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May 11, 2013


a lot has happened over the last two weeks since i last updated. the main reason for me not updating is because i lost my frickin internet connection for 11 days! == on the first day, a technician came over to my house and fixed my telephone line and told me that there was still a problem with the internet fibre cable things outside~ for each and every day of those 11 days i called customer service for about 2 times XD on the 11th day, i got a call telling me that the problem was that the cord that the technician connected to my house phone and the cord that he connected to my modem were connected wrongly ==! WHATTHEFUCK i lost 10 days of internet because of that guy!

sigh...anyway, i've cooled down and now i'm just chilling :D i'm expecting this post to be a long one so, please enjoy reading! :D

on the 29th, my bff Naomi had her 17th birthday! ^^ we bought a book on drawing and houses and architect stuff plus other things for her ^^

OMG i love this pic *v*

from Naomi's instagram

i especially stayed up late the night before to make some chocolate macarons for her :D but, i failed T^T the first batch came out very flat, the second batch turned out quite ugly and super flat, and the third one was just burnt O.O the first and second batches were still edible though >< it was quite embarrassing to give her the failed macarons, but i think its the thought that counts, right? XD

this is what the second batch looked like

BFFs for the 5th year running ^^

on the day that we went to buy her present though, i got to do a little bit of shopping myself ^^ my brother and i have been OBSESSED with this new shop selling accessories! i saw this awesome castle ring but i didn't get to buy since i'd already ran out of cash @.@ but i'm gonna get it as soon as possible!

spiked nylon bracelet in silver

five star double ring in gold

check out their Facebook page :D

Sammi and i also got matching spiked hairbands :D it seemed like a good idea to buy them at the time, but when i got home, i found out that the spikes were too small for my liking :O

and yes, i'm currently obsessed with spikes too.

a funny thing happened on that day though XD the accessory shop i mentioned (Kristy's Collection) is locate at another shopping centre across Jusco *the place where we bought Naomi's present*. since it was sunny, Sammi, my bro and i decided to cross over and look at the stuff there. but when we were heading back to Jusco, we found out that it was POURING outside! O.O we thought long and hard on how we were going to get across and came up with one of the most random ideas ever XD we bought a shower curtain from the 100 yen store and used it as a cover for ourselves and crossed the road! XD  and except for our shoes, we didn't really get that wet. so that proves that shower curtains can be used for various purposes XD

when we got back to Jusco, i go to do a little bit more shopping *v*

i spend too much @.@

and i also got myself some new earphones *because earphones only last me a few weeks nowadays -,-*

CIE IS HERE! @.@ for good luck, Ms. Yong came back and treated us to chocolate and gave us a card ^^ Ms. Lim bought us all ice cream cones, Sammi gave me a card and i got several other stuff from my mum ^^


since i had no internet connection for 11 days, i had a lot of time in my hands :O i got to do a bit of revision and took a few selcas XD

my friends and i were so nervous @.@ for our first week, we only had three papers: BIO, CHEM and PHY alternative to practical papers. week two starts this monday @.@

we're taking the exam in Heritage Hotel and its quite comfortable taking it there :D i have to bring my passport and this entry proof thing to prove that i'm me @.@ they're so meticulous, they have to check every time we enter the hall!

we didn't have any exams yesterday but our Bio teacher Mr Loke asked us to come to school for extra classes. i didn't know that we were having the extra classes in the music room, so i wore my school uniform -,- I WAS THE ONLY ONE. embarrassing much.

we spent the time in the canteen taking selcas instead XD i...seriously need to whiten my skin ==

when i got home, i showered and took a nap~ when i woke up it was still 4pm so i asked myself: "To study or not to study?". i ended up taking selcas with the spiked hairband instead XD

i look weird here but stragely...i like it o.o

i also got bored and took a picture of a cloud o.o then i went to Line camera and this is what happened:


my room is a disaster. in the words of my dad, my room "looks like Thailand after a tsunami" -.- i shoved all of my books under my bed ><

 and another shocking thing that happened is that i got a warning! XD since my class is having our O-levels, we've been given a month long holiday, meaning we don't have to come to school and do our own revision at home. the principal was inspecting classrooms and he came across my table and...let's just say my table is now famous in the teacher's office ==

ahem, SNSD table on the right

i have to take it down T^T but never mind! once EXO makes their comeback i will stick some photos again muahahahaha

the first and last last photo i have of my table before Sammi helps me take it all off T^T

SNSD is also gonna have their first world tour! @.@

when i first found out about it i was like "What?", i mean they just finished their Japan Tour and they're gonna have another tour again? but when i confirmed it, i literally threw my tab away and started jumping XD IMMA SEE SNSD LIVE THIS YEAR! :D

SM also has a package for international fans who want to watch the start of the tour in Seoul @.@

i hope that i'll be able to go ^^ this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

GD is also having his concert here in June, and my friend Jessica is super excited ^^ her friend's helping her buy her tickets today and i hope she succeeds and gets VIP tickets *fighting!*

money is something which i am in desperate need of right now T^T

i have so many things i wanna buy! among a few are:


well, i guess its goodbye for now again. imma be posting another post today and after that, i don't when i'll be able to update again :( in the meantime, please watch this awesome fanmade video i found yesterday :D

a fan combined EXO's teasers from last year with The Last Airbender and i gotta say it is AWESOME! XD epic! i recommend watching it in HD :D

bye for now! ^^

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