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August 22, 2014

first of all a heavily edited selca!

and a BTS photo lol

i was bored and i needed an instagram update /.\

so my friend got her CIE results a while ago and it just occurred to me that it's already been a year (more or less) since i finished my own O-levels, and i'm heading to college soon! real soon! 2 days to be exact. a lot has happened during that one year. now i'm ready for a new start, to meet new friends and experience new things. experience number one is living in a dorm! all my life i've never spent a week away from my family and in just a few days i'll be living on my own. i can't say that i'm not nervous, but i am excited too. i believe this will make me independent and stuff ㅋㅋㅋ

penang prawn mee that's uber popular and i can't wait to eat more of this ^^

so i bought a few stuff and it feels so good buying things. i wanna buy more but i don't wanna spend my money *i worked too hard to spend it all* and i also feel quite haixiu to ask my mum to buy stuff for me >< they've already spent so much on me and there's been a lot of things to pay for recently~ working made me realize how important money really is...T.T can money like fall from the sky or sth

*in case you're wondering, its kinda like a ritual for me to selca every time i'm in the car XD*

lol why do i sound so serious in this post XD anyhoo, among the stuff i bought was a water bottle and i seriously love it. i sound like SUCH a cheapskate but i'm seriously so happy i bought a nice water bottle lol. to me having a water bottle is kinda like a symbol that you're a student *idk why* i also ordered this cute bag i saw online and i totally love it! ^^ it's made from PU so it's not REAL leather, but i noticed that my wallet is leather, my watch is leather, i have leather key chains and now i have a *kinda* leather bag. i have a thing for leather hahaha

next on my leather checklist is a leather snapback and a leather clutchhhhhh

aside from this bag i also have my tote bags that i'll be bringing along, but recently i've been seeing buys with clutches that kinda look like oversized flat pencil cases and i want one too @.@ but i feel like i have too many bags already~ what i need is more clothes ughhhhhhh. and i also want a polaroid! T.T i gave up on the polaroid that i was planning to buy since EXO announced their photobook T.T SOMEDAY I WILL OWN A POLAROID!

my deposit receipt~

speaking of Die Jungs, i've been bugging the music store guy because it still hasn't arrived T.T

i also found more evidence of Kris being edited out T.T


i feel like buying a new phone case, so when i go out with my friends tomorrow i think i'll buy a new one~

so i don't believe in fortune telling or anything but i was bored the other day and ended up watching EatYourKimchi's video about fortune telling

since i couldn't go to a real fortune teller *plus totally not know where to find one* i searched up an online fortune teller XD i didn't really expect anything but the reading i got was *creepily* appropriate for my situation!

a few days ago i finally opened a savings account! lol since my campus has an RHB kiosk i decided to open one with them~

the day before yesterday i went with my brother to the nearby salon to get our hair cut~ and we were lucky enough to be DRENCHED in rain -,- it was so freaking hot but cloudy so my bro and i decided it would be okay to walk to the salon but NOOOOO the world just loves torturing me -,- the wind was seriously so strong and the only thing that i could think of was "NOOO PROTECT MY PHONEEEE PLSSSSS" so it was only my phone that ended up using the umbrella that i luckily brought XD

my faceeeeee

at first we were like "we can do this!" but a few steps later we were like "FUCK THIS JUST DON'T KILL MY PHONE" XD

so i only got to selca afterwards~

i look so fat T.T i'm looking forward to working out in penang~ i weighed myself yesterday and i'm 58kg????!!!! when i weighed myself last year i was only 49!! GOSHHH

if you're a SONE or just a fan of kpop, you might have known that Seohyun just graduated! ^^


i'm so proud of her! she wanted to be an entertainer who not only entertained people but also a smart individual who can make a difference ^^ i'm looking forward to what she'll do in the future~ i hope she opens a foundation or something so i can volunteer hahaha ^^ another thing i noticed was that she's graduating and i'm starting my tertiary studies! if this isn't some celestial sign that my timing is just PERFECT then i don't know what is XD

aaaaaaand during SMTOWN's recent concert I FREAKING LOVED her performance of Problem!


Seobaby is now my soshi bias ^^

its been quite a while since i last bought epop/YG so while i was in Jusco the other day i decided to look at the back issues if anyone i liked was the poster and BEHOLD! Kris and SNSD! :D i totally fanboyed on the spot hahaha

so that's all for this post. i know its quite random and disorganized but that's exactly how i feel right now XD i'm gonna go pack my face masks/lotions/hand creams now, so bye!

ps. i've been trying lemon juice and omg it works wonders! i'll try to make a post on it *if i don'y get lazy lol*

now listening to: Finally by J-Min
it's a really pretty song ^^

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