일주일 | ONE WEEK

August 28, 2014

just a heads up, this is gonna be a loooooong diary entry and i didn't really take that many photos /.\


i met up with Hoy Yan, Yoke Mun + Sean and we sang karaoke. i passed by the music store where i preordered my EXO photobook but it still hadn't arrived T.T the person said that it would PROBABLY arrive either at the end of this month or the start of September. I CANNOT WAITTTTTTT


ps the first thing i saw when i turned my phone on that day was kimwoobin lol #kimwoobinftw


on sunday morning i got up reaaaaaally early because i was tagging along with my siblings on the way to school for my high school's annual funfair. when we got to Poi Lam my siblings went to their respective classrooms to prepare for their game stalls/restaurants/food stalls, so i was left alone with my mum to buy food lol. since most of my friends are outstation and weren't able to make it back, i decided that for this funfair i'd only spend my coupons on food. *i didn't wanna play any games alone -,-* so i ate indonesian styled satay, fried goguma fritters, taiwan sausages *my mum bought 30* and looooots of other stuff. i couldn't find any mooncakes though T.T the only thing i could find that was close to a mooncake were these fish shaped cold things that i THINK are kinda like the cold version of the mookcake~
i don't know why i took a photo of the sausages and nothing else lol

they're gonna be constructing this 6-floored building soon. they're gonna cut down the trees :O
all i know is that the whole place will look different and it'll a bit more cramped~

so after stuffing myself, we left Poi Lam at 12 so my parents could have lunch at home and i could finish up packing my stuff. i dunno why but i've lost my touch and i haven't been taking that much pictures so yeah~ this post is gonna be a long diary post~


we then set off and reached penang at about 3pm. the head of the student services Ms Goh showed me to my dorm. the place is actually a condo styled building, so i have a roommate and flatmates. there's a total of 3 rooms and i'm in room 2. (there are 3 guys in room one and 2 guys in room 2&3) when i got there at first i thought no one was around, but it turns out that my roommate and the guys from room 1 were playing dota in said room -,-
Wisma Duke

i was unpacking my stuff when my roommate came in to introduce himself and the guys from room 1. i'm sorry to say...i don't remember their names /.\ i dunno if its because i was flustered or just bad with names /.\ so i gave them nicknames and the guys from room 1 are mr. china, mr. big and mr. teeth + my roommate. they all went out for dinner but i had my rice so i just stayed to unpack mah stuff~

...messy i know

can you see the fish shaped mooncakes? XD
at about 8 i was gonna go to the toilet when i came face to face with the 2 guys from room 3. funny thing is that i remember their names XD but i gave them nicknames in my head too, so they're mr. facial and mr. shower (he just got out of the shower). they were pretty nice and friendly~
that night as i was in bed i felt...nervous and excited. i fell asleep and woke up at 1am and saw that my roommate was still out playing so whatever~

omgggg can i just say that i felt like i was in a drama @.@ since classes start at 9 i woke up at 7 to bathe and left at about 8.30. As i was putting my shoes on mr. shower came out of his room and started doing his hair. In my head i was like "OMGGGGGGG do i say good morning do i say hi do i say hello omggggg" so after putting my shoes on i was kinda frozen on the sofa cuz i didnt know what to do, so i started typing up this post hahahaha XD but after a while he asked me if today was my orientation so i said "no, it was last week but i couldn't go @.@" and asked if there was anything i needed to know, so he told me that they would give a file and say some other stuff~ my dorm is only walking distance from the campus so i got there quickly and started looking for my classroom. good thing i spotted a few people who were in the same course as me so i just stuck with them lol. (ps. i met Melissa, Ella and May)


as people started filling in, the classroom proved...too small -,- but the class started and Ms. Daksha the lecturer introduced herself and asked us to do the same. there's this korean girl in my class named Park YunA! i tried to say hi but she just turned away -,- i dunno if she's lc or just has an lc face *like me*. but since she's korean i'll still try to be friends with her lol

after our introductions we moved to a bigger classroom and i got to sit next to Isabelle. we were in a group in class and she invited me to go for lunch afterwards with her friend Grace and i gladly accepted~ they're cool~ over lunch i found out that Grace was a cosplayer + a fan of Alodia~ another guy named Raj also sat with us~ since i didn't get to go for orientation i didn't know most of the people in our year, but Grace and Isabelle seemed to know a lot of the people walking around already~ (ps. i met Shar and Kits)
since i didn't attend orientation i had to go to the office to settle my MPU subjects + some other stuff. the only MPU subject that wasn't full was BM and it clashed with my timetable, so no MPU subjects for me this sem! ^^ *but someone said that i might have to take 2 MPU subjects next sem, so i'm not really sure if this is a good thing...*. i also got my student id/card muahahahaha

after that we had intro to IT with Mr. Shen Hoei and it was an interesting class. we all had facebook open on the side lol. since it's National day this coming monday i have a total of 5 days free, so i was planning on going back to ipoh. Isabelle and Grace are from KL and they were planning on going back too, so we decided to take the train together on friday and to buy the train tickets after class that day~ after intro to IT, Isabelle had to go meet someone so i decided to go walk with Grace back to the dorm to drop my stuff and change into shorts. it turns out that we're all staying in the same building! ^^ so after changing we headed back to campus and Isabelle was with the MMA club's president. turns out that Grace and Isabelle had joined the club and were gonna go see the gym first, so i just tagged along~ Raj and his friend Darvin came along too, so together with the MMA president, Deva, it was a total of 3 indian guys coming along with us. it was quite a new experience for me to be hanging out with someone NOT chinese. coming from a chinese school i was used to hanging out with chinese kids. not being racist or anything, i'm just saying that for me it was kinda new~ after looking at the gym. we had some hawker food and rode the bus to the jetty (where they sold bus/train tickets). i sat with Grace on the bus and we chatted some more. both of us totally think that Deva pres has a thing for Isabelle XD when we got there we found out that the ticket booths are closed so if we wanted to we had to ride the jetty across to the other side to buy tickets, so we got in the jetty~ it was a good experience hahaha. i didn't get sea sick or anything and the wind felt nice. when we got to the other side though, it turned out that the tickets for this week were all sold out -,- at that point i was already quite sad :O so we headed back and on the jetty back Grace and i chatted some more about out courses, her bf, high school stuff and some other things~

my face...malfunctioned lol

after that the Deva wanted to bring us to a place to eat but Grace, Isabelle and i were already full, so just the three of them ate. to be honest at this point i started feeling...uncomfortable :O i was feeling kinda tired, feeling kinda sad about not going home and feeling kinda awkward so...yeah :O finally we headed to our dorms and overall i would say that it was an...eventful day. i felt this weird feeling in my chest and it was kinda...unsettling. maybe it was just because it's been a while since i've been to school and i need some time getting used to it again. ps my shitty cheap internet ran out so i could only use wechat + opera mini T.T i heard that GD has a hidden insta and that he's dating that japanese girl we've all heard so much about :O dunno if its true tho~ and i heard that the signs that the fans put up for fan ge at shenzhen were quite touching T.T

and Taeyeon looked so pretty at the press conference for TTS' new show omgggg 女神ahh!!

i woke up again at 1am -,- and i couldn't go back to sleep immediately. my roommate was still out playing DOTA~ i still had this weird feeling in my chest @.@ was it homesickness? this early? it's only been a day though! /.\

i woke up at 7 and at about 7.30 my mum called and she said she got me a bus home! the bus leaves on thursday afternoon and the return trip is on monday afternoon~ i felt...relieved. this IS only my first time living away and i have to admit...i think i was feeling homesick /.\ call me a loser but this is my first time so deal with it. i wonder how Caryn felt when she was alone in KL by herself /.\ did she feel lonely/homesick too? anyways as i'm typing this post i'm in bed, worrying if Isabelle and Grace will mind if i go home /.\ i thought i wasn't gonna be able to go back so they said they'd take me around Penang with them. now i just feel bad, it's like i'm abandoning them T.T i hope they don't mind~

as i said above my phone's internet...ran out and i could only use messaging apps, so i decided to go over to KFC to suck up some free wifi lol. the wifi was uber slow though T.T

at lunch in campus i told G+I that i would be going home and they totally didn't mind. i felt like such a grandpa for worrying over everything lol. i only had one class and it was public speaking. Mr. Paul, the lecturer, was a cool guy XD he's 50 something but as he was explaining that our generation's language was different *eg the use of the word fuck* he literally shouted "FUCK YOU!!!" in class XD

since i would be going home on thursday, i met up with my friend Sydney. she was my classmate in Poi Lam who's currently taking her A-levels at KDU (at least i have a friend from home in Penang too haha). she explained to me how to get to the bus station and stuff like that.

Grace and Isabelle had some chicken curry so they invited Raj, Darvin and I to their place. Grace and Isabelle stay on the 4th floor, Darvin on the 3rd and me on the 2nd *Raj is staying somewhere nearby* the stuff was sooooooo good. it's only been 2 days plus but eating together felt so good. after that we just hung out at their place~ *ahem used Grace's wifi ahem* i found out that Belle used to like BIGBANG and Grace used to like SJ~

it was raining quite heavily when i went to bed~ i dunno why but for some reason i woke up at 1am again and my roommate...was still playing DOTA lol


it was drizzling heavily when i walked to campus. the wind was kinda strong and i was struggling so much with my tiny umbrella lol. when i got to campus YunA and her friends were by the entrance and she said hi. i was like "OMG SHE SAID HI" hahahahaha. i had Ms. Pavithra's principles of PR in the morning with Grace and Isabelle. Raj dropped the subject and all i could think of was how much i wanted to sleep in haha. the weather was so cold and nice @.@


i still couldn't work the wifi so i asked around and they said you had to activate something in the IMC so i did that and i finally had wifi *yeshhhhhh* (ps. i met Ting)

Ms. Pavithra's different from what other people said~ they said she was boring and stuff but she was actually okay! her introduction + our introduction and her ice-breaking game was fun. for our introductions we had to draw something that represents us on a piece of paper and stick it on our shirts. we would then walk around and talk about each other's drawings and then take them off and put them all in the table in front. we would then pick out a drawing and give it to the owner. i drew the Korean flag and some music notes for kpop XD i got to talk to YunA again and i was like omg she seems nice today. (ps. i met Emma)

Grace played DOTA during break and two guys, Johann and Daniel, came to watch her play. i still don't understand what satisfaction other people get from watching other play XD anyways, at lunch all of us sat together~

after lunch was my last class for the week, intro to Mass Comm with Ms. Claire. it was the class with the least number of students lol. after introductions and a few info, she let us off early! we seriously only spent 23 minutes in class. since we had the rest of the day free we decided to go to Queensbay. Daniel and Johann had cars so we (Isabelle, Grace, Raj + me) rode with them~ Belle and I were i Johann's car and he was totally different from how he was in class *he talked waaaaaaay more than he did in class + i found out that he was quite rich O.O*

we ate + chatted at Nando's and walked around afterwards. Johann had to fetch his sister so all of us squeezed into Daniel's car. Daniel's the kind of guy that laughs a lot, to the point where his face was the same colour as his pink shirt XD

later that night i was already in bed using instagram on my phone *i reloaded so i had internet* when Grace called me and asked me to come to the door. when i opened the door they started dancing Crayon Pop's Bar Bar Bar hahahahahaha XD they said that they were going out to eat and asked me to come along ^^

i found out that Deva *the MMA president* invited them out. i was like OHHHHHHHH~ Grace told me that Deva stopped playing DOTA with his friends early to come out and eat with us~ at that point i was almost 100% sure that he had a thing for Belle ><

so i had wantan mee and i felt so cold and moist because i already put on lotion and it was a cold night. i found out that Deva likes SNSD and i was like

to be honest i didn't really like him that much when i first met him, but when i heard that he likes SNSD *Tiffany-biased* i liked him a lot more XD any SONE is a friend!

after that the three of us walked back to our building~ the air was cold and it was kinda refreshing. the last time i walked in the streets at night was when i celebrated CNY this year~ we chatted some more on the way back and Grace chased a cat + touched its balls XD


i woke up early and left my dorm at 8~ Grace and Isabelle were supposed to come with me to the bus station but Grace was still sleeping when i called *lol* so i told Isabelle that they didn't need to accompany me~ it was too early anyway

anyhoo on my way i kept on asking the guards how to get to the bus station and when i got there, i kept on asking the aunties there which bus was the one going to Sungai Nibong (another bus station where i get on the bus to Ipoh that my mum booked for me)

luckily i got on the right bus and got at Sungai Nibong early. i asked the ticket seller if i could switch to the 9.30 bus since i didn't want to wait for the 12.45 bus. lucky for me she knew the driver and helped switch ^^

i arrived in Ipoh at 12 something and ate chicken rice and urghhhh it felt so good to be home ^^ first thing i did when i got home was wash my face and pluck my eyebrows XD

the bus terminal was a bit more modern looking that what i expected lol

this post doesn't really have a lot of pictures and its because of two reasons:
1. my phone's super full with 23k photots. it was at 30k and i've already removed some but its still laggy/almost full. i just can't beat to part with my EXO/SNSD photos lol. gotta get a hard disk soon
2. it's been a while since i last posted a diary post :o

anyways, i hope i can get my own broadband connection before i go back to Penang this monday so i can blog more + i don't die of boredom T.T

wish me luck in college! i hope i meet more people and i don't fail anything lol

thanks for reading! ^^

ps. i finally changed my wallpaper from my face to EXO hahaha #OT12

pps. my next post is probably gonna be on suju's comeback. the 1st teaser was funny *typical sj* and the 2nd one had the hook of the song and it was catchy! ^^

and about SR14B...since Red Velvet debuted after they released the SR14G video, does this mean SM's releasing a new boy group soon? @.@

and what's up with SM and english subtitles omgggg i'm getting scared @.@ SM WHAT IS HAPPENING TO YOUUUUUU

i'm also loving Henry a lot again hahaha

and i really liked SISTAR's new song + MV

and Jessie J ft. Ariana Grande + Nicki Minaj's Bang Bang. they should collaborate more omggg

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