the wind blows

April 25, 2013

my mid year exams are over! :D but now there are only 12 days till the real thing :O OHHHEHMGEEE eotteokke??

for these past two weeks, i can't say that i've been giving my 100%. honestly, i crammed for most of my exams. i was just so lazy! some of the questions that came out were stuff that i knew the answers to, but most of them were stuff that i've forgotten. i should've revised more! right now, i'm running out of time. i regret not starting to revise earlier. *sighhhhh*

anyways, the day before our last day of exam (which was yesterday), my mum arrived in school quite early. since my exams for that day had already finished, i coaxed my mum into driving Naomi, Xzeyan, Crystal and I to Station 18 to grab a cup of milk tea at Chatime :D 幸福阿! we made plans to go to Burps & Giggles after our CIE exam to celebrate. Xzeyan and I have been dying to go XD

more and more of my friends can drive cars now :O Wanyun and Crystal got their licenses not too long ago and a few others have been driving to school too (eg Nicole). even Xzeyan has a car now o.o what about meeeeeee @.@ to learn or not to learn? i've been thinking about it and i've decided to add it on the list of things i'm gonna do after CIE ^^ my birthday is in November though, so that means that i'm only going to be able to take the theory exam first and the practical exam till then~

i also found this rare picture of all 6 of me and my friends :D during the years, we've all gone our separat ways and i was quite shocked to find a picture taken a few months ago with all six of us in it x)

today was a fairly cold day :D its currently BOILING HOT here in Malaysia and the mini rainstorm was awesome! its like the world know's i was happy with finishing my exams and sent the rain over to me XD it's been a while since i've last gotten wet from the rain~ 

the wind was super cool and even though it's already stopped raining, its still quite cold. my aircon did just get fixed though, so i turned it on to, you know...test it out *totally not because i love sleeping when it's super cold*

so anyway, 12 MORE DAYS! all the best for me. God Bless!

ps. i've recently been thinking of compiling all of me and my friends' pictures/videos in a disc + a printed photobook. kinda like an album!

pps. i need a sleepover soon

ppps. current on my want list:
fossil watch
shopping spree
polaroid camera
thefaceshop sheet masks *i'm all out :o*


pppps look at this gif of Kris ♥.

okay, now good night for real :3

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