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March 9, 2013

it been really hectic for me because i'm having my monthly exams and there are so many comebacks! =3= i'm having a hard enough time concentrating...sigh. so i took some time off to make a post on some of the comebacks and soon comebacks :D


1. LEE HI - It's Over

i found this song quite nice :D LEE HI's voice is really addicting ^^ it has that sort of jazzy feel to it :3

2. 2AM - One Spring Day

3. RANIA - Just Go

i'm actually a big fan of RANIA and i was so happy to find out that they'd just made a comeback :D they even have an english version of their song! ^^

a lot of people a criticizing them about their see-through outfits though :| wth i think its okay what :O seriously, people complain about everything that's even the SLIGHTEST bit of sexy in Korea @.@

4. UKISS - Standing Still

from their third full album Collage ^^ i found that i liked their concept photo for this album :D except for Dongho's hair T^T please bring back the cute, mushroom head Dongho T^T

*lol the photo and the MV are 100% DIFFERENT*

5. TEEN TOP - Miss Right

other new songs in my ipod that aren't really comebacks:

1. Jedward - Luminous
i am SERIOUSLY in love with Jedward right now! ^^ John and Edward FTW! :D i'm watching all their clips on Big Brother and i really can't stop laughing at their cuteness/awesomeness XD

Young Love - Jedward

2. CJ Lewis - Eternally Lost
did i ever mention that EXO's Angel has an english demo version? :D i've been listening to it quite a lot these days and i just though i'd mention it :O

3. Eric Nam - Heaven's Door (English Version)

for the record, i already knew about Eric Nam even before he appeared in the Harlem Shake video with Amber, Minzy and Jokwon. i was puzzled why they all knew him though @.@ and it turns out he can speak english XD


1. EXO
OH MYGAWD. i saw this and almost did backflips *not really XD*. EXO is the only thing that has been keeping me going this days. PLEASE COMEBACK SOON T^T

*ps i've listened to 365 >< bad me*

i've always liked EVOL and wondered why they didn't have any other new projects since "We Are a Bit Different" :D SUPER EXPECTING IT!

now they might not have a comeback in the near future, but they're preparing for it :D they've been with a few american musicians recently and it SEEMS like they're really preparing something big ^^

4. PSY
he'll be releasing his song "Happening" soon :O i wonder how it'll sound like.

5. 2NE1 & GD

7. G.NA

i hope they all have their comeback soon! ^^

*pray for me in my exams ><*

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