September 9, 2013

and i'm still alive! after one month of absence ._.

my trip to Kuantan with my family was quite enjoyable :D it's been ages since i last went out and actually enjoyed the sun. i usually try to stay out of the sun because i wanna get whiter but clearly that isn't happening -,-

the place wasn't really that fancy~ the beach was nice and there were still a couple of malls around~ THE SEAFOOD IS AWESOME HOMG.

i spent most of the time being my brother's photographer XD we played around a lot with the camera but there's nothing post worthy about the photos i took -,- we did manage to play with sparklers while we were on the beach :D

after a few days in Kuantan, we headed to KL! :D did i mention how my ass hurt like hell because it was an 8 hour rive from Ipoh to Kuantan? -,- le ass is now flat! it wasn't as bad going to KL though *probably cause my ass was already super numb*

we had quite a good time ^^ our CIE results were released and since we needed to go to school to claim the username and password to check our results, i couldn't really do anything. i was planning on looking at the results by my own when we got back to Ipoh and not telling my parents but while we were eating lunch at Friday's, i was online and i saw this photo!

see the last picture on the bottom row? that's me! my reaction was like "OMFG ASDFGGHHKJKSUVXUWVDU!" i got 4 frickin As! my hands were shaking like crazy and i wanted to scream out loud! XD all that hard work paid off! i was seriously only expecting one A and a B for everything else, but i got 4 As! i felt really lucky! :D i told my parents immediately and they congratulated me :) i guess i can expect a new phone soon? muahahahahaha

aside from that, we did a little more shopping and headed home.

the following days, more happiness came to me XD the albums that my friends and i ordered! Caryn's (Lee Min Ho's My Everything), Yokemun's (Sistar's Push Push, Shady Girl & Give it to me) and mine (EXO's Growl + MAMA). i got some free posters too, and order came with a free magazine ^^ i now have all of EXO's albums! but now i wanna buy their merchandise! and SNSD's albums...i need more money T^T

when school reopened, my friends and i went to get our info with the school admin and our form teacher kindly lent us her phone to go online to check our results.

not only did i get 4As, one of the is an A star! OHMAHGAWD THIS MUST BE HEAVEN! i was quite surprised that my Bio got a B though. i was expecting my Add Maths and Physics to be the subjects to not have gotten As, but my Physics got an A?! how is that possible when i was so sure i was gonna get a C? quite disappointed with my Bio, but i'm happy that i at least managed to scrape a C for Add Maths~

from that day onward, my friends and each brought a dish to share with ourselves to school ^^ we are a family! we've eaten spaghetti, japchae, curry chicken, fried noodles, fried rice, mixed rice and so much more XD i'm starting to gain a lot of weight though :O

and we found out that we were gonna have to measure our weight and height for PE soon O.O i starved myself the night before and i got 52kg XD my height's 171cm now~ last year it was 170 and i was expecting to have grown more than that -,-

the photo above is from our Cameron Highlands trip :D been friends with these mishes for 5 years now :D

this is kinda random, but right after we measured our weight, i started pigging out again XD i even spend most of my time sleeping now T^T

and let's not forget the endless snacks that i've been devouring :O

recently my school organized an education fair and i got a lot of info~

i'm still not sure what i wanna do with my life though T^T i've been scolded so many times by my mom about it :(

my skin's been feeling better recently. i still have a million scars that i edit out of my photos though T^T can someone please fix me T^T

my school also had it's Jogathon a few weeks back. 

after the event, i tagged along to Aeon with my friends and bought this wonderful thing dropped from heaven XD

Sammi bought one when she was in Singapore and introduced it to us. i just had to buy one for myself!



awesome right?!

i also found a few of my old photos!

WTF i was taking selcas since i was young??! AHAHAHAHA i laughed my ass off when i saw the photo above! i think it was taken in 2007/2005. i'm not sure. vanity is in my veins!

and some baby photos:

the weather's been quite gloomy recently, so my mood's been fairly good as well ^^ i prefer the cold rainy season over the hot~

a friend of ours from form 1 who left to study in KL, Joelyn, was back in town to we went to hang out with her!

she's still as awesome and funny as ever! :D we had lots of fun and took lots of photos!

and recently i've been riding Xzeyan's car a lot. having a car is seriously so convenient! 

ps. i love the S4 T^T please buy it for meeeeeee

there's this new shop selling mini cupcakes in Aeon and to me...it sucks :P its too sweet, too small and all icing!

i prefer my mum's oatrmeal cookies ^^ but too much of a good thing is bad, so i always gotta remind myself "DO I REALLY HAVE TO EAT THIS" because i'm a glutton and one of these days imma be a FAT glutton T^T

i went crazy the other day and took overly edited photos of myself XD

does it have a photoshoot feel?! XD i seriously wanna learn how to model and take photos like Yutaki and Miyake @.@

on the day before my school's annual food and funfair, we had a steamboat party at Xzeyan's house ^^ it was kinda like the end of us bringing a dish everyday party~ they're gonna have their trial exams soon and i'm free as hell :O

anyways, it was fun and we took lots of photos as usual ^^ i took some videos too, but i still gotta compile the @.@

on the days before the funfair though, it was quite boring. it was our last year, but my friends and i didn't really feel that excited. we were doing a sushi place this year and we didn't decorate that much because our aim was to finish early and enjoy the rest of the day ourselves~

we got out class tees on the day of the funfair itself and it wasn't 100% perfect. the number at the back was printed wrong! it was so super small! -,- wtf and the tshirt maker had the nerve to be angry!

my friends and i went around and ate a lot of stuff XD Sammi's class was selling Korean pancakes and they were awesome! apart from that there were a lot of yummy stuff~ there was a DJ area where you could request for songs our give shoutouts and i was surprised to hear that most of the songs were by EXO! EXOTICS RULE! XD EXO was also in Malaysia on that day for the MTV World Stage and i so sad that so many people went and i wasn't T^T

anyhoo, we planned on eating lunch at school but ended up driving to Aeon to eat at Sushi King *which was kinda ironic cause our own class was selling sushi*

today's monday and my school's on holiday~ its back to school again tomorrow though. i spent today watching WGM XD TAEEUN IS PERFECT HOMG

and that just about sums up everything the happened the past month. can you believe that i did all that in one sitting? XD given my lazy ways, even I'M surprised. s always, thanks for reading and follow me on ig pleaseee :D i'm more active there *and i wanna hit 800 followers already ><*

till the next post! :D

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