November 28, 2014

so i have a lot of stuff i need to do again! that means its time to procrastinate and make another blog post! XD today's blog post will be about some of my current favourite songs. i realized its been a while since i last did a playlist video, so here we go! :D

a song that i've literally listened to non stop since its release is SNSD's Indestructible. no explanation needed, this song is one of soshi's best ballads and one of their most emotional :'(

after emo-ing i moved on to Complete, another ballad by soshi from way back when. i just hope they get back as soon as possible T.T

Divine was released soon after Indestructible and its just as sad and emotional T.T the MV and Sica's line "WE ARE ALWAYS ONE" killed me T.T

on a happier note, i was obsessed with Meghan Trainor's All About That Bass last month *tbh i still am*. its just so catchy! and the message isn't so bad either ^^

my friend Grace really likes Maroon 5's Maps and somehow, i grew to love it too lol. 

i now have so many songs that i'm trying this thing where i put iTunes on shuffle so i don't biased and keep on listening to the same old songs. to my surprise, this song blew me away! its Donghae + Eunhyuk's Love that I need, and its one of those songs you forget you have, but when it comes back up it just blows you away ^^ i remember being pleasantly surprised by this song hahaha

i downloaded all of Ailee's albums/songs last month and one of my favourites is Goodbye Now from her newest album Magazine ^^

this song was another pleasant surprise ^^ it really just blew me away and i was like "I NEED THE GUITAR CHORDSSSS"

in my opinion, this is one of the best kpop releases of this year. some might say that its mainstream and boring, but when you really focus on what's happening, you'll realize that its FRICKIN GENIUS. the song is so addictive! plus the dance/visuals/MV...I DIED. TAEMIN YOU ARE NOW MY SHINee BIAS! it felt like it was Michael Jackson inspired and i LOVED it ^^

aside from Red *which i REALLY loved*, French Kiss was quite good too~

Nicki Minaj's Marilyn Monroe is a late discovery but a treasure nonetheless :D i even tried to make a cover out of it but ofc i failed lol 

SPICA is one of those groups that are vocally really good, so even though i don't have all of their songs, i still follow them~ I Did It is a really nice song and i just wish they get more publicity in the states :O

i usually don't listen to english songs on a daily basis, but ever since moving to Penang, i've had to since that's what everybody else is listening to *plus its really unavoidable when you're all in the same car lol* Amnesia is a really deep song and i like that 5SOS isn't just a good looking band but also have great music ^^

among all of EPIK HIGH's songs from their new album, Burj Khalifa stood out to me the most. it's very...grungy? is that the word for it? i don't really know, but i love this song ^^

Mamamoo is another vocally perfect group, and the just debuted! i see a lot of potential in them in the future ^^ i downloaded their full album and everything was GLORIOUS *especially the solo rap song*. Hi hi ha he ho was a unique song so i though i'd share it with you guys ^^

another one of 2014 best kpop songs! and the dance! I JUST CANNOT. its one of the songs that i can't stop replaying. even till now! it's just that catchy~

in accordance with my transition to listening to more english songs, i downloaded 1989 and loved it! Blank Space is one of my favourites and i was quite happy when Taylor released an MV for it ^^

Style is another song worth mentioning. i like the part where she goes 
"You've got that James Dean daydream look in your eyes
and i've got that red lip classic look that you like"
plus that line with the tight little skirt...EARGASM TAYLOR. EARASM.

All you had to do was stay! this song is catchy and for a week i couldn't stop shouting STAY! XD

i actually came across this song through an SNSD FMV~ it's really sad but nice at the same time. i feel like i'm running out of adjectives for these songs /.\

Ariana's Break Free is such a danceable song! i watched Yanis Marshall's choreography and i was SOLD. i only learned the chorus part tho lol

Love Me Harder is a very classy song and its a song that my mum and i first heard together in the car. we both LOVED it.

TTS's 2nd album Holler is a MASTERPIECE. it's not so different from Twinkle vocal wise, but i like Holler better. i feel like they experimented more. Adrenaline is fast and fun, Whisper is SEXAYYYYY, Stay has that never ending song feel *like Beyonce's Love on Top*, Only U always makes me wanna cry and sing along and EYES is just...EARGASM. BIMIL SEUREOPGE GEU NUGUDO MEOREUGE! E Y E S!

D.O's song Scream for his movie cart has a very OST-ish feel to it~ i felt like it was very old too, in the sense that while listening to it i remembered Sungkyunkwan lol

There is a Place will forever hold a special place in my heart. Kris' heaven 

AOA's Like a Cat came as a pleasant surprise one day. i really like all of AOA's title tracks and this is by far my favourite out of them all. they just keep on getting better and better! ^^

HI SUHYUN's I'm Different destroyed me mentally and physically. the song maybe me mentally break down. like HOW CAN ANYONE NOT WITH BOTH OF THEIR VOICES COMBINED. and Bobby. just...WHY LA. I DON'T NEED ANOTHER BIAS IN MY LIFE BUT WHY BOBBY WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY T.T *sends heart signs anyway*

Zhoumi's Replay is EARPORN. from intro to outro, PURE EARPORN. and the mv....i....have nothing to say...

APINK's LUV was catchy as hell and i listened to it the whole night long. i came across this taoris post on tumblr of Tao wearing a coat in Zhoumi's Replay MV and Kris wearing the same coat in There Is a Place and i just died of fanboying. this song had good memories lol

although i didn't like them at first, i'm actually really loving TF BOYS' songs now. hypocrite much lol. they only have 7 songs and all of them are catchy. Manual of Youth + Lucky Symbol are super cute, In the name of Faith has this anime ost feel and Happy Island is just so happy

so that's all for this post! it was quite long and i know i missed a lot of songs, but i have to go now~ a post about my recently watched movies will be up soon so please look forward to it! ^^

ps' aren't these gifs i made just awesome?

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