June 18, 2013

woohoo! after 2 weeks, i'm back to post another blog post! ^^ i just recently finished my CIE O Levels and a lot has happened since then :D today's post will be kinda like a quick summary of the things that happened~

yes. i am awesome.

three days before our last paper, my family and i went to Cameron Highlands for the weekend :D its was nice and cool there :D

i got some of my friends chocolate cuz we deserve it for working so hard XD

right after we finished our exam, Naomi, Caryn and I headed to Blackball ^^ we had white pearls though because the normal black ones are quite suspicious nowadays as they were recently found to have drugs in them! @.@ HOMG i gotta stay away from my beloved milk/bubble tea for a while T^T


our results are gonna be released on the 13th of August @.@ i'm so damn scared! i might fail everything homg homg homggggg

after that i only had 4 days of holidays left T^T so i spent it going all around Ipoh with my mum XD

i got myself some new socks XD

this awesome sweater i saw in Padini HOMG.
its so colourful and i want it even though its so hot but it costs RM129 T^T

there's this travelling fun park called "Euro Fun Park" that comes every year and when we were passing by Greentown after dinner, we saw it! ^^ we went in and it would've been the perfect park if there weren't so many smokers :O

the day before school reopened though, i spent the day with my friends ^^ it was the 9th and Sammi's birthday was on the 10th, so we decided to celebrate early :D we went to Burps & Giggles for brunch with Caryn's mum and aunty! Xzeyan and I had been dying to go XD

mission accomplished!

everything was super yummy @o@ if i could eat there everyday i would! after brunch we did a lot of other stuff and had dinner afterwards at Tandoor Grill with Judy and Caryn's parents. so thankful to them for treating us to such good food ^^ *ps i sweated like a pig 'cause everything was so frickin spicy but i couldn't stop myself because it was just so frickin good!*

we ordered bubble tea from BO8 afterwards and had it with Sammi's durian birthday cake. i have NEVER EVER tasted durian before stinks :O but the cake's smell wasn't as strong and i'm not really the kind of person to refuse food XD so i tried the durian cheese cake and HOMG i loved it XD

i couldn't sleep over that night because my dad didn't let me :O *as revenge i filled the car with the durian's smell but it didn't really have any effect ==*

in school, Naomi gave Sammi her birthday card :D

nice design!

i...err...gave her my birthday card 3 day later XD i ran out of glue and i couldn't finish it :O i made a small book for her with pictures of our 5 year friendship :D

2 of our friends that transferred to study in Singapore were having their school holidays and were in town so they visited us ^^ Yinyee gave us chocolate and i was glad to meet up with Jingen again as we're both SMTOWN lovers XD i love SNSD and EXO while she loves TVXQ and f(x)!

omg why did Yinyee post this picture of me T^T

this is what i look like people! don't believe the picture above XD
Jingen is still pretty~

it was the Dragon Boat Festival and Chinese people usually eat dumplings/zongzi. *i love zongzis and i devoured a lot*

i ordered my XOXO albums on the 2nd and it was officially released on the 5th. the posters arrived on the 10th but the albums only arrived on the 12th T^T it was still in the 7-day delivery claim by YesAsia but...7 DAYS WAS A FRICKIN LONG TIME TO WAIT OKAY. i was sitting near the window and cursing every car that passed by that wasn't the mail man XD i just can't understand why people in the US already had it on the 7th when where i live is so much more nearer to Korea @.@

posters! i have 4! 2 common posters and 2 random ones ^^

preview of the album omg omg omg.

i got Sehun and Lay's cards. i opened K's album first and when Sehun fell out i was like "HOMG ASDFGHJKL IF LUHAN COMES OUT OF THE OTHER ONE MY LIFE IS COMPLETE" but instead of Luhan, i got Lay :O i don't really hate Lay or anything, its just that i have a lot of HunHan feels XD i would've been happy with Kris or Tao's cards too :(

i filmed an unboxing video and homg i was so loud XD i haven't gotten to editing it yet and i'm probably gonna be doing a voice over, but i don't know when imma be able to get around to actually doing it /.\

the most current thing tha happened was the 2013 Ipoh International Starwalk! ^^ its the 3rd time that i'm participating and i was really happy this time around because my friends and i were going together and we were all sleeping over at Caryn's house ^^ *hallelujah, my dad let me*

Caryn, Tzeshi, Chai and I had dinner at Healy Mac's and i feel so guilty towards Xzeyan ><

we spent the night chatting and playing Dumb Ways To Die XD it's so addicting!! go search for it, it availabl on both Apple and Android :D before bed, we watched We Got Married Global Edition and even though i didn't really get to watch it from the start *i was watching the Korean ones* it was still sweet ^^ *we we're all fangirling/fanboying over Nickhun*

the next morning we had a quick breakfast and headed out~

we were actually faster this year than last! last year we took about an hour and a half while we only took an hour this year :D our legs hurt like hell though @.@ the day before, we had a PE test and we had to run 1500m! i took 7.57 minutes and i was so happy with myself XD i got nauseous and threw up later though @.@

anyhoo, we finished early and just stood there at the finish line and saw a lot of people that we knew ^^

Tzeshi left right after to catch a movie and the rest of us had brunch with Caryn's parents. omg there was so much food @.@

well, that just about sums everything up until now :D i've been meaning to post earlier but i was feeling quite down so i didn't :O i'm still waiting for Yutaki's photobook to arrive from SG and Caryn's birthday party is next Saturday! party again! XD although i don't think my dad will let me sleepover == AND THAT DAY IS PARENTS DAY = the day that parents come to my school = they see our results = I DIE T^T my marks are all quite okay except for ADD MATHS.

imma be posting again soon :D please come by and read my blog again and thanks for reading! :D

ps. my friend Jessica is going to GD's solo concert this Saturday! i hope everything goes well ^^ *ahem and i want some official goods ahem*

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