August 11, 2014

so i'm finally here to post something that's not kpop related XD although it still involves me fanboying ㅋㅋㅋi was bored the other day and i came across an Attack on Titan photo on fb. i have to say, i'm not a super fan of animes but i have watched a few lol my grammar is not working. i've watched Hayate the Combat Butler, Nodame Cantabile, La Corda D'oro Primo Passo, Sergeant Keroro (lol yeshhh i loved this show), Cardcaptor Sakura (waaaaaaaaay back when i was still young and it was all there was to watch on local channels), Pokemon (most of the movies ( first season till the Hoenn region) and a few more.

anyways, as i said i came across this AoT picture and i knew it was from Attack because i've seen so many fanarts on tumblr of Levi and Erwin on tumblr. not lying, i seriously learned their names from the million fanarts and fanfics thrown to my face at tumblr *not that i read any of those...* so i got curious and finally went to my bff Wikipedia to search about it. i skimmed through the main plot and found out that it was about a world where these giants appeared out of nowhere and started eating humans, almost to the point of extinction. the remaining survivors lived behind walls that were too tall and too strong for the titans to overcome. the survivors lived in peace until one day titans that were bigger than their walls and stronger that the normal titans called the Colossal and the Armored titans appeared out of nowhere and did shit. thought that it was interesting, so i searched for the anime episodes and landed here from the first episode I WAS HOOKED OMGGGGGGGGGG. THE STORY IS SO DAMN GOOD! i never would have thought that i would watch an anime about humongous giants with freaky faces but here i am! I AM SO IN LOVE WITH EREN JAEGER AND MIKASA HAHAHAHAHA and their 3D gear + their names are just awesome! for me the story moves at an ok pace, not to slow but not too fast. plus the plot twists were shocking omgggg *annie i saw so much of your face during the second opening song i thought it was just because you were pretty amd that you were good T.T* . i watched episode 1-13 on thursday, 13-16 on friday and 17-24 on saturday morning. i had a tesol class saturday afternoon + my second to the last day at work so i couldn't watch episode 25 till saturday, and i can tell you that my eyes were so heavy and sleep deprived but all i could think of was "MUST WATCH EPISODE 25 LATER AND SEARCH FOR OVA EPS" XD i really like the whole concept but i seriously don't like it when people die T.T like Marco and those 4 from squad Levi who bit their own hands. i was like WHYYYYYY *ps i ship Levi and Erwin but from what i've seen so far i also like Levi + Eren ㅋㅋㅋ Jean and Marco looked promising during that scene where they refilled their gas and were ready to attack the titans, but... T.T* from episode 1-13 i watched the english dub version so it was kinda like watching from animax. but from episode 14 there was no english dub available so i had to settle for subtitles and after one or two i was already screaming their names in japanese XD i was like "OMG RIBAIIIIIIII" "OMG ARUMINNNN" "OMG ERUWIIIIIIN" "OMG ERRRRRREN" * hahahahahahh XD the parts with Eren biting his hands and nothing happening...were creepy but whatevs @.@ i'm so excited for the new episodes, like SOMEONE GIVE THEM TO ME NOW PLSSSSSS. i also heard that a live action movie is under progress! im so looking forward to watching it ^^ although i AM worried that since its too awesome too many people will suddenly like it and it'll suddenly become mainstream, like with everything in the world *ahem twilight* *ahem exo* to me when i read or see something that i really like...i want them to be just mine XD *possesive much* i really like this anime and i'm thinking of reading the manga too ^^ i'm not really into manga/anime but for Shingeki no Kyojin I WILL READ/WATCH EVERYTHING RELATED!

click here to watch season 1 and click here to watch the OVA episodes :D

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