[English Cover] Kris - Time Boils the Rain 时间煮雨 - 吴亦凡

July 20, 2014

omggggggg i just posted a video on youtube omgomgomgggggggggggg


i went to Penang today to take a tour of my soon-to-be college campus and on the ride back home i suddenly thought of making a cover of Kris' Time Boils the Rain. so i did and i posted it on youtube and omgggg this is a first experience hahaha

*listen to it with earphones~ for some reason it sounds suckier when played through speakers T.T*


according to chanyeol, is this called maturing another level? XD

i don't think i sang it that well *compared to elise's damn good covers i suck by a million-fold* but...i dunno i just felt like posting it~ hahahaha i'm acting so paranoid right now but i'm probably making a big deal out of nothing~ i don't really expect to get a lot of views or a lot of attention, i'm just scared of being anti-ed ><


i did it cuz i love kris and i love exo! i love everybody! (and i did it on a whim hahaha) so i hope everyone likes it and i hope in the future i improve and get the courage to post another video :D

ps. when i was writing the lyrics i totally felt like i was in wgm lol hardcore yongseo fan much i tried to use the original translation as much as possible but i just couldn't get round it, so i mostly added my own lyrics~ and on top of being out of tune, in the part before the 2nd chorus my voice does something funny too lol at least i'm kinda happy with my lyrics ^^

pps. i'm now listening to kris' version and it sounds like heaven ㅋㅋㅋ


flowers don't grow in snow
but time passes, don't you know?
when it melts and the warm sun shows
love will forever grow

once a while you cry
but after tears your fears die
after years of our journey, how
can we give a final bow 

we agreed that we would be
as one, forever you and me
even though our time was quick
i know that in time we will heal

as i feel the wind blow
remember we were so close
so i think of the world we knew
did i do wrong, who knows?

one summer night
we made a wish to never fight
let nothing keep us apart
we wished on the brightest star

i know i said we would be
as one, forever you and me
and i know because of me
the plans we made will never be

but i just want you to know
the bond we started once ago
i will never let it go
it will survive the  winter snow

oh i'll never let it go
our memories of once ago

as years go by
as snow bids the earth goodbye
by the hill where river flows

a flower meadow grows


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