August 12, 2013

annyeong everyone! ^^ its been two months since i last updated :O omg two months! been super lazy recently, so i only got to posting now. i decided to just  sit down and finish this post. procrastination = me!

this post is gonna be a jumbled up summary so i hope you guys bear with me /.\

so as usual, a lot of stuff has happened. first on my list is the haze. recently there was a very heavy haze not only here in Malaysia but also in Singapore. the haze actually came from Indonesia but from what i heard, it was actually all three countries' fault :O anyways, the API reached 300 in KL which forced schools there to close. The API here in Ipoh only reached a maximum of about 200 *if i'm not wrong* and although the haze was so bad, we still had to go for school T.T it only lasted for a couple of days though, as the rain washed everything away. *all of us were secretly hoping for school to be cancelled instead of the haze clearing up XD*

GD just had his tour stop here in Malaysia and i asked my friend Jessica to buy some merchandise for me since she was going ^^ she had VIP tickets! i got an official vinyl bag and a shirt. the haze was still quite heavy and SNSD were also in Singapore at the time T.T

before the haze lifted, i received a surprise package in the mail! ^^ the photobook from Yutaki that i won had arrived! HOMAHGERD PERFECTION! its gonna be my bible of selca XD


the 29th was actually Caryn's birthday party even though her bday was on the 30th, so i skipped school on the 28th to buy some stuff and book some helium balloons~ it was my first time wearing the OOAK shirt out and i had a lot of fun walking here and there shopping ^^

these are actually heart balloons. i was pumping air into them and i realized half way that they looked like devils XD

on the day of the party itself, i had a ton of stuff to do. i had to make the videos and plan stuff and fool Caryn and a whole lot of stuff. Caryn ended up not being fooled -,- imma be making another post once i settle all the photos and videos from that day, but again, i don't know when i'll he able to finish that.


click here to see all the photos from the party! :D

the day of Caryn's party was actually my school's Parent's Day too, which means parents came to school to talk with our form teachers and to collect out report cards. I WAS DREADING THIS DAY because even though i got mostly As and Bs, my Add Maths still failed -,- to my huge surprise though, my dad wasn't the least bit angry! O.O it turns out that my brother failed 4 subjects and compared to mine...let's just say i did a lot better x)

on the first day of July, we celebrated it by eating the leftover candy from Caryn's party in class XD gum, lollipops, marshmallows, jelly...we had everything!

she had literally BAGS full of candies

SNSD's concert tickets still aren't on sale and i'm dying to buy EXO's studded cap T.T WHY AM I ETERNALLY BANKRUPT??! i found out later on Wikipedia that Indonesia's been confirmed and Malaysia's...no where to be found on that list T^T SNSD's coming to SG on October though~

speaking of EXO, they just made a comeback! ^^ GROWL IS AWESOME! and so are XOXO and LUCKY ^^ 



i preordered the albums already but they still haven't come T^T

i got bored one night so i copied this awesome typography i came across a lot on tumblr~

my hair was getting long so i cut it :O at first it was quite short, but after a while i started getting used to it *as always*

and we had exams AGAIN -,- it was quite tough for me because i didn't really know the SPM syllabus so i had to work extra hard. in the end, i just took lots of photos of myself and didn't really study -,- lucky for me, the exam was quite easy! :D i got an A for all of my subjects, and i actually got 50 for add maths! that might seem pitiful, but i haven't passed add maths since form 3, so i was quite happy ^^ full pass!

i'm thinking of learning how to drive soon~
it seems like most my classmates are studying to get their driver's licence soon, but whenever i think of licences i end up thinking of WGM XD

1/8 of Naomi's masterpiece! she made one for each of us ^^

i've also been eating a lot lately -,- yes, i;m getting fatter.

yes, it tasted yummy :D

i try to exercise whenever i can though~ i do situps and crouches and DAMN DOES IT HURT MY ASS T^T

it did pay off though~ nowadays i feel a BIT slimmer, but i still have a long way to go before i achieve my goal T^T

an awkward ootd photo @.@
i always take photos of myself, but when other people take photos of me, i look WEIRD!

Teh, XzeYan, Chai and I also went to KL for a Taiwan education fair ^^ i really just tagged along just to go shopping in the city~

i wanna go back again but i'm bankrupt now T^T

Etude House was having a sale OMG! buy 1 free 1 for the whole store!
if i had known earlier i would have brought more money and bought more stuff T^T

i bought a Vogue snapback too ^^ i'm looking Supreme ones now too, and i'm also looking for one that says BITCH

Xzeyan bought a new S4! :D it was awesome! that' what we did on the first day of August XD SELCA!

my friends and i also recently went to Cameron Highlands! ^^ Caryn's parents brought us and it was definitely two of the best days of 2013. we ate steamboat, went to the night market, went to the Rose Garden, a butterfly farm, the Time Tunnel and many more! i'm really happy and thankful that we could spend time with each other ^^

my luggage

day 1 at the pasar malam!

day 2
this is proof that i always have a BITCH FACE on, that's probably why people think i'm always angry T^T

i helped Naomi braid her hair :)



click here to see all the photos that we took :D

i don't really know why, but our school stopped 2 days after all the other schools did for the school holidays -,-

selca on the last day!

so now that brings us to the present. i promise you, there were so many things that happened and i wanted to blog about all of them but...i don't know how to explain it. there was this thing holding me back~

anyways, i'm now impatiently waiting for my albums to arrive T^T my CIE results are also gonna be released tomorrow!


two months have rolled by that quickly. i was so busy playing and enjoying myself that i can't really believe that i'm gonna be getting my results tomorrow. will i get good grades? will my parents be satisfied? will I be satisfied? T^T i only have one shot in this and it will determine my future. it also means that i'm one step closer to graduating and saying bye bye to high school life. SIGHHH

i'm gonna be posting a music blog post up soon so please look forward to that :D when my albums arrive, i'll be sure to make an unboxing post.

to keep up with me, follow me on instagram! i swear, i think i'm having a writer's block-ish blogger mid-life crisis thing or something~ SPM trials are coming up soon and since i'm not taking SPM, imma have a whole month free, so i might be able to blog more then. in the meantime, follow me on instagram: fishmeatdie! :D seriously, my followers have been stuck at 755 for a month now T^T

ps. i'm going on a trip to the beach with my family on Wednesday, so imma post about that! *hopefully*

pps. HOMG bubz just got married married omg omg omg

ppps. i just started watching Taemin and Naeun's We Got Married *i totally didn't just start now just because EXO came out as guests*

byeeeee! ^^

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