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March 3, 2013

what a day yesterday was. what i though would be an ordinary Saturday turned out to be a day that will forever be embedded into my memory.

we had Chemistry for first period and our Chem teacher/form teacher ms Yong said that she'd be taking over 4th period too. we didn't really think much about it. we had two periods of PE afterwards and i enjoyed it because i go for every extra workout that comes my way. i was especially happy because i did 38 situps in a minute ^^ nothing compared to my other classmates but hey, i just started, and compared to last year, i've improved a lot.

when 4th period came, ms. Yong asked us all to settle down. she kept on stumbling over her words and waited for all of us to be seated till she told us: "...今天是老师的最后一天" and everyone's immediate response was "HA??!". she started tearing up by then, and seeing your teacher tear up like that in front of just pulls heartstrings. she said that she found out a few days ago that she was offered a job somewhere else and it was something she was waiting for. everyone begged her not to go, and in the middle of it all, she let slip that she was transferring to a PRIMARY school O.O

she told us a lot of advice and said that she'd always remember us and that one day, she'd like to see all of us grown up and successful :')

being out form teacher last year till that day, i suddenly realised that all she was the closest among all of our form teachers to us. it really was heartbreaking to suddenly say goodbye to someone you thought you could enjoy your remaining days in school with.

we took photos afterwards XD

and eventually the news spread like wildfire and other classes came to our class to see ms. Yong one last time! :D we were the first she told, being the class she was in charge of. the first to come was S1S1. they all waited at the door and surprised her. she eventually started crying again :( S2S3 came too, eventually, and it was really a sight to behold. all three science classes converged in one room, connected by one person :)

the Senior one classes also started to come but they just passed by and didn't go into our class because evwn though both doors were open, people were cramped inside XD
it was ECA time soon, and to finish it all, we all screamed "THANK YOU TEACHER" :)

a few of us stayed back and chatted a bit more with her in S2S3's classroom. people cried again~ ms. Yong then left us after a period because she still had stuff to take care of :(
before going home, i took one last picture with her ♥
after a quick lunch at home, we visited our new house. my family is officially gonna move in in April :D

and did i mention it was also my dad's birthday? :D we initially planned on going to Daorae, but i don't know how we ended up eating in Yum Yum (a thai restaurant) instead :O

i noticed that there have been a lot of changes in my life recently. its there and in a second, its gone. we never really appreciate something till its gone, so treasure every moment.
today i was quite laidback and relaxed :) i was doing maths up until i decided to write this post~

6 days till the monthly test and 65 days till CIE! i will make ms Yong proud and get an A* in chem!

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