August 5, 2014

i feel like nothing i say or type down will ever be equal to the amount of love that i have and the things that i want to say to SNSD. to me they're like my noonas. i went through high school and grew up with them. in their 7 years i've been with them for 5 ^^ from the start it was 9 members and till now we still have 9.i feel like we're so lucky to be with all 9 girls. it wasn't easy and any one of them could have quit at any time. but as they said, it was because of us SONEs that they persevered. there's so many stuff going through my head right now, like the first time i experienced a full HD SNSD MV, the first time i learned their dance, the first time i completely memorized their song lyrics and sang Genie for like a month non-stop, the first time i got a lightstick, the first time i bought an album, the first time i watched a live event, crying so hard and screaming the fanchant...although i can't say that i've met them, got their autographs or went to their concert, i can say that ever since i started liking SNSD i've been there, voting, watching, supporting. i believe that one day my dream of going to their concert and meeting them will come true ^^ i must keep hoping hahaha.

all i want is for soshi to be happy. i hope all of them find their own love and happiness. i hope that they'll always be together and us SONEs will always be with them too. OUR BOND IS INDERSTUCTABLE, UNBREAKBLE! 

my brain is fried from writing essays and i just worked out, but while i was working out all that was going through my mind was all the moments i had with soshi. although i wasn't anywhere near them, i still feel the love and the bond  i will forever love you 9 dorks 

i will forever love our kid leader Tae's dorkiness and her powerful voice
i will forever love our ice princess Sica's fabulousness
i will forever love our aegyo queen Sunny's cuteness 
i will forever love our fany fany Tiffany's precious eye smiles
i will forever love our dancing queen Hyoyeon's perfectness, her humor and awesome dance moves
i will forever love our black pearl Yuri's sexiness
i will forever love our shikshin Sooyoung's awesomness and her her fun loving nature
i will forever love our deer Yoona's beauty and alligator laugh
i will forever love our maknae Seohyun's love for gogumas and her prim and proper-ness

i may not have been with soshi in the beginning, but i will be with them till the end

i'll be a SONE forever! ^^

우리 오래 가자!


지금은, 소녀시대!
앞으로도, 소녀시대!

7年前的今天就是少女时代的出道日期! ^^ 7周年快乐! ╮(╯▽╰)╭♡
i may not have been with soshi in the beginning, but i will be with them till the end♡ 
在这7年她们出了很多专辑, 很多歌, 做了很多演唱会, 赢了很多奖 + made so many people happy, 我唯一个希望只是她们9个永远都在一起 一个都不少♡
现在是少女时代! 以后是少女时代! 永远是少女时代!

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