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May 29, 2013

AYO everybody! :D it's been an eventful week and almost all my exams are done ^^ only a few more! *omg omg omg will i get As*

first of all, in case you guys haven't noticed, i changed my blog's name! :D

its not really any different, its just that the name's in caps now and i have a new...slogan? XD Facebook won't let me change the name though ==. i've seriously been thinking if i should make another blog when i graduate or continue this and just redo the design cause..it IS kinda childish :O

anyhoo, i had a very eventful week so far and here's how it went ^^


went out to church and breakfast with my family and i got bored in the car :O and THIS happened!

XD WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE??! lol boredom strikes again! i found out that when i'm bored, i tend to go on Line Camera and do...random stuff O.O last month it was LSP and now...this -,-

i also realized that i only have about 6 months in highschool T^T OMG


we had our Maths paper 1 on Monday and it was easy peasy ^^ i hope i get an A T^T i studied extra hard cause...well, its math O.O MY ENEMY! but it was okay :D *please let add maths be just as easy!*

i've recently started this thing called Line Advertising XD i spam my friends in our group chat on Line with random photos i call "advertisements* XD

EXO's highlight medley was released and i was like "NOOOOOOOOO" because everything sounded awesome but WOLF still sounded like the leaked version :O i like it but...the other songs are way so much better. maybe my opinion will change when it gets fully released~

speaking of EXO, i'm planning on buying their albums! :D it costs about RM90 on YesAsia for one album with the two posters T^T but RM180 for 2 albums with 4 posters is totally worth it though ^^ *ps i was the first one that liked the page when preorders started XD*



their dance practice video was leaked, and someone else said that the whole album wa leaked too T^T NO FANS, ITS JUST A FEW MORE DAYS, WE CAN TAKE THIS.

while i was doing my revision for Physics, Naomi asked me to take a photo of myself that cos she wanted to post something on Instagram XD

and it came out like this:

from Naomi's instagram :)

i was actually on my bed the lighting sucked so bad that i had to go on the floor ==

i couldn't really concentrate @.@ i only understood, like, 30% of what i was reading. i was also waiting for Yutakis James to announce the winners of his photobook giveaway! ^^ i tweeted him a few times and he retweeted my tweets ^^

when 12am came i was like T^T I DIDN'T WIN, but moments later, i got an email! ^^

I WAS ONE OF THE WINNERS! :D he's gonna be sending me one of these babies on th 11th and that just really made me happy ^^ *imagine me jumping around*


i woke up at 7am @.@ crazy early! i washed my face and then did some revision @.@

i was so damn nervous! we took the exam and i found it quite easy actually! everybody said they thought it was hard though, so i was just probably careless T^T PLEASE GET A B, PHYSICS.

CL's The Baddest Female was released today!

EXO's 2nd MV teasers were also released. THEY ARE SO DAMN HANDSOME!

when i saw this i was like "hmm...WOLF is now acceptable" XD but WHO IS THAT GIRL? == but overall i'm hyped! ^^ i found out later that she's an artist from SM C&C named Yoon Sohee

i was quite free afterwards so i decided to do a bit of browsing and came across K.Will's Please Don't MV

although the song is super nice, i didn't think much of it and thought that it would be normal MV~ that is...UNTIL I GOT TO THE END O.O you guys should totally check it out!

i also changed most of my wallpapers on Line ^^ here are some of them :D


omg omg omg WOLF is gonna be released tomorrow! XD *hyperventilating* fans are already lining up at MNET for their comeback stage tomorrow :D

its gonna be released at 6PM KST (which is 6PM too for MY, SG and the PH) so make sure to check that out! ^^

we had Maths paper 2 and i totally...underestimated it T^T i should've studied more! i got to answer all the questions, but i'm quite sure if i got some correct T^T OMG I NEED AN A, Maths is so easy, my class will think i'm dumb or something if i get low marks T^T

my mum got me snacks after that and i have a new cleanser! ^^

that just sums up what's been going on so far :O quite random, but i felt the need to blog today x) GOOD LUCK to me in my remaining exams and thanks for reading :D i will blog again soon :)

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