Comic Fiesta Mini 2014

October 5, 2014

a week ago i accompanied my friends to Comic Fiesta Mini 2014 here in Penang. my friends are very avid anime/manga/japanese fans and my friend Grace cosplays, so i decided to go with them ^^

Comic Fiesta 2014 was held in Penang Times Square for two days. Unfortunately i don't have a lot of photos of the first day because my friend Daniel forgot to bring an SD card for his DSLR. *and my S3's camera is dead /.\* so basically the DSLR was dangling around my neck for no reason and i had to depend on Daniel's Note 3 hahahahahaha

there were a LOOOOT of people cosplaying but according to Grace, this was called MINI since the main Comic Fiesta is gonna happen in KLCC in KL and it's gonna be 10 times bigger~

if you look closer you can see 4 girls on stage~ they're actually famous cosplayers so it was kind of a fan meeting with them.

there was a cosplaying contest too~

and Daniel's friend Ernest, who cosplayed as War Machine from Iron man, was one of the top 5 cosplayers! ^^

Grace cosplayed as Junko from  Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc ~ i've never watched the anime but apparently it's quite popular since there were quite a few people who cosplayed as her. Daniel cosplayed as Alex from prototype *but i sadly don't have photos T.T*

credits to Lincoln Chan FatherChan on Facebook

afterwards we headed to Daniel's house and played Uno till 2am lol

so, onwards to day 2! ^^

for day 2 of CF Mini, Grace cosplayed as Sasha from Attack on Titan! i'm a really big fan of AoT so i actually KNOW something about the anime hahahaha

Daniel didn't cosplay that day so both of us were the helpers aka bag holders XD 

i'm so in love with Grace's wig's colour though hahahaha XD whenever i saw the back of her head i was like OMGGG I WANT THAT COLOUR

the first person i took a photo of was this girl who was dressed up as Finn/Fiona from Adventure Time! ^^ i watched all the episodes and i was like hooooomagawsh its fionaaaa!!

just a heads up, i didn't know how how to use the flash correctly so a lot of the photos turned out weirdly lit/totally weird XD

among the booths there that day was one with Iron Man figurines and this cool head that lights up~

one thing that i noticed was that there were a LOOOOOT of photographers present. i was told that they were cosplay photographers. they usually come to events like this to take photos of cosplayers. as a first timer in Comic Fiesta/cosplaying in general, i was quite suprised. i knew cosplaying was a big deal but i didn't know that Penang had cosplayers too~ ^^


there were lots of merchandise being sold that day. all i could think of was what if this was a kpop event, like HOMG i would totally lose control and buy everything XD i saw some people looking over the stuff who looked so happy, and i was like, I FEEL YOUUUUU hahaha


there were also stalls selling sooooo many cute stuff!

there were also lots of artists present who were accepting commissions and selling their art works~

that drawing of the guy with a crown of roses looked so much like Tao @.@ i almost asked her if it was him but i was too shy lol

there was also a stall that sold stuff like belts, bags, bottles, glasses, watches, etc. that can be used for cosplaying~ they all looked so shiny and nice omgggg

and now, on with the cosplay photos! ^^ since it's my first time going to a cosplay event, i literally took photos of every cosplayer that i could see XD unfortunately some of the photos turned out too dark/overexposed, so i won't be posting them~

my favourite cosplayers that day would have to be Jean and Mikasa from Attack on Titan! I LITERALLY STALKED THEM OMGGGG. i never thought that i would be the crazy kind of fan *also known as taking photos for 5 minutes straight, but getting pissed because the flash was being a bitch*. JEAN WAS SO YENG HOMGGGG I ALMOST DIED


after a while they noticed me *Mikasa pointed at me and whispered to Jean*, so i decided it was time to go lol. i was sooooo disappointed because they were in a well lit area and EVERYONE i took a photo of turned out nice, but the photos i took of them all came out orangey! T.T i need to play with DSLRs more.

a few edited photos *attempted to rescue them~*

*ok, maybe just a bit ><*

here are some more photos:

this baby dressed up as Chun Li was so cute! ^^

i watched the anime when i was still staying in the Philippines and totally loved it! 

i saw a lot of people cosplaying this character, and i found out that the character's from Sword Art Online~

THIS WAS JUST SO COOL. who cosplays as a Gundam? apparently this guy! he could move his head but he was pretty much rooted to his spot. a lot of people came over to take pictures with him~ my first impression was "WHOAAAAA". it looked so detailed and realistic!

Natsu from Fairy Tail!

Korra from Avatar!

midway through the event the batteries died lol. so we took a short break in McDonalds~

i tried playing with light but i still failed /.\

back in the event, i met Grace's friend from KL Ash! he took part in the cosplay competition the day before and won tickets to CF in KL too~ was was quite friendly ^^

Vivo was the official phone for the event and they had a lucky draw that day. i was taking pictures by the entrance but when i heard the name "Grace Wong..." being called i rushed to the stage XD hence the blurry photos. unfortunately, she didn't win the phone but won a Kuroko no Basket poster instead~

*i was not stalking them*


at the end of the event, everyone was invited to dance along/dance on the stage. everyone knew the steps and i was standing by the side of the stage with a O.O expression. everyone was so high/having a great time that i just jumped along to the music XD they even played SNSD's Genie! *japanese version of course~*

forgive the blurryness~

before leaving the event, we caught onto Jean and Mikasa again! at this point my friends and i chatted with them a bit *and i took more photos lol*
we learned that it was their first time cosplaying! for first time cosplayers, they looked awesome and their props looked so well built too!

Mikasa added me on facebook and i added Jean ^^

afterwards we rested a bit

then Daniel dropped us off at our hostel~

overall i think the whole event was a great experience. one thing that i noticed was that a lot of people were quite surprised when i asked to take their photos. i took photos of *almost* EVERYONE, no matter what they cosplayed at. maybe the other photographers only take photos of the nice cosplayers~ *i don't really know ><*

i saw that a lot of them put effort into making their costumes/props, and i think that it's very admirable ^^ i think cosplaying is to be able to channel your favourite charcters and to share them with everyone~

there's going to be another event in Penang soon *i might be going*

this post was a bit rushed since i had quite a lot to do this week/weekend. i'm gonna try to have another post up asap *i pray that my phone stops being a bitch and let's me transfer photos*

so that's all from me, i hope you enjoyed this post about this year's Comic Fiesta Mini! ^^

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