August 11, 2014

WHATTHEACTUALFUCKKKKKKKKKK I CANNOT BELIEVE I ONLY JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS!!!! i've been so preoccupied with Attack on Titan that i'm seriously only just finding out about EXO's 1st photobok! i came across a photo from their EXO90:2014 press conference today so i decided to look up the photos and I THEN I STARTED SEEING THE TEASER PHOTOSS OMGGGG KAI WITH THE GUN AND XIUHAN AND SEHUN IN THE CROWN AND CHANYEOL CLIMBING OUT I JUST CANNOT!!!!!!!

AND THE WORST PART IS IT COMES IN 4 VERSIONS: an EXO-K version, and EXO-M version, and EXO version and a premium version with all 3 verions (and they're only making 10,000 premium versions) LIKE WTFFFFFFF WHY SM WHYYYYYY?? I WORKED SO HARD FOR MY MONEY, COULDN'T YOU JUST REWARD US FANS WITH JUST ONE PHOTOBOOK? and the PREMIUM VERSION omgggggg i can never hope to buy T.T it costs waaaaay too much, so i think i'll just be getting the EXO version. i saw that the premium version has a dvd but i dunno if the other versions have dvds too. THEY BETTER! for RM200++ a 350 page photobook is already worth the money BUT GOD PLEASE i worked so hard and im spending my money again, please let all the versions have DVDs T.T

i feel VERY sad that i'm only picking up on this now *i was literally screaming and totally broke down on the floor* but i'm even sadder that now i know why there was that photo of Kris and Tao wearing those Berlin shirts :O WHY SM WHYYYYYYYYY T.T SM probably also edited him out...and honestly even if he Kris was still in EXO, i could never hope to buy the premium verison, so it's either the EXO version, the EXO-K version or the EXO-M version. HONESTLY SPEAKING i love EXO as a whole so i would have chosen the EXO version even if nothing had happened. but if you ask me to choose between M and K, i would go with M :O but since Kris ain't there no more i'll just be going with the EXO version.

i called my local music store and already preordered *it's literally been 15 minutes, go check my twitter*

like GOSHHHHHHHHHH WHY NOW SM WHYYYYYYYYY i was getting ready to ask my friend to help me buy merch from EXO The Lost Planet in SG, and i heard that after TTS SNSD is releasing another mini album like FUCKKKKKKKK SM NI SHI YAO WO BANKRUPT IS IT T.T WHY SM WHYYYY

anyways, i preordered mine at Cheerful Lifestyle. it's located in Ipoh Parade and if your in Ipoh and you wanna buy any Kpop albums/dvds/photobooks, i suggest you buy from them. Speedy sucks :P

if you're NOT in Ipoh or not in Malaysia altogether, you can try preordering at i've bought tons of stuff from them before and its always comes super fast + super cheap :)

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  1. hello. it is worth to get the die jungs photoboks? i'm planning to get it.

    1. Hi! Sorry for the late reply! In my opinion the group version is worth it because you get a high quality photobook with 340 pages. It also comes with a dvd unlike the other two versions. The K version would be my second choice because it has great photos inside (especially EXO-K group photos that aren't included in the group version). I wouldn't buy the M version because a lot of shots have not been included to edit Kris out :( . If you're interested, you can check out my post/unboxing of the photobook for more photos of the group version. ^^ Getting all three would be nice but its very expensive hahaha. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Hey! Sorry for disturbing but at ipoh parade,r u did u bought all 3 or just 2? And how much do they cost? Since im staying in Ipoh for awhile


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