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April 3, 2013

i'm tired. :O i haven't posted in a while since i was busy with moving into a new house and my schedule was just so hectic @.@

15/03 - 21/03: first monthly exam
22/03 - 31/03: holiday/move to new house

and its now the first of April T.T
my new schedule:

01/04 - 15/04 - study for mid terms
15/04 - 25/04 - mid terms
25/04 - 06/05 - study for CIE
07/05 - 05/06 - CIE!

@.@ STRESS! since we're taking our O-levels this May, my batch will be having an early mid-term exam *like all our predecessors*.

TIME IS JUST FLYING AWAY! suddenly i'm just left with 30++ days to prepare! from today onwards i promise to STUDY STUDY STUDY. i kinda got scared at what our chem tuition teacher Ms Chong said about not getting good results. Apparently, you only get to apply for foundation and even though you can apply for many jobs, they won't be high paying ones @.@ i got some of my monthly exam papers bacl today, and i gotta say, i'm dissappointed in myself. i guess i saw it coming anyway. this mid term exam though, i will aim to get A results. if i can get good results for this exam then i think i can rest assured that i'll be okay in my o-levels buts still do lots and lots of revision.


if you're wondering how i found the time to type this post out, well, i actually just finished chem tuition and i'm typed this as i was waiting for my parents to fetch me *dunno when i'll be able to post it though*

i really feel like giving up. i feel like i can't do it, that i'm not smart enough. but i must try my best. i would have wasted 4+ years of studying and RM50000 worth of money in my studies if i fail. I CANNOT GET LOW MARKS. I MUST TARGET FOR As.

i have a splitting headache right now -,- i always do every monday. i'm quite happy with my new room *i got to stick my posters! yay! ^^ but i'm scared that i might damage them* but my house is so frickin hot! lack of fans, ventilation, power outlets and more stuff! @.@ how am i gonna study?? sighhh...i gotta be optimistic and look on the bright side~
did i mention that my friends and i had a sleepover at Caryn's house? :D

i'm currently addicted to Jolin Tsai's The Great Artist. as soon as i'm done with my o-levels, i will learn the dance :)
okay, my head seriously hurts now @.@
bye bye for now :) wish me luck in my mid-terms and my CIE EXAMS!!

*ps i have wifi  but my pc still doesn't have internet connection T.T so i decided to make this into a mobile blog post instead, therefore the lack of pictures :0*

*pps SNSD WILL BE COMING TO MALAYSIA! but;i have my o levels! T.T*

lol. byeeeee! :D

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