August 5, 2014

it's here omggggggg! EXO finally has an official name for their fan club! ^^ i heard a few months back that SM was processing something called EXO-L and at that time i though it was a clothing line lol. but as some people expected, EXO-L is now EXO's official fan club! i can't say that i'm 100% happy *i personally would have preferred EXOTICS* but at least we now have something to call ourselves! ^^ i feel kind of sad for f(x) though... :(

anyways, the fanclub is called EXO-L because in the alphabet, the letter between K and M is L, and the L in EXO-L means Love, therefore EXO-L keeps EXO-K and EXO-M together, so together we are one! ^^ *i know right, this is another level hahahaha i seriously wanna meet the people who keep on coming up with these stuff*. L is also the 12th letter in the alphabet, so srsly this fanclub name has the most number of meanings XD

\when you access the website *exo-l.smtown.com* this is what you'll see

zero stars muahahahaha i was one of the bishes that got here first muahahaha *that or their servers were already going haywire kkk*
the logo almost brought tears to my eyes T.T its EXO's first logo from the MAMA era and i just... THE FEELS YOOOOOO T.T they've gone through more logos and so many stuff, and here we are now, starting again. in the constellation with their names, Kris isn't in. as expected, but it still hurts T.T but from this, i literally stared at it for a few seconds. at that moment i really felt that EXO is starting again, with 11 members...

and you're going to have to click on login on the top right corner

and register. if you already have an account for SMTOWN's main website *like me*, you won't have to make an account. just login! 

if you don't have an SMTOWN account, you can register either on SMTOWN's page or register directly on the EXO-L website.

i'm telling you guys although the whole process is so freaking easy IT IS SO HARD TO COMPLETE because the servers crash so much! i think too many people freaked out and are all trying to log in/register hahaha

it's already been so LONGGGG and i'm still loading @.@ anyways aside from EXO's Line message, Sehun also updated his Instagram!

after Sehun was Chanyeol's update

and manager hyung

EXO-L is having an event where they're giving away 11 lucky boxes *like in the SM Pop-up store anniversary event* and a few other stuff. when i finally get to login i'll update this post! :D

at the bottom of the page there are icons of Google Play and iTunes, so i'm assuming they're have an EXO-L app to go with their website~

*update* at 2.49pm in Malaysia (which is about 3.49KST), i was finally successful in logging in! this is what it looks like

this is what the home looks like:

does that mean i'm the 8269th user lol

i clicked on L-Card and got this

if you click on the EXO-L logo, you'll get an intro and the stuff you get if you win the quiz

if you click on the members' symbols, you'll get a question! its for their quiz event that i mentioned above

and if you complete all of the questions, all their symbols light up!

of course i knew all the answers muahahahaha ^^ wish me luck! i hope i win something! anything! even a voicecall!!

*update* some photos from the From Star and Staff Diary pages ^^

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