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October 8, 2013

muahahahaha i can't believe it but i'm posting from my phone again! ^^ i never thought another mobile blog post would come out of me again, but here i am :) i came across a few of my old posts a few days ago and i have to say, my blog posts back then were more like diary posts and i found that i liked them better because in 10 years time, i think i would want to be reading stuff that were really gling through my mind at that moment and not lots of stuff bunched up together and summarized. So from now onwards, i promise to post more diary posts ^^ i'm still gonna be posting my super long posts with lots of photos and stuff, but for now let's start with a diary post!

as i said earlier, i came across some of my old posts and i quick view later turned into almost an hour of browsing through my old posts. my friend Yokemun wanted all the videos that i took with her in it, so while i was browsing through my files i came across a LOT of old pictures and videos.

the day after, i got to cleaning my room and i found a lot of old letters, notes and my old diaries! looking back, i can't help but remember all that's happened these past five years. I've grown up and i come to realize who i am and i've found people who i cam be crazy with XD right now i can really feel the graduating feel and i'm dreading graduation day. 38 days left! i can't believe that its already been 1737 days since the day i first stepped into highschool. back then i was this chubby friendless foreigner, but now i think i can say that i've found another family who i love and love me back >< ohmahgawdd i sound so old
gonna update again with more photos XD i can't help it, procrastination has been my lover for 4 months now @.@ 여기까지, 에로스 입니다!

ps. my hairrrr aish. never again am i going to have my hair cut at aeon =,=

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