for me to do, i've decided to procrastinate and write up this blog post instead! procrastination ftw!

lol i know imma regret this but its been quite some time since my last update, so blog post outweighs homework this round. ps. this post is gonna be a big jumble of stuff that's happened since my last post ^^ 

i've gotten quite used to living in Penang and travelling back and forth Ipoh every two weeks. in the first few weeks i had to go back with Sydney but NO MORE! I AM INDEPENDENT! hahaha

*coincidentally met Sun Lee on the bus too ^^

i now have a maxis broadband thing but i only use it in case of emergencies /.\ the lady that sold it to me said that it was an 8GB package when it was actually 4GB in the morning + 4GB at night *which totals to 4 GB total anyway -,-*

Belle's cousin recently helped her set up a 3G connection and its very convenient for when we go out~ their dorm also recently bought a wifi modem so its VERRRRRY fast. i go up to their place a lot so i end up using their wifi *its like i almost live in their place lol*

Belle, Grace, Daniel, Johann and I went to Penang Hill one day and it was great, except for the fact that my ticket was more expensive because i'm a foreigner -,- but other than that it was quite nice ^^

i also met up with Chaichai, Yuxuan and Caryn and we watched Lucy. afterwards we met Tzeshi too~

my classes have been quite enjoyable~ its very different from the normal "you listen, study, memorize and take exam" method of high school, but i'm still thinking if that's a good thing or a bad thing. its nice having freedom but i KINDA miss bio, chem and math class :O kinda.

as i mentioned in previous posts, Grace is a cosplayer. THEREFORE she has a luggage full of wigs and Daniel and I tried them on one night XD

don't judge lol

there's this burger place near Daniel's house calles Spades's burger and it is just AMAZING. you get to choose from a huge selection and their cheese sauce is to die for! their buns are black because they're made from charcoal *i think* and i seriously recommend this to anyone who's in Penang *it's located in Queensbay*

near Queensbay there was this festa going on that we decided to go to. the ferris wheel was nice and the bumper car was awesome, but it cracked my screen -,- i think it was because we hit each other too much~

at first i was like noooooooo T.T but it was just a small crack at the bottom and i could still use it. the night after though, i dropped it again and the crack got bigger. I BLAME DESTINY AND MY BUTTER FINGERS. i got my screen fixed in Ipoh for RM200 *using my own money T.T*. a week later i noticed that the front camera became blur because of the new glass and after a while the camera just stopped working T.T so there was a month that i didn't have a camera T.T

one day, Grace and Isabelle's friend Cynthia came to Penang, so they jio-ed me and we went biking around Georgetown~ although it was fun and I want to do it again, my skin BURNEDDDDD so bad T.T

another place we went to for lunch one day was this place called Marshall's. its quite good but i prefer Spades more~

ignore my face, it malfunctioned /.\

for chinese people, September is called 九皇爺 and as far as i know, its because they believe that the rain god is coming and it rains for a while month. sure enough, it rained most of the time and the weather was quite cool ^^

one day the was this Hello Kitty debit card thing happening in campus and I could have gotten one for my mum but at that time i didn't even have RM20 to spare T.T i feel so poor because I AM POOR T.T and Hello Kitty is a girl not a cat omggggg

during a long weekend, Johann, Daniel, Grace, Isabelle and I went to Taiping ^^

and during our short trip I almost diedddddddddd. Kris' Harper's Bazaar October issue was released and omgggggg. I DIED. SO MUCH PERFECTION

and while we were at a mall in Taiping we saw EVOL. yes, the kpop girl group EVOL. how random is it that we go to Taiping, literally the most unlikeliest place to have kpop idols perform, and we see EVOL O.O im judging the event planner lol. Grace wanted to eat in the Chicken Rice Shop and EVERYONE was against it *but she won in rock paper scissors*. minutes later they entered and ordered dinner and i was like OMGGGGGG we didn't get to see them perform though T.T and i wanted to approach them but the manager didn't let me T.T

we stayed in Belle's aunt's house for one night and Johann's grandma's house for the next~

and i managed to get a few nice photos in lake garden ^^

after our Taiping trip was Comic fiesta! i have a separate blog post about it here, so check it out! ^^

another place we had lunch in was Little Angel's cafe *if i got the name wrong please forgive me* and i didn't get to take photos of the place since my phone's cameras were busted. we managed to take selfies with Daniel's phone though

my hair was getting long and at first i was like YAASSSS finally its long again but i had to cut it a few weeks later T.T

stuff happened between SNSD, Jessica and SM afterwards and i was DEVASTATED. like how do you cope with something like that? for 5 years the Girls Generation that i've loved, the 9 people that changed my life and introduced me to a new world, are suddenly incomplete? i felt so many things on that day. i just wanted to cry and stay at home but i had a public speak speaking presentation so i had to go to college T.T i was so down the whole day T.T i couldn't put everything that i wanted to say in words so i just listened to Indestructible over and over again *followed by Complete*. after renewing their contract this was suddenly happening? after 7 years of being together, what's happening? although so much is happening, i promise that i'll never lose faith in SNSD. Jessica's still in SM and although i keep on saying "SM sucks" and "SM is the worst", i can't deny that i was and still is an SM fan. although i'm upset i still love SMTOWN and i'll forever support the artists, no matter what they choose.

when another version of The Best was released with Divine included...I DIED. THE FEELSSSSSS. and she says WE ARE ALWAYS ONE. i don't believe that they'll stay as 8 for long. i believe that they'll reunite soon :')

anyways, my hair started to get REAL annoying and i really wanted to cut it -,-

there was this one time when my parents and my bro + sis came to Penang to fetch me ^^ my bro's reaction to my hostel was that it was like a cheap version of Roommate (the variety show lol). can't disagree with that logic XD

here's a collage of selfies we took in college *but i forgot what day it was @.@*

Grace, Bella and I wanted to go eat at this place called Piknik but it was closed, so we ended up eating at this pizza place called US PIZZA. it was pretty decent~ the only thing i really liked was their tea. like OMG WHAT TEA IS THIS.

Luhan left EXO after that. i couldn't say that i wan't expecting it though. he was absent from so many events, went to see so many doctors and a week before he left, chinese netizens were already talking about it *and it spread to tumblr soon enough*. when it happened my reaction's ok. it's better if they're happy and pursue whatever it is that they really want to do. to me, they'll always be 12 people :) KEEP THE FAITH!

and while we're in the topic of EXO, can we just cry over this unseen taoris photo TvT

there are quite a few restaurants and cafes behind our hostel, and one day Grace, Isabelle, Denise and I tried Chemistry Caffeine. i don't know why but i think we were procrastinating so we went out to eat cake *we went to H&M afterwards lol*

in college i now have a group of friends! lol that sounded like i don't have friends at all~ at first i was and i didnt know how to make new friends, but i somehow ended up with this group of people that i'll gladly spend my college lufe with ^^ aside from Johann, Daniel, Isabelle and Grace *who i mentioned in my previous post*, i've also been hanging out with Kevin, Denise and Gerald. My first impression of Kevin wasn't that good, but i learned afterwards thar he's a really nice guy. Plus he's a B-boy! Denise is really nice funny and Gerald's a really nice guy too ^^ he's uber fashionable hahaha one of my favourite song releases of this year wold have to be Red Velvet's Be Natural. THIS SONG IS JUST EAR PORN. DANCE PORN. ASDFGGHJKKL I SPAZZED SO HARD. the son is a remake of SES's song of the same title, but in my opinion it's so much better! the dance and the simple tuxedos are both strong and chic~ IRENE IS MY GODDESS! plus Taeyong is in it omgggg

the fashion thing that the cast of 有一个地方只有我们知道 updated with new pics of Kris again and he looks so good in red ╮(╯▽╰)╭ and did anyone else notice the MCM jacket = EXO is promoting MCM = CONNECTION
one day Isabelle was generous enough to treat us all to dinner at Piknik. it was really nice of her to do that, so i have to return her the favour someday ^^ i had kimchi spaghetti and AHEM that ain't no kimchi :O it was ddeokbukki pasta + kimchi on top. lol. but it was still nice and the overall atmosphere of the restaurant was cozy too~

while news of SNSD embarking in their first Japan Dome tour with just eight members made me a bit sad, i brightened up a bit when i saw photos of Jessica playing golf with hollywood celebs. at least she's doing something hahahaha. she looked so pretty and she probably made a lot of new a-list connections. good luck sica noona! ^^
so if you didn't notice from my Taiping photos my hair has really grown and my black roots are super obvious. my last hair color was jewel pink dyed on top of caramel custard. i decided to stick with beautylabo again and dyed my hair caramel custard again ^^

recently i've been using Camera360 more than any app because it makes me look whiter *i'm so damn dark T.T* and caramel custard really looks nice and blondish with the Sweet filter~ *forgive the chok face hahaha*

I met up with Caryn in Ipoh because we wanted to hangout and she was willing to lend me her S3 since she's currently using her 5S. SHE IS MY SAVIOUR OMG i finally have something efficient to use again! if you're reading this Caryn then thanks again! ^^

since i had to redownload my apps, i got to download the newest version of Go Locker. i didn't want yo update my S3's Go Locker because i was fine with the current version, but i loved the new one instantly after i downloaded it. it feels so iOS-ish! i had dinner with Tzeshi, Chaichai, Caryn + her mum and aunt in Kim's Dakgalbi and it was soooo good! definitely going there again. there's been more and more korean restaurants in Ipoh and i'm LOVING it ^^

on my mum's birthday we went out to eat Korean food again lol. this time at Onix Jun

it's been ages since i last exercised and i'm getting really chubby -,- since PE isn't mandatory in college, i haven't really done related activities :O

i really wanna buy stuff from H&M but there's so many other stuff i that i need to buy -,-

this is a photo of half the people in my class *when we were playing cards hahaha*

here are some random selfies which i dunno why i took :O


Denise wanted to dye her hair green, so Isabelle and I went with her to Prangin to buy green hair dye. i helped her apply it and it turned out REALLYYYY well *if i may say so myself*

so i decided to dye my hair red! i bought flowery red since fiery red seemed too bright, but my haired turned out bright red anyway -,-

it was certainly something that got me out of my comfort zone *what with everyone staring at my hair* and it was fun while it lasted. i went back to Ipoh and took a few photos and dyed it back to dark brown. 

to see more photos click here to visit my gallery! i'll be making a post about my red hair photos soon~ i'll slowly upload them to instagram too ^^

i chose dark brown because i felt like its been such a long time since i had dark hair. Red Velvet and Taeyong really made we want to dye my hair black, but that would be a waste since i already have black hair -,-

it's a really nice reddish brown now and i'm totally loving it ^^ i'll take more photos when i'm in the mood~

it was Kris' birthday a few days ago and they played an EXO-M tribute video. just...look at his face T.T I CANNOTTTTTT

yesterday was my brother's birthday and we went to 1 Utama for some shopping. my parents gave me money omgggggg but i think i'll control myself and save it this time. although there's so many things i want to buy T.T

i really delayed this post XD i wanted to post it 2 weeks ago but...i kept on delaying :O the procrastination is strong in this boy!

thanks for reading! ^^

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