EXO Die Jungs (EXO VER.) Unboxing

September 6, 2014

ok, its not really an unboxing XD its more like and unwrapping since it's covered in plastic, but whatever~ its finally here! ^^


after two weeks of waiting i finally got my hands on this baby ^^ of all my kpop merchandise, this the the most expensive ONE THING that i've ever bought. i preordered this photobook and it cost me a total of RM265. the next expensive would be EXO's 1st Box DVD set which cost me RM210~ i've also bought both versions of Growl and both versions of XOXO together (which cost RM200-ish each), but Die Jungs is still the most expensive @.@ SM HAVE MERCY ON MY WALLET


as i said in my previous post i didn't get all three versions of Die Jungs, just the group version. its because:
2. the group version came with the dvd anyway
3. the K version doesn't have Kris
4. the M version doesn't have Kris T.T

but i was still excited for this photobook because i saw so many xiuhan moments omggg and xiumin's shots omgggg SLAYYYYYYYY

for this post i didn't take pictures of all 350 pages because my phone's running low on memory *i suck*, but i took most of the nice pictures and my favourites ^^ so its not gonna be a complete preview here~

so let's start! 시작!

back & front

this photobook is HELLA BIG/THICK, but for it price it might as well be. the cover is made from cardboard *not hardcover* but its sturdy stuff~

i had NO idea what this meant but when a follower on instagram said that she knew german, i asked her and she said that the quote translates to

"Dance as if no one's watching,
Love as if it's all you know,

Dream as if you'll live forever, 

Live as if you'll die today"

such an awesome quote omggg. i wonder if the other versions have different quotes~

next is all of them escaping from school lol. WE ALL KNOW KRIS WAS EDITED BUT WE CAN SEE HIS ARM SM! ㅠ.ㅠ

curly haired luhan and joonmyun is life ^^ *ps do you see taohun at the back ㅋㅋㅋ*

chenchen looks so nice omg ㅠ.ㅠ

i really like this spread ^^ but i feel like it should have been 12 of them and the others got cropped out to make editing kris out easier =.=

the members wearing the wrestling masks...i have nothing to say lol

this photo of kai and chen is just too precious!


berlin seems like a very vsco-able city haha

do you see lay on the bed omggggg


......hahahahahahaha XD

this photo was cute but when i first saw it...i was expecting it to be kris T.T

*activate fanboy mode* SEHUNAAAAAA!!

the shot with tao and joonma was nice ^^ and jongin looks like a puppy here lol

more joonma + zitao 

i counted the members and got 11 *of course T.T* but just behind lay you can see kris' hand!

joonmyun looks so shuai here @.@

these shots kinda reminded me of their MCM photoshoot~


precious jongdae smile ^^



i'm kinda sad that i can just see his hair and not his face, but better that than nothing at all. they probably didn't release a lot of group photos because they couldn't edit him out T.T


this shot of tao made me smile ^^


okay, so at this point in the photobook, every time there's a group shot i'll count the members and see if i can see any part of kris that wasn't totally edited out. i just can't believe that kris isn't in this circle, but there's a random empty space there so i assume they photoshopped him out T.T

baekhyunnieeeee ^^
sometimes i forget that baek's already going out with taeyeon lol


luhan's very manly in this shot XD 

subtle baekyeol kkk

another xiuhan shot~
*seriously there's a lot of xiumin + luhan photots in this photobook but i'm not complaining XD*

subtle kaisoo~

this could have been an awesome group shot T.T
but i noticed that in most of the shots where they just crop out kris, its always 9 members instead of 11 :O dunno why tho~


i feel like i haven't been paying that much attention to kyungsoo's shots @.@

but that's just because minseok looks so perfect omggggg

angel yixing smile~

i really loved chen in this shot *.*
when i first saw this i was like WHOAAAA CHEN
his hairstyle + color is so nice!

yixing looking handsome~

chanyeol with his arm on kris' shoulder T.T



joonmyun looks quite cool here ^^


this is actually from a group photo that i couldn't take a picture of properly *because i only have two hands*, but here is kris' head. THIS COULD HAVE BEEN MY NEW DESKTOP WALLPAPER BUT NOOOOOOOO T.T

from another group shot where we can see the largest photo of kris in the whole photobook. 
i cryyyyyyyy T.T
he's talking to tao T.T
i saw that some people who saw them in germany actually saw a lot of taoris shots being taken T.T THIS PHOTOBOOK COULD HAVE BEEN SO WORTH IT

i like this shot of suho and tao ^^

and as for the last group photo i couldn't take any pictures because i only have two hands and the book was so heavy and i didn't want to damage it /.\
i'll upload them here when i see hq scans~

and that, sadly, is the end of my wannabe unboxing of EXO's Die Jungs photobook. the group version comes with a DVD, so i'll be watching it sometime soon~ i heard that there's a part where you can hear kris asking tao a question. i sound so obsessed right now BUT CAN YOU BLAME MEEEEEEEE?

overall i liked the photobook. i didn't expect that i would actually spazz over it but i did *mainly to tao, luhan, xiumin, suho, lay and chen's photos*. proves that i'm not just a kris fan but also a real exo fan lol.

but kris aside, after this photobook i searched up the exok and exom version and can i just say...i was a bit disappointed :( all the nice member photos were there! sehun in his crown, kai + suho topless and some of the other pictures i've seen on facebook/twitter/instagram weren't in the group version T.T i was also looking forward to the subgroup photos *i already saw K's and they were so cute* but M's group photo...didn't get published. i think. i'm just wallowing in my sadness and disappointment over how this photobook is so awesome with high quality paper, not to mention RM265 for 350 fucking pages *ps. that's a lot*, but its still missing the one person i want to see the most T.T

this post may sound a bit kris-centric but hey, can you blame me? T.T

*i'm planning on getting the M version next year when i get money lol. maybe even the K version but i am totally bankrupt now that its not even funny T.T if exo comes to malaysia for their TLP concert i am seriously screwed T.T*

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