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April 19, 2013

finally! :D a time to update my blog. how many past year papers have i done, how many exercises and workouts have i gone through? how many hours of revision? i overcame all of them! MUAHAHAHA. but there's still 18 days before CIE really starts, and i need to step up my game!

i'm currently taking a break :D so i decided to make this post about everything that's happened recently (from March today, April 19. WOW! ONE WHOLE MONTH!)

first of all, i've fixed up my room :D it started out as a clutter:

and got fixed:

i put my some of my posters up:

ann honestly, right now it looks like a tornado passed by :| i've been studying and all my books/notes/everything is on the floor for easy access XD i didn't take a picture though. you guys might think i'm some kind of dirty messy crazy guy :O

i've always been the type of person that changes bags several times during the school year :D my dad got me this american flag bag *i asked him to get me a bag with stars like this but wth~* and this Padini bag from my mum :D

after out first monthly exam, my friends and i had a sleep over at Caryn's house! ^^ Naomi was there for a WEEK, Xzeyan and Sammi were there for a few days and i was there for only two :O it was kinda like a post exam/late birthday party celebration :D 

we took a lot of selcas on Sammi's Note 2 and Caryn's S3 XD i'm so jelly! the screens are so big...the cameras are so nice...@.@

back in my house, its really looking good :D i went out with my parents during Easter to look for furniture and stuff and it was fun XD

its also been SUPER HOT @.@ some days its 34 degrees outside but sometimes it rains so hard that trees are uprooted! @.@ there was a thunderstorm last week which fried my aircon -,- it wasn't even on because it was cold that night! ==

there's this nice park in my new neighbourhood called the Eco Park! :D i went with my family and it was really picturesque and cool :D we rescued a puppy dog and named her Muffin ^^ i haven't taken a picture of her yet, but i'll be sure to post one the next time i blog :D

my mum's friend, Tita (Aunt) Joy and her family's gonna be moving to Australia soon. i think my mum's quite sad because she was one of her best friends here in Malaysia. we threw them a surprise farewell party and they were really shocked XD

a few days ago, the sky was really pretty! :D my neighbourhood is kinda a new area and its still developing, so there aren't that many buildings (there are a few like the malls and shopping/grocery centres) so there's very little pollution. there is this factory though, and it kinda...destroys the picture ==

no edit! :D

for my first monthly exam, i got results that i'm quite happy with :D


MATHS D: C (60)
ADDMATHS: ? (33)

i know, i know, it doesn't look that great, but the reasons why i'm happy are:
1. OMG i got an A in BIO
2. OMG i can actually do maths
3. Add Maths is a gone cause

i think for this mid-year exam (which will also be our forcast results), i can get an A for bio, chem, english and math D. i was careless and i've been working hard.

did i mention that i'm also in the middle of my mid-years? XD today and tomorrow are holidays so we have 3 days off (friday, saturday and sunday).

MY MUM BOUGHT A NOTE 2. a frickin, brand new, shiny, lovely, perfect Note 2. i want it. she said that its mine if i get straight As in my CIE. at first i was like "do you think its possible?! T^T" but now, i've changed my mindset. although i know that its seems hard, i have to try! *addmaths is, as i've said, a lost cause, so imma try and negotiate that with my mum XD*. please pray that i can achieve my goal! ><

we did Chemistry practical a few days ago :D

one of my idols in life, bubz, recently released a video on how to lose weight and i have to say, its actually an achievable feat. as always, you just have to work hard :D

okay, now it's time for KPOP! :D

my favourite songs of the month:

60 Seconds (Infinite Version) - INFINITE

Man in Love - INFINITE

Love is Only You - AOA

Oops - G.NA ft Ilhoon of BTOB

Love Blossom - K.Will
(L is in the MV! ^^)


Joah - Jay Park

GD will be releasing his MICHIGO mv on sunday and PSY's released the mv for his new song Gentleman

i...am speechless. at least there's Gain in it ^^ i've been a long time fan of BEG :D

watch f(x) and Anna Kendrick's video here! XD

SNSD's gonna be releasing a new japanese album soon and SHINee are scheduled to have their comeback in Korea on April 29 *lol Naomi's birthday*


*exhales* okay. calm down. they're coming. just calm downn.

*in a fit of anger, i replaced my timeline cover on facebook to the picture of EXO K in their MAMA album photobook where they're eating cake off of Chanyeol and Jongin's hands O.O*

yes. i am EXO deprived and having exams. whattafak.

they did recently win an award in Beijing so i was happy about that ^^

my eyes were focused on Kris and Luhan of course, but Lay is getting more shuai XD his speech was...touching :')

Luhan is my lockscreen right now x)

and it was also announced that Kwanghee and Sunhwa will be finishing their marriage on WGM T^T and who's gonna replace them? TAEMIN AND AN A GIRL FROM A PINK.


my first reaction was "OMG WHY??! WHY TAEMIN??! couldn't it have been an INFINITE person or a BOYFRIEND person?! WHY TAEMIN?! T^T" but what's passed has passed and Taemin's recently been spotted in Jeju filming. i'm actually looking forward to them ><

i've recently acquired new biases XD they are

ZEA's Hyungsik

ZEA's Siwan


look at this gif of L and Siwan ♥.

well that's all i think :O imma go back to reading and i hope that i'll be posting again soon ^^

ps. my monitor broke down :O so i'm using our old LG tv as a monitor XD

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