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September 22, 2013

after dinner one night, i got a huge surprise! ^^ finally a new phone! :D

i could finally throw away my old one XD i got the 16GB one in marble white + extra memory and i love it! ^^

i had to transfer a lot of photos and in the end, i decided to only transfer the ones that i really need, and although that made the whole process quicker, i still had to transfer a lot @.@ *plus the songs omg i decided to just transfer soshi + exo's songs*

and of course, having a new phone means taking lots of selcas XD my vanity is at an all time high right now XD



and catwang is fun! :D 

so now my friends are all having their spm/gce trial exams and i'm stuck at home for 2 weeks cuz i'm not taking any of those exams. it sounded good at first but it's actually super boring! == i can't wait to go back. i'm planning on cooking a meal for le peeps before their trials end though, but i don't know what to cook... O.O

a few days back the weather was just FANTASTIC. it was raining and it was cold and everything. but NOW its frickin 35 degrees outside and i've been having these headaches that i just can't stand @.@ would've sucked if i were having exams too, leading me to be more pressured on bringing something good for them to eat cuz even i think its quite unfair that i'm relaxing while everybody's toiling away~

i went to the mall a few days ago and saw this :D OMG my friend's been looking for this for AGES and i saw some scans online and the photos were quite nice :D

my bro and i also went shopping for sunglasses and i got some circle dark purple ombre ones~

i've seriously been gaining a lot of weight from just eating and eating -,- i took the photo below when we were at a buffet party. an EFFING buffet party.

it was the Mid-Autumn Festival on the 19th and it's the first in three years that i didn't celebrate it with my friends :( i miss talking to Yucheng T^T

unedited! the moon was super big!

i also realized that my poster collection is growing XD

the one on the left is from epop magazine, the middle from YG magazine and the one on the right is the official poster which came with the albums *i have two of them ^^*

and speaking of EXO, vote for them! they're nominated for the best South Korean Act in this year's EMAs ^^

 click here to vote!

there's nothing much to blog about anymore .__. i slept in my class tee last night~

and took selcas with my new glasses XD

it's only a short one, i just felt like i had to post something today. so yeahhhh okie bye :D

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