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May 11, 2013

i've missed out on a few comeback because i lost my internet connection a few days back, so i had a bit of catching up to do :O here are some of the new songs that i haven't posted about yet and my thoughts on some of them :)

One Step Closer - Tiffany

And One - Taeyeon

Officially Missing You - Geeks & Soyu

my friend Yoke Mun is a STAR1 and she kept on asking me to listen to this song :D it's quite nice! although i don't really get the MV @.@

YooHoo - Secret

Miss Korea - Lee Hyori

woo! LEE HYORI is back! ^^ i think the last song she released was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and it was one of the first songs i ever downloaded when i first got into kpop. the concepts are very different but in a good way :D she really is a legend x)

Dreamer - History

History is LOEN's newest boy group and i was a bit curious about them :D the song is nice and different from the usual stuff that i hear~ their vocals are quite good, and so is their dancing :D

Wild - Nine Muses

i just found out about this this morning and i gotta say...Nine Muses are pretty active nowadays @.@ its not a bad thing though, as all of their recent title tracks have been quite catchy and Wild is no different :D the MV is a bit more to the sexy side and as always, i'm curious at how KBS is gonna react to this MV XD but overall, the song is nice and catchy, although their dance did seem quite...weak for me O.o

Shower of Tears -  Baechigi & Ailee

this song is from quite some time back, and i only just came across it when i was watching MTV the other day XD Ailee's featuring in it, but she doesn't appear in the MV :O there's a trot feel to the chorus and its interesting because most of the song is a rap.

SHINee's Chapter 2: The Misconceptions of Me - Why So Serious?

among the albums imma post about here, i'm most confident about this one :D i've been listening to the songs for a while now and i love all of them! :D i highly recommend listening to all of them :D


Why So Serious


*OMG this is my current favourite from the album*


Like A Fire

Excuse Me Miss


Sleepless Night

B1A4's What's Going On?

i only just downloaded the album today so i'm not really that familiar with the songs yet, but i've watched the MV and the song's nice and catchy ^^ speaking of the MV, its special and all but i did get a SHINee feel when i first watched it :O and their skin...looked very plastic :O i mean that in a barbie-toy-i'm-not-human plastic sort of way. but it works coz its B1A4 XD

What's Going On

Lee Hi's First Kiss

i'm also a fan of Lee Hi's music and i decided to download her full album the other day, but sad to say, i didn't really like a few of the songs :O the one i've downloaded before *like Rose* are good, but among the other songs, i only liked Fool For Love and Special :(

Fool For Love

Special ft Jennie Kim

i think that's all for now >< PLEASE PRAY that EXO will make a comeback soon T^T

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